Ordinary by Day, Heroes by Night

Diana McCarthy and her best friend, Georgia Rose, aren't just ordinary people on this planet. These two superheroes live a crazy hectic life with villains on their backs and people bossing them around on a day job. After defeating a villain once again, they meet other ordinary people that share the same secret life like them, but these people are a famous pop-rock boy band known by the name One Direction. What will they expect on this adventure of defeating villains with this boy band? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


12. Concert night part 2

   ~Niall's Pov~
"I'll be back in just a second!" Liam shouted.

  Liam needs to hurry or else Simon will be really pissed. I look over at Zayn and whisper in his ear. "Something's going on with Addison, Georgia hasn't seen her for the past fifteen minutes."

"You go check on Liam to make sure everything's okay." I nod and run backstage to see Liam at the end of the hallway turning left. I look around and don't see any bodyguards. I run down the hallway and see Liam walking out the exit.

"Niall, what are you doing here?" Liam turns to face me.

"Is everything alright? What's going-" I look up to see a big jiggly monster with the girls in its hands.

"Boys!" They shouted.

"We'll get you!" Liam shouted, ripping off his clothes revealing his suit. I do the same and run at the monster.

"Niall, wait don't do-" I slam into the monsters leg and feel jello around me. What the?

"Niall!" Liam shouted.

"What the hell is this?" I swerve around in it's jello leg.

"Whatever you do, don't eat it!" Diana shouted from above.

 I suddenly float up towards its stomach where the girls were now. "Diana, could you use one of your weapons? My powers are useless for some reason."

"Trust me, I've been trying for the past ten minutes."

"Georgia?" I turn towards her.

"This slime makes my powers useless and it goes the same for Addison." I look over at Addison who was trying to light a fire.

"Liam, you need to get the others out here!" I shout at him.

"There's ten minutes left until the concert ends! And we have one song left to sing!"

"Liam, you go back in and tell the fans I got stuck inside a room or something, and that you have to end it early so you could get me out after." He nods and throws his clothes back on running back inside the arena.

"Niall, watch out!"I look up and see a huge tank come down above from me. I dodge the tank and slam into the jello wall of the monsters stomach.

"What is that?" Addison swims closer to the tank.

 I take a closer look and read the faded letters. "OYU-JUV?"

"What is that?" Addison smears the rust away from the tank. "It says OXYGEN."

"Maybe we could smash it against the monsters stomach and it will break us out!" Addison and Georgia go on one side, while Diana and I go on the opposite side and hold it up.

"On the count of three. One...two...three!" We swim as fast as we could and hit the front of its stomach and fly backwards to its back.

"Oh, that didn't work!" Georgia scratches her head.

"We're here!" The girls and I turn back and see the boys with their suits.

"Hurry! We don't know what else the monster will eat!"

  Harry scratches at the monsters feet making it screech in pain. It shifts around tumbling onto the floor making us almost hit the floor. Liam tries using his telekineses to get us out, but fails too.

"What if I run around it and see if I could make it dizzy?" Louis shouts.

"Just get us out!" Diana yells.

 Louis runs around it a couple of times making the monster dizzy along with the girls and I in its stomach still. Addison sinks to the bottom of the monsters stomach putting on a thinking face.

"We're losing air, and I think I'm going to puke!" Georgia covers her mouth.

"Georgia calm down! We're trying!" Harry jumps on its shoulder right above us clawing at its face.

"Could we break this tank open?" Addison looks up at us.

"I don't know. Our powers are useless in this jello substance." I answer her.

"If we could get this tank to open, my fire powers could work and make this monster into smithereens."

"What about us?" Diana asks.

"When oxygen hits us, we should all be able to use our powers, so Niall could quickly make himself into a fire proof shield and save you all!"

"We need to crank the tank open then!" Louis jumps in and pulls the side of the tank. "it's not working!"

 I suddenly feel movement above me and see a shadow move towards Louis. I see the figure and find that it's Liam. What is he doing?

"Liam, what are you doing?!" Zayn yells.

 Liam ignores him and starts go pull at the nails of the tank. "Niall, cover everyone!" I do as I'm told and bunch up Louis and the girls in a hug and turn into a shield.

  The tank suddenly bursts open making us hit the hard floor. I turn back into my human form and lay on the ground helplessly. Everyone lies on the ground around me groaning in pain. It's gone.

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