After an argument with her parents Diana goes out of her parents wishes and goes to a bar she gets drunk which leads to the unthinkable...

(My first fanfiction!!!)


3. Chapter 2


"Harry?!" I shouted worried , He was out cold and he had fallen on the marble floor. So i picked him up by his shoulders and dragged him to the car to take him to the hospital. "Alright , come on now"

I said to harry showing him a wheelchair he reluctantly sat down and shut his eyes i guess he fell pretty hard. ugh what was i thinking!. I thought to myself telling him was a bad idea now he could have a concussion!. I had my head in my hands in the waiting room feeling sick because of harry and well morning sickness. "Diana" I looked up pushing away my train of thought and glanced up at the nurse she was calling me and had a clipboard in her hand. " I have good news , and bad news" she said i turned pale and my eyes widened "Well" i gulped "What's the good news? i asked

"The good news is he didn't suffer any trauma on his head and the bad news is that he has a slight memory loss it will probably go away in a week or two." I was relieved that was scary i couldn't think straight for awhile so i went to go see him. He was covered up in a blanket the hospital provided for him and he was propped up on a pillow and had tubes through his nose. His eyes began to flutter letting me see his emerald eyes glow i had barely even knew him but just by the look of it i could tell i was going to love him no matter what happens to him.

~Two weeks later~

 "Diana?" A thick british accent asked

I sqealed and ran up to him he finally remembered my name

He rubbed my belly and pulled me into a kiss by pulling my waist i was wearing shorts so it felt kind of uncomfortable but sweet at the same time. " Do you want something to eat?" I asked

I smiled and he nodded making his beanie fall off.

I was humming a one direction song i didn't realize it at first until harry had came in and sang it with me . "You know you're a pretty good singer" He said biting an apple "Oh thanks" i said i wasn't in a really good mood today i had a headache and my stomach was hurting i just hope the pain wasn't serious i don't know what i would do if i lost the baby i remember what my mom went through when she lost my little sister Madison she was devastated and started taking it out on me i just prayed nothing would happen to my baby. ~ Diana

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