When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


9. Chapter 9

I woke up to the sounds of hushed voices in the kitchen. I surveyed my surroundings and found that I was tangled up with Niall on the couch. I blushed absent mindedly before I tried to wiggle myself out of his hold. His hands were around my waist and I was leaning my head on his chest, our feet were intertwined. This was an extremely awkward situation to be in as there was what sounded like adults in the kitchen right next to us.


As I attempted to wiggle free from his hold this only made him pull me closer to him. I blushed again, damn cheeks, for no apparent reason… I mean Niall wasn’t even up and I was blushing like crazy. I lifted his hands from around my waist to no avail as he just kept cuddling up to me. Now normally I wouldn’t oblige to this situation but seeing as my parents could come in at any time set me off into a frenzy attempting to find a way to get Niall off of me.


I really didn’t want to have to wake him up but that seemed to be my only option at the moment. I tried everything from pinching, punching, kicking even poking him so he would loosen his grip, nothing seemed to work.


“Niall.” I whispered into his ear. He groaned but didn’t move at all. I sighed. “Niall please wake up.” I whispered again. Nothing, this boy slept like a freaking rock. “Niall!” I practically whisper screamed in his ear. He jolted up and we hit out heads on one another.


“Dear god!” I placed my hands over the welt that was forming on my head, “You have a hard head Niall.” He just lay back down on the tiny couch and smirked. Luckily nobody had heard the little episode that we were having in the living room.


“You scared me, it’s your fault.” He whined and started snickering. I just sent daggers to him as I sat at the opposite end of the couch and pressed my hands to where he smacked his head against mine. He then proceeded to sit back up and scoot closer to me.


I kept glaring at him, I wasn’t mad at all I just wanted to see how long I could keep this act up, although my head did hurt quite a bit. “Come on Emma let me see.” He motioned toward my head as he stood up and squatted down right in front of me so that we were eye level. I took my hands off my head and immediately regretted doing so, my head was pounding and putting pressure on it was helping slightly.


I winced and he saw this and his face changed from light hearted and goofy to serious. He pushed the hair out of my face lightly so he could look closer. “Oh, I’m so sorry, that doesn’t look too good. Why don’t you lay down and I’ll get some ice on that?” He whispered since his face was so close to mine.


I gulped and nodded and looked away quickly so I wouldn’t have to look him in the eyes. I got intimidated quite easily and face to face with Niall Horan wasn’t making the situation any easier. He nodded and stood up to get some ice as I laid back down into the couch. Well this wasn’t the ideal situation to be getting myself into at the moment.


I closed my eyes; Niall came back quite quickly and placed the ice on my forehead. I jumped about ten feet in the air as I had no idea that he was in the room much less placing freezing ice on my forehead.


“Sorry again,” He said quickly, “I’m not very good at this helping people when they are hurt type of thing.”


I laughed quietly to myself. “You’re doing just fine Niall.” I said before I closed my eyes. I heard Niall talking to me to which I only ‘mhmm’ and ‘yeahed’ him. He must have noticed that I was dozing off because he started humming a quiet song to me. No lie it was quite nice to fall asleep to that, I wasn’t complaining in the least bit.



I woke up with a slight headache, nothing that can’t be fixed with some Tylenol. I looked at the clock and it read 2:30pm. I groaned and slowly made my way to the kitchen. I probably looked like all sorts of hell.


“Well good morning sleeping beauty.” I heard that familiar Irish accent come from across the kitchen. I turned to Niall and smiled. He walked over to me and quickly surveyed my head. He was doing the whole protective thing again like he had last night at the bar. I guess I didn’t really mind it was just kind of surprising that someone I barely knew cared this much about me; it was definitely a new feeling.


“Do you feel okay?” He placed his hands of my shoulders so I would look at him directly. I smiled and nodded my head.


“I feel just fine.”


“Thank goodness, I didn’t want you dying on me.” He said with another one of those adorable smirks.


I was just about to respond before Sean popped out of nowhere and intervened, “Hey guys,” He smiled at the both of us. “AJ and I are ready for our little road trip.” Sean spoke directly to Niall. I raised my eyebrows since I had no idea what they were doing. “You ready then?” He motioned to Niall again.


“Yeah, almost forgot.” Niall laughed hesitantly before looking over at me. I was just looking at the both of them completely confused as to what the hell they were doing.


Niall gave Sean a look and Sean ran his hands through his hair, a signature Niall thing when he got nervous, Sean must have picked that up from him. “Yeah Emma, me Niall and AJ are going on a camping trip.” He ran his fingers through his hair again, “It’s only for tonight though so we can all do something when we get back, yeah?” He questioned

I just kind of nodded my head. Niall looked over at me in worry and I just gratefully smiled at him. “Yeah that sounds good, you guys have fun okay?” I told the both of them.

Sean smiled gratefully at me and I just nodded back in return. “You’re not mad are ya?” I heard Niall speak up from across the room.


I just smiled to him, “Of course not, you guys go and have fun. Fuck around get drunk whatever the guy stuff that you guys like to do. I have plenty of stuff that I could do.” I smiled at them and Niall just nodded.


AJ came bounding down the stairs obviously pumped for the ‘camping trip’. I’m sure that’s the bullshit that they had told our parents. I didn’t believe them for a second that they were going camping, they were probably going to go and get drunk and have the time of their lives blah blah blah.


Before I knew it they were flying out the door and in the car leaving. I waved my goodbyes and smiled at Niall who gave me sad smile before they pulled out. “Have fun!” I yelled and they yelled something back before speeding off.


Well that happened rather fast. I walked back inside to the rather empty house. My aunt and uncle were at work I knew that for a fact, I wasn’t really sure where my parents went off too. They had talked about doing some Irish escapade that they were both really into, exploring… how boring.


While in my thoughts my phone started going off from the other room and I hurried to answer it. The number was unfamiliar but since I always pick up calls this didn’t stop me from answering it this time.


“Hello?” I asked in a hesitant voice.


“Hey beautiful, it’s Conner.” I heard a husky Irish voice from the other end of the phone. Conner? I was trying to run through any Irish males with the name of Conner. Oh goodness, the one from the bar last night. Who thought that he would actually call me?


“Oh hey Conner, what’s up?” I said nonchalantly.


“I was just wondering what it would take to get a beautiful girl like you to go out with me?” He said in a very cocky way. I raised my eyebrows even though he couldn’t see them.


I then laughed quietly into the phone, “Pick me up at 8 tonight?” I answered back to him. Clearly he was shocked that it was that easy to convince me to go out with him. But hey I really had nothing better to do.


“O… okay that sounds fantastic.” He replied stuttering just slightly. I smiled to myself. I told him the address of Sean’s house, let’s just pray that he isn’t a murderer or anything because I was being very risky with this situation.


I nodded my head and smiled to myself. Guys in America didn’t really do this to me at all. I mean I get that I wasn’t ugly but come on, I wasn’t exactly drop dead gorgeous either. I haven’t really being trying to look good either, yeah I would curl my hair and dress nice but that was the extent of it. Back at home in America I would spend hours making myself look ‘Perfect’ to which no one seemed to care or notice. Maybe it was something in their water that made me look better. I laughed to myself knowing that that was obviously not the case. I really just had no clue why guys seemed to think I was all of the sudden beautiful over here. I have had boyfriends in the past yeah, but nothing like where guys would go out of their way to help me like Niall or call me first like Conner. Not that I was complaining, it was just different.


I ended up spending about an hour making myself look decent. I decided on a short flowery sundress that looked pretty good on me. I was surprised that I had been wearing dresses so much; it must be the new found confidence coming from nowhere.


I studied myself in the long mirror that hung over the closet doors. My long hair was curled with loose curls cascading down my back. I placed a braid on both sides of my head that connected at the back. I wore small hoop earrings and a locket necklace that went perfectly with my summery sun dress. My makeup was light with just powder and simple mascara. I also had really cute wedges on that made me just slightly taller than what I was without them on.


I smiled. It was an actual smile that was plastered on my face. I laughed at myself and lay back down onto my bed as I waited for Conner to come. What would have happened if my mom wouldn’t have forced me to come on this trip? I would have never met some really incredible people or see the happy me. I would definitely need to thank my mom for this one down the road; I honestly don’t know where I would be emotionally without her forcing me to this actually gorgeous county.


While wrapped up in my little world I heard a knock from the front door. I flew down the stairs and opened the door to see Conner standing there. Let me tell you this boy definitely did not disappoint. His hair was messy which was incredible sexy and his blue eyes were dazzling. He had slight stubble coming in which just outline his jaw structure even more. His face was stunning and his body was… wow. He was much taller than me and he was toned, wow.


He was checking me out as I got a nice long look at him; we were both smiling at each other.


“You look absolutely stunning.” He smiled as he stuck and arm out. I interlocked my arm and his arm together as I shut and locked the door behind me.


“You look quite dashing yourself sir.” I said and he just chuckled to himself softly.


“Nothing near your beauty my dear.” I blushed a brilliant shade of red. What was with these hot Irish guys calling me beautiful all of the time, no complaints here.


I heard him laugh again and he opened up the car door for me. My oh my, he was extremely attractive and a gentleman, I got quite lucky here.


Once he got into the car he started speaking again, “I thought maybe we could go for a nice picnic.” He said and looked away, clearly embarrassed.

A giant smile lit up my face, “Oh my god! Yes!” I practically squealed.


He smiled and we drove to the park chatting about our lives. He was extremely interested in my ‘American ways’ and kept asking questions about America and what not. It was actually quite adorable.


I learned that he was in University here studying to be a doctor and he wanted to move to America and start his own practice. He was attractive, a gentleman and he was obviously very smart… he had everything going for him at this point.


We got to the park and he set out the picnic and we sat there and just got to know each other. He was such a nice guy and I could honestly see myself getting involved with him for the long haul. He told me how he had to become a bartender to pay for school and how he absolutely loathed being one.


He was almost too perfect though. I honestly couldn’t find one flaw in this guy and that is what scared me the most. When I thought about moving forward with him I also had this annoying nagging feeling in the back of my mind, Niall.


I felt like I was almost hurting Niall for going out tonight with Conner. Niall had shown me so much love and affection already, only hardly knowing him.


The more I thought about Conner the guiltier I felt about doing this behind Niall’s back. I don’t know why this was bugging me so much. I was caught up between two extremely handsome men and I barely knew either of them.


I decided to let the guilt slip to the back of my mind and tried to get to know Conner some more. I wasn’t sure about the situation that I was in but I decided I wasn’t going to stress and that I was just going to let this one pan out the way that it was meant to happen.


Our date didn’t last to terribly long he brought me home before midnight. Like the gentleman he is he walked me up to the front door. I was feeling brave and bold so I leaned up and kissed him ever so lightly on the lips. He kissed back more passionately before I decided to break the kiss between us.


Maybe it was just me but there wasn’t a spark between us. Maybe I was just a freak because who wouldn’t feel a spark just looking at him.


He kissed me again and told me he would call me tomorrow before he got into his car and drove off. I didn’t have butterflied in my stomach like I did when I talked to Niall, it just wasn’t the same. But I decided that I should give Conner another date or two to see what I really wanted from a guy.


The sad part, I don’t even know if Niall likes me. Why would I pass up an amazing guy like Conner just to be rejected by Niall?


I unlocked the door and went straight into my room and lay on my bed just to think about the situation that I was in.


This sucked it really sucked.


Worst of all, I knew that I was falling hard for the boy who probably didn’t have feelings for me at all.



Author's Note

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the love and the comments and likes! It means so much :) 

So what do you guys think? Please let me know:) would you like to see Niall's POV or Seans, AJ's? Please let me know what you guys want !

Much love,

Christine <3

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