Ordinary by Day, Heroes by Night

Diana McCarthy and her best friend, Georgia Rose, aren't just ordinary people on this planet. These two superheroes live a crazy hectic life with villains on their backs and people bossing them around on a day job. After defeating a villain once again, they meet other ordinary people that share the same secret life like them, but these people are a famous pop-rock boy band known by the name One Direction. What will they expect on this adventure of defeating villains with this boy band? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


29. Is that you?


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   ~Harry's Pov~
 I jolt up awake gazing around the dimmed room. I wince at the pain burning on my back. I slowly sit up hunching over. Shit. What did I do to deserve this pain? Wait, where's Georgia, Perrie and Zayn? I crawl on my knees and hands to the bars I sat behind. I was in a cage.

"Georgia? Perrie? Zayn?" I said as it echoed. No reply.

 What am I going to do? What if Shadow has already killed them by now? No. They can't be dead. I just know they're still alive somewhere. But where? Let's think Harry. Well first, how am I getting out?

I claw at the cage door, letting my anger out. Crap. What else can I do? I give up, curling into a little ball on the ground. I close my eyes. Think Harry. C'mon!

"Here kitty, kitty." I flinch at the deep voice. I sit up looking back to see a silhouette walking towards me. I move backwards hitting the other side of the cage. I breathe heavily watching him stare back at me, grinning.

 He lifts his hand up placing a bowl of food in front of me. I look down at it, then back up to him. He chuckles moving it closer to me. I crawl towards it scanning the food. I stare at it in disgust. This was cat food! What the heck? I know I have cat abilities, but that doesn't mean I eat cat food!

"Enjoy your last meal." He hovers his hand over my head, ruffling my hair. I hiss at him. He chuckles walking out closing the door behind him.

 I'm not a damn cat! Why is he treating me like this? I glare down at my hands. Suddenly, they become hairy, and sharp nails come out from where my fingers were. What the?

 I turn my head back down to see my feet form into cat legs. A tail grows from behind. Hair grows from my neck down. I look down at my hands once more to see paws instead of human hands.

Oh no.

   ~Niall's Pov~
"This way." Jesy whispers to us as we followed. We arrive at a tall building with two men guarding the gate.

"Invisi Lass, use your invisibility powers." Jesy looked over at her. Leigh-Anne nods closing her eyes as she disappeared in front of our eyes.

"Whoa." Louis breathed out gasping.

"Okay, just sneak up behind the guards and knock them out so we can get in." Jesy whispers to Leigh-Anne.

"I'm on it." I feel her walk past me. We focus back on the guards to see a metal bar flying in the air. The bar flies at the taller guard, knocking him out. The other guard runs towards the tall guard on the floor checking his pulse. Leigh-Anne swings the bar at him, knocking him out cold on top of the other guard.

"Good work Invisi Lass!"

Leigh-Anne appears again beside us. "Thanks." She nods.

"Did you hear that?" Jade's eyes focused on the building.

"Hear what?" Addison asks.

"It sounded like Perrie! She's trying to use her sonic scream!" Jade runs towards the gates.

Perrie? I thought she was dead, or is she still alive?

"C'mon let's go!" I jump on Louis' back as he catches up to the others. The gate closes behind us as we reach the front door.

"How do we get in?" Addison asks, scratching her head.

"Louis could use his super strength." Jesy turns to Louis as he glanced around at everyone.

"Isn't there an alarm that will go off?" Jesy thinks about Louis' question then nodding her head.

"What about Niall? He could transform into anything." Jade volunteers me. Everyone snaps their heads toward me with hope in their eyes. I groan, sliding off Louis' back limping towards the door.

 I bring my hand up to the door, slowly inserting my hand in between the doors as my hand starts to thin out. I slide through the doorway to spot a lever beside the doorway. I walk towards it pulling it down as it opened for the others.

"Nice job!" Addison whispered as she passed me along with the others.

"Hop onto the Louis express!" He whispered kneeling down. I chuckle hopping on his back once again, groaning as my stomach brushed against his back. He runs down the hall reaching the others within seconds.

"Now what?" Leigh-Anne asks.

 We all jump startled by a high pitch scream bouncing off the walls around us. I quickly cover my ears wincing at the sound. Man, that was high pitched!

"I know that high pitch scream from anywhere! It's Perrie's!" Jade looks around the hall anxious.

"Louis, you could put me down now. I'll take the pain." He nods slowly letting me off his back. I limp over to his side resting my arm on his shoulder.

"REER!!!" We jump again, turning back to see a cat down on the floor looking up at us.

"Whoa. How'd you get in here little buddy?" Louis picks him up cradling him in his arms. The cat crawls on his chest looking over his shoulder at us.

"Aw! He's so abroable!" Jade walks towards Louis taking the cat from his arms.

"He has beautiful eyes though." Addison pets his head smiling.

"Yeah he does. It almost reminds me of Harry." Louis goes into thought looking up. The cat meows at Louis, waving it's paws at him.

"Wait a minute.... Harry?" The cat looks towards me nodding it's head.

"It's Harry! Wait, but how are you a cat?" Louis asks.

 Harry goes chattering on and on, then noticing we have no clue what he is saying. He rolls his eyes jumping out of Jade's arms walking down the long hallway.

"Should we follow him?" Addison looks around at us.

"Let's see where he leads us." Louis jogs ahead catching up to Harry.

"C'mon, before we get left behind." Jesy motions us to follow as she starts to walk forward.

Well, I sure hope it's Harry. If it's not, then we're being leaded into a trap.

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