After an argument with her parents Diana goes out of her parents wishes and goes to a bar she gets drunk which leads to the unthinkable...

(My first fanfiction!!!)


2. Chapter 1



"Thank you" I said as the lady handed me my tickets. I was going on a plane to England to meet someone and tell them something that even shocked me when i found out. I mean i used to be sweet Diana now i'm some kind of rebel at 17...It all started when i got in a fight with my parents the first one i had , had in ages. I had been getting in trouble for a lot of things mainly my bad grades and starting trouble at school... So i ran away somewhere and hooked up with some guy , went to his apartment and well you know the rest...


I put my book down and looked out the plane window we we're about to take off. I was sitting next to some girl i think her name was Evangeline so i started to talk to her turns out we we're going to England for the same reason we chatted for sometime and then we finally landed. I took the crinkled paper out of my pocket and read the adress. "TAXI!!!" I screamed i showed him the adress and it took about him an hour to get there "That'll be 60 pounds" he said with an accent i scrimmaged through my purse and found just enough to pay him. I grabbed my suit case from the back and started walking to the door "Well here goes nothing i said..." I rung the doorbell and I took a step back i saw The famous British boy of one direction Harry styles! i gasped :D...


I recognized her she had the red hair i mean why does she not understand the meaning of a "One night stand"

" O-omg! you're Harry styles!" She gasped

I kinda did a half smile she was pretty but how did she find my address and when i found her she was completely drunk and vulnerable. "Uhm , let's see if i remember you're name , Diana is it?"

She took a step back

" I slept with you?!" She whisper/screamed

"Uhm , yeah" I said confused
" Well i have something to tell you..." she said losing her excitement

"It's the reason i came here..." She said afterwards

She told me and i was shocked i mean i couldn't be a dad i was too young! She was 17 and i was 19 " You're pregnant?!" I screamed " are you sure it's MINE?!" i asked

" Yes you we're my first!" She screamed back

I started to hyperventilate and i guess i blanked out....

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