*The tumblr girl*

My name is rose I'm 16 turning 17 in a few months I have dark blue eyes and light brown hair that's dip dyed blonde I'm kinda tall and skinny. I have a little bit of abs and my belly button is pierced. And I forgot to mention I'm moving to London I live in la at the moment. When I move I just might meet someone special. Read to find out!


10. School!!!

It's currently been three weeks since i was kidnapped by my crazy ex. Harry's been coming over every day since then. He even slept in my closet for 3 days after it happened. Since they let my ex out of prison. It sucks, he said he would get revenge one day. It kinda scares me. Today is my first day at school. I'm so not looking forward to this. I'm down stairs eating breakfast right now. Oh I forgot to tell you what I'm wearing, I have a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a black long sleeve crop top that says LOVE, and I have on pretty black leather ankle boots. I curled my long brown hair. My phone started buzzing, it was a txt from Harry. It read "hey babe I'm outside waiting come on you'll be late for your first day" I laughed and grabbed my bag and headed out the door. Harry was sitting in his mustang, I ran to the car and jumped in Well someone's looking Hott today" Hahahah very funny Harry" So are you excited for today" he spoke NO! It's going to be terrible" No it's not babe" Aright " I said as we pulled into school I got out the car and Harry walked me to the office to get my schedule. The lady at the desk gave me a scowl and said "ugh what do you want" what i want is my schedule ok Hun" I said with a snap. "Ugh fine she said" what's your name" I'm rose green" she then handed me my schedule and I snatched it. I can already tell I'm not gunna like her. Harry said "damn feisty and sassy I like it" I laughed then he showed me to my first class SKIPP TILL LUNCH**** Iv already made 6 friends, there names are Emily, Sarah, Katy, Courtney josh, and Seth there all so nice and cool. We walked into the lunch room. After I got my food we sat down and began talking. Then Courtney said oh no here comes the bitch. Huh? I questioned. You'll see Seth said. I turned around and there was a blonde bimbo with tons of makeup caked on." Excuse me but what do you want I said" I was Gunna just tell you Harry's mine I saw you too walking in together and getting out of his car" and just so you know Harry doesn't really like you he was just pitting you" she said Aright listen bitch you need to take your ratchet stank ass back to your skanky group of friends and leave me alone" I said Oh hell no she said" I don't even like you nobody does your just a charity case, and your really fat and ugly" she said Now I'm mad Oh and by the way its so cool that your dad is dead and your little sissy oh and your brother they probably died because you where to ugly you little bitch" she said Now iv had it " bitch please I could wipe 99% of your beauty off with a wet Kleenex, and you have no fucking right to talk about my family" I said Then she hit me So I punched her in the nose, she was now bleeding and crying. I ran out of the school with someone calling my name, I didn't respond I kept running until I got home. I left the front door open and ran to my bathroom getting all the pills I could find, I couldn't get them open. Then someone screamed nooooo!!!! Don't. Do it baby" it was Harry. Harry I have to , he then grabbed the pills, I was screaming at him saying no no please I need it" he didn't listen he had a tight grip on me. He carried me to my bed and laid down with me , he began to play with my hair I was slowly drifting off, but then he spoke, i love you-......
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