Ordinary by Day, Heroes by Night

Diana McCarthy and her best friend, Georgia Rose, aren't just ordinary people on this planet. These two superheroes live a crazy hectic life with villains on their backs and people bossing them around on a day job. After defeating a villain once again, they meet other ordinary people that share the same secret life like them, but these people are a famous pop-rock boy band known by the name One Direction. What will they expect on this adventure of defeating villains with this boy band? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


9. I'm not a little kid

   ~Georgia' Pov~
"Georgia, Georgia, Georgia...Georgia! Please wake up!" I hear someone yell at me, shaking me back and forth.

 I open my eyes and see Diana crying her eyes out. "Diana, I'm okay! Calm down!" I hold her still.

"I thought I was going to lose you!" She hugs me tight.

"I'm so sorry, Georgia!" Louis hugs me from behind.

"It's okay, Louis, I know you didn't mean to."

"I'm sorry too, Georgia." Niall comes up behind from Louis.

"Oh my gosh, I'm fine you guys! Quit babying me Diana! I'm sick and tired of you treating me like your own child! I'm done." I get up and run outside towards an ally.

"Georgia, wait!" I ignore them and keep running down the city.

  I'm tired of Diana babying me around! I'm 19 for heaven sakes! I'm not a 5 year old without a mother! She just can't take a hint when I tell her I'm fine. I stop at a dark ally and sneak into a abandon building nearby. I go up to the top level and look out the window and see the city lights turn on.

"Georgia, please come back." I quickly turn back and see Harry standing at the doorway.

"I want to be left alone, Harry. I'll decide if I want to go back." I look back out the window, "I know I promised to stay with you guys, but I just need to be alone at the moment."

"Just...come back before midnight, okay?"

"We'll see." A thud is suddenly heard above us, making the pictures hanged on the walls smash to the floor.

"Georgia, I know your mad, but..."

"That wasn't me, Harry!" I exclaim. The thud was heard again and this time the ceiling starts to crack above us. The ceiling starts to heat up and turn black. It can't be... "Strong Flame," I murmur under my breath.


"Strong Flame! Harry, duck!" I jump on him, hitting the floor. I get up and throw off my clothes, revealing my superhero suit. I look over at Harry who already ripped off his clothes.

 We climb up the stairs and see Flame burning stuff around herself. I run up to her and punch her to the ground. Harry quickly comes behind me and grabs Flame by the neck.

"What are you doing here Flame?!" I darted my eyes at her.

 Flame looks up at me. She settles her flame down so that nothing around her can get burned. My eyes meet hers, tears slowly roll down her cheeks, but they we're red hot tears, not water tears.

"Claw Boy, let go of her."

"What?! She's going to burn everything!"

"Claw!" I yell.

 Harry lets go of her and she drops to the ground holding onto her neck gasping for air. She then hugs her knees and starts to...cry.

"Um Flame?" I kneel next to her.

"What do you want?" She scowls.

"You aren't acting your, you know evil self."

"I'm not evil!" She thrust her hands to the ground putting a flame on Harry's foot.

"Agh! She's attacking!" Harry try's to put out the flame.

Flame grabs his foot and puts it out. "Happy?" She looks up at him.

"Oh uh thanks." He scratches his head, looking back at me.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"I was never supposed to be evil in the first place. Dr. Shadow turned me evil back when I tried to defeat him, but he used his new invention on me and now look at me! I'm not a hero anymore!" She sobs.

"So are you still, you know."

"I'm in control of it now."

"Um we'll be right back." I pull Harry along with me. "Harry, what if she can join us?"


"I mean like us, Teen Boys and Diana and I."

"You don't know if she's lying Georgia! She could be tricking us!" He whispers loudly.

"I think she's actually trying to be a hero again because I heard there was a young hero who had fire powers and they never seen her again, so Dr. Shadow supposedly had the idea to make a flame villian. It all adds up Harry."

"So are we going to reveal our identity to her?"

"Well, maybe we could ask her to reveal herself first and that'll mean she's good for sure." We walk back to her and sit in front of her. "Flame, who are you really?"

 She looks up at us confused and then lights herself off, revealing her human self. "I'm Addison Lee." She extends her hand out to us.

I turn to Harry and give him a 'I told you look'. "I'm Georgia, Georgia Rose." I shake her hand as Harry does the same after me introducing himself.

"Wait, the Harry Styles as in One Direction?" Addison smiles.

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Wow! Who ever thought the band would be superheroes!"

"That's what I thought too." I say putting my arm around her shoulders.

"So what are you going to do now, Addison?" I ask.

"I'm not sure. Probably go find a place to stay since I ran away from Dr. Shadow."

"Why don't you stay with us?" Harry asks.

"No, I couldn't. I appreciate the offer though."

"Addison, we're not letting you stay in the cold because what will happen to your powers?"

"I went through it before guys."

"Addison, were here to help out c'mon."

  She lets out a groan and nods. We climb down the stairs throw on our warm clothes. I link arms with Addison and Harry as we walk down the ally back to the suite we were staying at. I feel a drop on my head followed by another, and then a another. Soon enough it started to pour.

"Agh!" I turn back and see Addison collapse to the wet cement floor.

"Harry, we need to get her under a shade!" I wrap my arms around her as Harry holds her up on the other side.

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