Names Bella

"What's your name, love?'' He said to me.
"Names Bella." I said to him.
''Well hello there Bella." He said smirking at me.
"My name is Harry." He continued.



Bella P.O.V

''Nice ass.'' A guy said as he pinched my ass.

''Hey I think you will look better in my bed.'' Another guy said winking at me.

'' Never in a million years.'' I said.

I then saw a guy with curly brown hair and green eyes.

He was pretty hot. But I don't know if he is a pervert or not.

Because boys can be such perverts. All they want is to get into girls pants.

''What's your name, love?'' He asked.

'' Names Bella.'' I said.

'' Well, hello there Bella.'' He said.

'' Don't tell me your a pervert too.'' I said.

''No I'm not.'' He said.

'' Good.'' I said.

'' Do you need a ride home?'' He asked.

''Sure.'' I said.

''Sorry and my name is Harry.'' He said.

''Like Harry Potter.'' I chuckled.

''Yea.'' He said.

'' Well lets go.'' I said.

''Okay.'' He said.

Well even though I don't know him, he does look like a nice guy.

'' Thanks.'' I said as he opened the cars door.

''No problem.'' He said as he closed the door.

He then jogged his way around the car. He opened his car door.

''So Bella tell me about yourself.'' He said turning on the car.

'' Well I'm a girl.'' I said.

'' Nah really.'' He said as I chuckled.

'' Well I have a best friend her name is Jade.'' I said.

'' No I mean like something interesting about yourself.'' He said putting his hand on my thigh.

'' I can tie a cherry stem with my mouth.'' I said.

'' So that means your a good kisser.'' He said.

'' I knew it you are a pervert!'' I said.

'' I'm just joking around.'' He said.

'' Oh okay.'' I said.

'' Well I can tie a cherry stem with my mouth too.'' He said.

''Oh really.'' I said. I have no idea were that came from...

'' Is that a challenge?'' He asked.

'' Yes, yes it is.'' I said.

'' Who ever ties a knot on a cherry stem first gets to do whatever they want to the loser.'' I said.

''Deal'' He said.

''Deal.'' I said.

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