*The tumblr girl*

My name is rose I'm 16 turning 17 in a few months I have dark blue eyes and light brown hair that's dip dyed blonde I'm kinda tall and skinny. I have a little bit of abs and my belly button is pierced. And I forgot to mention I'm moving to London I live in la at the moment. When I move I just might meet someone special. Read to find out!


3. Harry and blood

ROSE!! My mother called from inside the house coming I yelled back. When I walked in there was 2 boys and a girl and an older lady maybe early 30s. Hello I said hey the curly one said. And then the brunette boy said hello I'm Louis the tommo-Tomlinson and your rose right. Yes I am I said politely giggling a little then the curly one said oh and I'm harry, Harry styles. he said grabbing my hand and kissing it. I started to blush like mad. He just chuckled lightly. Hi I'm Gemma the girl with long brown hair said shaking my hand and I'm Anna there mother, she said hugging me. Nice to meet you all I said sweetly. Nice to meet you too Anne said. Well Anna, Gemma,Harry and Louis are staying for dinner my mother said. Oh alright I said would you like a tour of the house I asked harry and Louis? Sure they said at the same time. Come on I said going up the stairs, *skip house tour* we where now in my room and there was a picture of my whole family beside my bed, and Harry picked it up and I knew he would ask about them. Umm rose who's these people he said questionably, ummm that's my sister Ellie, my brother Nathan and my dad I stuttered a little. What happened to them why don't they live with you? He asked ummm-ahh I- well my brother died from cancer and my d-dad and sister went missing 6 months ago I said with tears threatening to pour out. He had a shocked look on his face and simply said sorry, very quiet. Then i couldn't take it as soon as he walked out of my room I broke down and ran into the bathroom. I locked the door. I opened my medicine cabinet, and got out some pills and a razor, i began to make deep cuts along my arms there was blood every where, then I shoved about 11-12 pills in my mouth and swallowed with some water then I fell over getting light headed I fell by the bathtub I tried getting up. But it's not worth it I deserve to die I though to my self. I was full out crying then i heard banging on the door, make that sobbing all i saw was red and it was very blurry, someone kicked the door open and rushed to me and screamed for my mom I realized it was harry. He kept repeating it's all my fault to himself. Then he said Louis call 911 now. Then i blacked out everything was black -_- 

Harry's p.o.v 
I felt so bad about what I said so I walked out of her room I herd her start to cry. Then I felt even worse so I ran into her room and just as I did the bathroom door locked. I heard screaming and sobbing from the other side. I had to get in then suddenly I saw blood under the door and it was silent. Something came over me and I kicked the door in I ran to her lifeless body when Louis came in. There was blood and pills everywhere, then I looked at rose she's so beautiful, I told Louis to call 911 as she rolled her eyes back. Her mum and mine came in and Gemma did too all I did was cry with her small body in my arms. As I looked at her one last time before the paramedic's took her away I realized I'm in love with rose green. 

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