When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


7. Chapter 7

The next few days flew by in a sense that everyone seemed to want to keep me and AJ occupied. There never seemed to be a dull moment in the family here. One day we went sightseeing of the Irish countryside the next we took a trip to Dublin Ireland and spent the day there. There was never a day where I wouldn’t come home exhausted. This was great but also extremely tiring as I wanted to have some personal time.


Nevertheless, I always found time to talk to Niall. Whether it was on the phone or over Skype or just texting I always seemed to find the time for him. Niall always seemed to put a genuine smile on my face, not that fake one I always put on to please people.


I mean I obviously liked Niall and yeah I had a crush on him he is gorgeous. I couldn’t really tell you though that if I saw anything between us. What was I to him? I was probably just another person to talk to. But hey, I don’t mind that all, I really enjoyed talking to him and he seemed to really enjoy talking to me.


I had woken up early on this particular day. It was the day Niall was coming back to Mullingar for the summer. I must have been antsy and nervous thus the lack of sleep. I took this time to get ready.


I picked out my outfit and decided on wearing a pink colored tank top with a black lacey tank top on top. I then paired it with some simple studded shorts and some sparkly sandals. I laid the outfit out on my bed and took a long shower.


I spent a while in the shower. Just letting the hot water run itself out. I loved staying in the shower and just thinking. I was excited for today. I was going to meet Niall. Yeah I may have only known him for about a week but I was still excited to meet him. I smiled to myself in the shower and the water ran cold. I quickly jumped out and wrapped the towel around my body and scurried back to my room.


I took my time getting ready with my makeup and hair as well. I was listening to my Pandora station an relaxing. It took me about an hour to do my hair and makeup in total which was absolutely ridiculous if you think about it. But then again I was moving at a snail’s pace.


I decided to check my phone for the time and was surprised that it was already noon. I had a couple of texts but I never really bothered to check them or reply to them. I was kind of terrible in that sense. I was a terrible texter. You could text me one day and probably not get a reply back for another couple of days. I guess I just wasn’t really that into it. I wasn’t really into the whole social media thing a whole either. I’ve never really had someone extremely important to talk to then again so that was that. I wasn’t necessarily bitter about it per say, it just never really sparked my interest.


However, Niall had convinced me to get this thing called a twitter because apparently it was “so fun”. I made on and Niall followed me and then all of the sudden I had tons of people asking me how I got my Niall follow. I couldn’t help but to laugh because I truly had no idea what these people were asking me. They were literally freaking out over the fact that Niall had followed me. I would hate to see their reactions if I “tweeted” the world that I got to talk to Niall every day. They would surely freak out.


I guess I didn’t really see Niall in this light. I didn’t really see Niall as this super famous uber gorgeous boy band member. I just know him as Niall, Sean’s best friend. It was weird because he didn’t give me that star stuck feeling, he gave me a protective and loving type of feeling when I talked to him. It still surprises me when I walk into a store and his face is plastered everywhere and his band mates are plastered everywhere as well. Niall just doesn’t seem like the celebrities around the world. He’s so goofy and carefree while everyone else just seems so stuck up and pretentious. That’s what made Niall special.


After getting ready for over three hours I decided to finally make an appearance to my family. To my surprise when I bounded down the stairs nobody was there. Actually when I thought about it the house was unusually quiet.


I walked over to the kitchen counter to find a note:


“Hey baby, me and your father went out for a day to ourselves. Aunt Mary, Uncle George, Sean and AJ all went over to Niall’s house to help him move back in and have a day spent with them. If you wanted to go over there your aunt said that his house is about 10 houses down if you go left. You could just call Sean or something. Love you! –Mom”


I smirked. My parents were going out on a cute little date today, how precious. I was envious of their love. You could tell that they truly loved each other by the look they gave one another. It was like they could stare at each other all day with that goofy lopsided grin on their faces. The kind of love that they had is exactly what gave me some hope. I could never give up on love because of what they had looked so special and I wanted that.


I pulled out my phone and read through a few messages. Few were from a couple friends at home to which I replied quickly too. The other few were from Niall giving me updates on his flight and when he would be home. I face palmed myself because I’m the idiot who decided to ignore these texts when I woke up. I sighed and replied apologizing for not responding.


Not a minute had passed before my phone buzzed on the counter. I was debating what to do. Should I go over to Nialls place or should I just lay low? There were pros and cons to both options. I then opened up the message from Niall.


‘You should come over! Mom has food almost ready and I’d love to see you. Niall xx’


Just as my heart always did when Niall talked to me in that sweet way, it fluttered in my chest. I had that big goofy grin up on my face and I truly couldn’t help it. I texted him back saying that I would make my way over soon. He then texted me back the address.


I was nervous, that was an extremely true statement. I always got nervous meeting new people however. Niall was just different though. He was perfect in a way that I truly cannot describe because it will not do him justice.

I made my way down the street and to Nialls house. It wasn’t that hard to miss as it had all of the trucks and cars in the driveway. No lie my heart was beating at 100 miles a minute. I slowly walked by all of the chaos that was happening around me. There were a lot of people in this house you could just tell by the amount of cars around the house. I slowly crept up the steps and hesitantly knocked on the door.


The door flew open and I swear in that moment my heart stopped. To my utter disappointment AJ was the one who had answered the door. He laughed when he saw my face and took my hand and dragged me into the house.


“You look nice,” He smirked at me, “Trying to impress anyone?” He looked at me and saw that my face was trying to gather words. Of course I was blushing like a maniac and to that he started cracking up.


“Shut up,” I punched him lightly in the shoulder, “I just had a few extra minutes this morning to get ready, that’s all.” I said quickly when I could gather my words.

“Whatever you say Emma.” He started laughing again and I quickly looked away.


AJ led me down a long hallway into the kitchen where there was a mass amount of people. I wasn’t really that good with crowds; they freaked me out a little bit. And this was definitely a crowd. I had no idea that this was like a welcome home type of party more or less. I sighed and AJ gave me a funny look before leading me out to the back patio. Amazing how AJ has been here for probably less than an hour and he looks as comfy and nonchalant as ever. I probably look terrified out of my ass.


“Hey guys! Over here!” I heard a Sean’s voice in the distance and I snapped my head around to find him in the crowd. AJ located him before I did and led us over to where Sean was standing. We walked over and Sean handed us drinks. We sat around talking a little bit and mingling with people that I would most likely never see again. I must have seemed anxious because Sean pointed it out.


“Looking for someone?” Sean laughed as he flicked my ear. I narrowed my eyes at him and shook my head as a slight blush crept onto my cheek. He laughed some more.


“I’m going to the restroom.” I told him and he nodded and told me where to go.


I was walking fast because like I mentioned before I wasn’t really a huge fan of the large crowds. And just my luck I ran into someone and spilled my water all over them.


“Oh my god, I am so sorry.” I cried as I started to panic and turned away before I could get a look at the person I hit, “I really am so sorry, I’m so clumsy sometimes.” I still had my back turned to the poor guy.


To my surprise I heard the guy start laughing. Not just any laugh. It was that Niall laugh. I turned around slowly and was engulfed into a hug. He pulled me close and got me soaking wet because I had just literally spilled my drink all over him.


He started laughing again, “Fancy meeting you here.” He said and started laughing again. This of course set off my set of laughs and we were looking like idiots laughing hysterically in the middle of his welcome home party.


“I am so sorry.” I said again and he just looked at me and smiled. When I tell you that he could take someone’s breath away, he literally could. I was almost a loss for words when I looked at him. The Skype camera didn’t really do him much justice. His eyes were so blue and his face so perfect.


“Not a problem at all Emma,” He smiled at me again. I just looked down and away. “I was wondering when I was going to run into you.” He said.


“I was just hoping it wouldn’t make me look like a clumsy fool.” I replied back to which I let out a small laugh.


“Actually, if I might say, that was quite the way to make a first impression.” He smirked at me again.


“Got it! Just spill ice cold water all over people in order to win them over.” I looked back up at him. “I guess I have that going for me.” I laughed again.


At least I wasn’t being super awkward, the normal Emma. Everything was going smoothly minus the whole spilling my drink all over the host of the party.


“You’ve got it!” He smiled, “Let’s go talk to Sean?” He asked and I nodded my head. He grabbed my hand and pulled me over to where Sean and AJ were standing.


Sean eyed that Niall was holding my hand. Niall noticed and slowly let my hand go. Sean and AJ let out a sly little smirk. Why did they have to make things so awkward? I was actually doing a wonderful job avoiding exactly that.


“So guys,” Niall started speaking, “How about we go out after this little party?” He asked and looked directly at me. Sean and AJ both nodded their heads quickly in anticipation of going out and getting hammered. I rolled my eyes and agreed. They all cheered like little girls.


Oh how this was going to be quite the interesting night.

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