Character contest

This is a competition I made up. If you want to be in one of my stories you can enter this contest all you have to do is give a very detailed description of yourself this will be a monthly competition read to find out how to win I can promise you will get a spot in one of my stories if I can't think of a way to put you in I will make a new movella just for you


3. The girl with the (color) gloves

This will be a Niall fan fic I need parts for the characters followed



                Nialls soon to be gf -

                Nialls cousin -

                Nialls best friend -

                Bully #1 -

                Bully #2 -

                Bully #3 -

                Harry's gf -

                Louis gf -

                Liam's gf -

                Zayns gf -

To be in the story give your appearance, personality, and favorite color


       my name's (nialls soon to be gf) I was sitting in the small run down coffee shop drinking the usual pumpkin spice coffee watching the people who walk in I notice a blonde haired blue eyed boy who looks familiar we met eyes for a second I quickly turned away

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