*The tumblr girl*

My name is rose I'm 16 turning 17 in a few months I have dark blue eyes and light brown hair that's dip dyed blonde I'm kinda tall and skinny. I have a little bit of abs and my belly button is pierced. And I forgot to mention I'm moving to London I live in la at the moment. When I move I just might meet someone special. Read to find out!


1. The flight

ROSE!!!!! My mother screamed from down stairs. Hold on I'm coming I yelled back. I ran down the stairs, this was the day we left America. We where going so far it's a 13 hour flight to London. Yes mom I said. Come on we have to leave my mother said. Ok let's go. 

SKIP CAR RIDE!!!!!!!! 
I'm finally in the plane I took my seat by the window. This was going to be a long flight. So I stuck my ear phones in and drifted to sleep........ 

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