When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


3. Chapter 3

“Okay everyone, I think you get it. Have a wonderful summer here.” Aunt Mary said with that smile of hers. I sat back into the couch that I was sitting in and finally turned my phone off of airplane mode. I received a few texts from the few friends I had made in SoCal asking me how the flight was and if I was enjoying myself. I only could smile because it seemed like these people genuinely cared for me and I just up and left them. I sighed and decided not to reply to them at that moment.


“Uh, hey guys my name is Sean. Uh, Sean Cullen” Aunt Mary’s son smiled at me and AJ as AJ was sitting next to me on the couch.


“Hey man what’s up? My name is AJ and this is Emma,” He pointed over in my direction and I waved to Sean as he looked at me, he waved back. “We are stoked to be here man.” He said with a smile on his face as well.


Sean just gave him a bewildered look and AJ asked him why he looked like that. To which Sean replied, “I understand American slang,” he used air quotes for slang, “but it’s just completely different when you actually here it in person.” He said to us.


That made me burst out laughing, “What slang?” I asked him in between laughs. Sean just narrowed his eyes at me in the slightest of ways.


“The word ‘man’ is quite different as well as ‘stoked’.” He said to both of us. AJ put his hands in the air almost like he was surrendering. “I see where you’re coming from,” AJ said, “I totally get it; Emma didn’t mean to offend you or anything.” He said with a smile. To that I smirked because I totally thought this whole situation was hilarious.


AJ elbowed me in the side and I just looked at him and he gave me those wide eyes. I sighed, “My bad.” I said quickly and quietly to Sean. To that he smirked and laughed as well. Oh two can play this game Sean, two can play it.


“So what’s there to do around this place anyway?” AJ asked Sean breaking the little tension between me and him.


“To be quite honest with you, there is not shit to do during the day mate…” While he was speaking I just groaned and he smirked again at me, “let me finish,” Sean put up a hand in my direction, “Unless you make something happen, or going out at night is definitely one of the things to do here in Mullingar.” He finished up his sentence.


“Going out as in hanging out with friends, or going out to get wasted and have the best night of your life?” I asked him quickly.


He shrugged his shoulders. “Either or really. Girls around here like to dress to impress, you know like dress provocative. The girls love attention. I’m not quite sure how Americans go out but us Irish people love having a good time.”


I nodded my head. “Let’s go out tonight then?” I asked with a devious smile on my face. I wanted to go out and try and make some friends and meet everyone from around here. I think this is when I finally came to the decision that I was going to go out and socialize and make some friends.  I wasn’t going to hide in my room anymore. I was going to go out there and maybe slut it up a little bit. Nothing too trashy though. I wanted to make this the best summer of my life even though I had to do it in another country. This was happening.


Sean’s face lit up, “I knew you guys were my cousins, I knew you would want to go out. Thank God you want to go out. I don’t know how much longer I can stay cooped up in this house.” He flashed a brilliant smile.


I did a little happy dance to which AJ and Sean laughed at me. Sean excused himself to go do something. AJ looked at me, “Since when do you want to go out?” He asked with a really confused look on his face.


I then shrugged my shoulders, “Since I actually want to make a name for myself in this city. I want to make friends this time AJ.” He just kind of gave me another sad look on his face before walking off to go do his own thing.


I went back up to my room and decided to take a nap before the soon to be long night ahead of me. I set my alarm for 6pm and then dozed off fairly quickly.




My alarm woke me up all too soon. I groaned and rolled out of bed and then groggily walked over to turn my alarm off.


I decided to take a shower because I felt truly disgusting. I hoped in and took a long time washing myself down and shampooing my hair. This shower felt glorious and ended all too quickly when I realized I needed to get moving. I put a towel around my slender body and walked back into my room.


Oh shit, I completely forgot that I didn’t have any clothes to wear. I banged my head against the wall and sunk down onto the floor in only my towel. This would happen to me, as soon as I decide to be productive in my life there is always that little hindrance in the way. I had no choice but to walk to my parent’s room to see if I could borrow some of my mom’s clothes for the time being.


I walked quietly and quickly in all hopes of avoiding everyone because I was just in the towel. I walked up to the third floor with success. I walked over to my parent’s room and knocked on the door. There was no response. I knocked louder and I heard a male voice grumble. Why was my dad being so moody about opening the door?


“WHAT?” Sean swung the door open. My eyes went wide and I was at a loss for words as he blushed and turned away from the door.

“Shit, I’m sorry I thought this was my mom’s room.” I tried to move away but my feet wouldn’t move. I was just in utter shock that I had been so careless about the room situation.

Sean was still turned away from me, “Is there something you need?” He asked more quietly this time. He was obviously embarrassed, however I was mortified.


I coughed, “Uhm, nothing… unless you have women’s clothing.” I laughed trying to nonchalant about the whole situation.


With his back turned to me he laughed, “You know what,” He laughed louder, “I actually do have some girl’s clothes.” He laughed louder. “Would you like to take a look at them? They are my ex’s and she never asked for them back. I swear I’m not a freak or anything. Oh and they’re all washed as well.” He laughed some more.


“YES!” I said loudly. He laughed, with his back towards me still, “Let me go grab them.” He mumbled then went back into his room. Well isn’t that just all too convenient I smiled to myself. After a few minutes of waiting he didn’t look at me but just handed me a massive bag of clothing and told me to go for it. I thanked him and quickly walked back down into my room.


I dumped the clothes onto my bed and wide smile came to my face. Whoever this girl was she had some serious style and these clothes were adorable. How could she not want them back? She was probably just rich or something.


I was sorting through the clothes when I came up the sexiest dress I have ever seen in my life. I gasped and knew that this dress was exactly what I wanted to wear tonight. I tried it on and like what I saw. It was extremely tight on my body, but that was how it was made. It showed off just the right curves and it made my boobs look fantastic, that was a first. The top was a lacey black that would definitely need a bandeau on underneath of it. The bottom half was sequined with a beautiful print, it had a gorgeous intricate design on it. I smiled and looked at myself in the mirror once more and honestly I was happy at the girl who looked back at me.


I changed out of the dress and put on a bra and underwear and went into the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I first dried my long dirty blonde hair with a hair dryer and then started to curl loose waves with a curling wand. After about 30 minutes of curling I was satisfied with the finished product. I was actually very impressed with my curling hair abilities to which I gave myself an internal high five.  I giggled to myself and then decided on a more natural face kind of look.


I applied a light foundation then some powder on top of that. I applied eyeliner to the top of my eyes and created just a slight smokey eye look. I then applied mascara and finished up with light blush on my cheeks.


I then went back to my room and put on the dress again. Sean’s ex-girlfriend was probably pretty short because this dress almost made my butt hang out. Oh well, I needed something decently sexy to wear out my first night going out. I then took a final look in the mirror and I had a glorious smile plastered upon my lips.

Damn, I can actually make myself look good if I really wanted too. I did a few quick touchups and then walked down into the kitchen where Sean and AJ were.


I rounded the corner pretty quick, “Hey guys does this…” Sean and AJ were on Skype with a few other guys and I quickly ended what I was saying as they all turned to look at me. Attention, all the attention was on me as Sean and AJ moved out of the way of the camera even the guys of Skype were looking at me.


“Oh hey.” I said awkwardly trying to play this off as much as I could.


“Damn.” Was all that I heard from one the guys on the other end of the webcam. This caused me to blush and before I knew it I quickly moved away from the view of the webcam so the other guys couldn’t see me.


“Well this is awkward.” I say quietly as I walk away. Sean only snickered and AJ just looked in shock. “What?” I ask AJ. He just shook his head back and forth and told me it was nothing.


Before I walked away from this whole scene Sean called me, “Hey Emma,” He said quickly which made me come back over and ask him what was going on. “I’d like you to meet my best mate and his mates as well.”


I just nodded my head and slowly made my way closer. The guys on the other end of the webcam were absolutely breath taking. It’s like I almost recognized them, I’m not sure where at all, but there was something more to them.


One of the boys on the webcam had a devious smirk on his face which made me quite uncomfortable. I smiled and waved at them, “Uh hey, my name is Emma.” I smiled again. Of course I had to be extremely awkward, as this is how I always was with cute guys.


The one with the smirk on his face introduced himself first, “Hello love, my name is Harry and you look amazing.” I thanked him and turned away so they couldn’t see me blushing like a maniac. This is turn made Sean and AJ laugh really loudly. I eventually turned my face back to the screen to see that this Harry kid was still smirking at me. The quieter one just smiled at me before finally speaking, “Hello, my name is Niall. I’m Sean’s best mate.” I smiled at him again and I didn’t want to tear my eyes away from him. He was flawless. Niall had an adorable Irish accent and his eyes, my goodness his eyes were so blue I wanted to get lost in them.


I was snapped back to reality by Sean coughing. “Oh yeah well it was nice to meet you guys.” I said with a smile on his face. Niall said the same as he just looked at me and I looked at him and Harry just scoffed at Niall. This made me laugh and I decided it was time to walk away from the screen. Sean and AJ talked to them for a bit more and I heard Niall and Harry ask a few questions about me before they finally decided to quit the call.


When they ended the call I shot out of my seat and glared at the both of them. “Why didn’t you warn me?” I asked them


“Well we couldn’t have really of warned you considering we had no idea you’d be down here.” AJ replied to me in a very snooty tone. I just glared at him and crossed my arms over my chest. Sean laughed at this.


“Niall was into you,” Sean said to me as I turned to look at his outburst. My face got really red really fast, “Oh and Harry was into you as well, I mean if you couldn’t tell.” He started laughing again.


“No they weren’t,” Was all I said in retaliation. “Mhmm sure, I can tell when my friend is into someone and he was completely into you.” He laughed again.


I rolled my eyes, “Whatever, it isn’t important now. Let’s go out and have some real fun.” I said quickly to change the conversation. Sean looked at me and shook his head before yelling a hell yeah. We piled into his car and drove into downtown Mullingar.

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