*The tumblr girl*

My name is rose I'm 16 turning 17 in a few months I have dark blue eyes and light brown hair that's dip dyed blonde I'm kinda tall and skinny. I have a little bit of abs and my belly button is pierced. And I forgot to mention I'm moving to London I live in la at the moment. When I move I just might meet someone special. Read to find out!


6. Tumblr and hospital fun

I was finally awake. I was board, yet very sad, I missed harry I wanted to see him so bad.... He saved me and I know that I like him a lot. I heard the door turn and open, I looked up to see harry he closed the door and I said "Harry I have something to tell you... H: What is it love" R:Harry I died and I saw my brother, I began to sob H:what do you mean? R:Harry I talked to my dead brother,and he's in heaven he told me that my father and sister are there too, something horrible has happened to them,and I have to find out... Where they are and how they died H:oh my god babe I'm so sorry, he then began to cry R:what's wrong harry? H:this is all my fault, your in the hospital because of me R:no no no Harry it's not your fault it's mine I'm the one who tried to kill myself not you H:but I made you wanna kill yourself he sobbed R:Harry listen to me that's not true,it's just the memories with my family, every thing that happened made me wanna do that, do you understand me? It wasn't your fault ok?! H:ok he said and wiped his tears then he hugged me R:Harry will you please stay with me tonight? H:sure thing love I scooted over and he laid beside me and I cuddled into his chest and drifted to sleep...... NEXT DAY I awoke by someone crying. I opened my eyes to see my mom sitting in a chair crying. Mom I said she looked up and ran to the bed and hugged me so tight. Mom what's wrong. She just kept sobbing and repeating I can't tell you, but we have to fly to America as soon as you get out of here. Why can't you tell me mom? I questioned. Sweety I'll tell you when we get to America. Ok was all I said.then she walked out of the room. Then I realized Harry was still cuddled up to me I was in his arms, and he made me feel so safe and warm. I stared at him for a while, not noticing that he was awake. Like what you see babe? His raspy voice said ringing through my ears. I started to blush like mad and berried my head into his rock hard chest. He lifted my head up and said don't be embarrassed beautiful. That made me blush more. How about some breakfast babe? He asked sure but I can't go anywhere I said I'll be back Harry said with that he got up and left. I soon felt lonely, so I got my phone that was on the table, I was checking twitter and on my feed someone said what's your tumblr? Hmmmm I wondered, after a few minutes I decided to make an account. I downloaded the app, then I made my account. My first post was a picture of me in the hospital. But it was actually a good photo, it was me, Harry and Louis. And I actually didn't look terrible. Then Harry came back in the room with food he had pancakes,bacon,eggs,toast and orange juice. Wow Harry you didn't have to do all this I said. Don't worry about it babe he spoke. I put my phone away. And Harry put my food on the table and he put a rose in a vase there to, I just laughed at him, and said you know I can't eat all this by myself. H:that's why I'm eating it too. I giggled, then we dug in, It was so good then Harry said I'll be right back after he cleaned up the mess. Then my phone started buzzing like crazy, I picked it up and it was from tumblr I clicked on the app, and I had 4million likes on my picture. And I had 50k followers. Oh my god I thought, well ain't I popular, not I giggled then I followed about 100 people I had comments on the photo like, omg what happened and your so beautiful, which one is your boy friend. And more then I posted another pic, of Harry eating bacon and smiling at me, I wrote in the discretion, I don't have a boy friend and it's kind of personal why I'm in here, but thank you <3. Seconds later I got 300k likes and 50k comments and so much more (btw idk how tumblr works I don't have one) Harry walked back into the room and he had a teddy bear, roses candy a giant card and balloons. Oh my god Harry what's all this? I questioned. Oh it's just a little gift I got to say get better. Really Harry this is a lot and thanks you I said in shock laughing a little. Anything for you babe he said. I blushed then said oh you'll never guess what just happened what? he questioned I went to tumblr and said I made a tumblr then I Handed him my phone and he said HOLY SH**. I started to laugh and said language Harry. He chuckled then said fine. We basically talked the rest of the day I ate dinner with him and Louis I'm my room and we watched movies. And me and Harry and Louis fell asleep in my hospital bed again
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