Growing up

I stumbled on my old writing, I love when I do that. Because sometimes when I wait and then look back, I think my words are more powerful then when I first write them. Enjoy, pounder and be inspired.


1. Missing


Something I have realized

As my number gets higher 

And I become older


I wish I could stop

Stop the years

Take the ones I love and lock them in a bottle 


But my wish is as light as air

And when the wind catches it, it is only but a dim reminder

Of yesterday 


The one thought 

That has captured my thoughts ever so 


Was death 

Sad to say 


As my innocent eyes closed

And reality poured in

I don't like it 


I don't like seeing those I love 

In the ground 

The older I get the more I see

See of this sad place 

Where no good ever 



It is wretched and horrible

Living in the dried tears of  yesterday 

And thinking its alright 


I am no longer happy 

I can't find the brightness to the day 

Part of me doesn't want 

Or feel the need to. 


Because in the end it won't be 





Is a word that 

Probably Comes to mind 


But I just can't help

But feel 




In my own life

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