When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


20. Chapter 20

There were flashes coming from every which way. I was not used to this, even after being the center of attention yesterday, I still wasn’t used to this. I cowered into Niall as I tried to smile. Everyone was shouting my name, Niall’s name, One Direction’s names. I was not enjoying this like I was yesterday. It was more hostile today.

When we finally made it inside the venue I practically collapsed on a wall. Niall was whisked off by some lady talking to him. I leaned my body on the wall and slid down it so I was sitting against the wall. I placed my head in between my legs, I didn’t care if this was un-lady like… I could barely even breathe. “Are you alright?” I heard a familiar British accent ask me softly as the boy crouched down beside me.

looked up to see none other than Harry starring at me with cautious and careful eyes. I didn’t realize how beautiful he was before. He had gorgeous green eyes and beautiful cheek bones. He wasn’t what I wanted, but he surely was stunning to look at. No wonder girls swoon over him. “Yeah just catching my breath.” I said smiling at him.

He shook his head at me, “That doesn’t look like your just catching your breath Emma, you look terrified.” He just kept staring at me.

I took a deep breath. Why not tell him, what’s it going to hurt anyway? “I..” I paused, should I tell him? Do I trust him enough to keep this in between us and only us. I decided just to tell him, I needed to get this out of my head.

He sat down next to me, “Go on.” He did a hand motion that motioned for me to continue with my story. “I’m not cut out for this.” I said abruptly. He furrowed his eyebrows and just looked at me confused. I sighed, “This whole attention thing, it isn’t for me. Out there,” I pointed toward the door where we entered and other celebrities were entering, “I had a panic attack. And I know it sounds stupid, but all of the cameras and everyone screaming crap at you. I just can’t handle it. I was just fine yesterday, but it was such a small event. I can’t do it Harry.”

I said and took another breath. He raised his eye brows at me, “It’ll get easier…” He started saying before I stopped him.

“But it won’t. I’m simply not made for the limelight. I can’t even raise my hand in the classroom without feeling embarrassed. I’ve always been antisocial and shy and this just isn’t for me.” I say abruptly.

“You don’t know that.” He says softly, trying to find the right words.

I laugh quietly. “How was it for you Harry? How was it transitioning from a normal teenage boy to this?” I want to know, I need to know.

“To tell you the truth, it wasn’t hard for me. It kind of came naturally to me and I know that isn’t what you want to hear, but anyone can do it.” He smiles at me.

I turn and look away from him. I run my fingers through my hair and sigh. I caught this from Niall, the whole running my fingers through my hair.

“Harry! You need to come immediately.” A tall woman screams at him and he jumps to his feet and starts walking towards her, careful not to make her even more angry. “We’ll talk later Emma, for now just enjoy the show and forget the people out there okay?” He says while he walks away.

I nod and he smiles and vanishes as he is escorted in a room. I get up and start to walk around this building. I’m not exactly sure of where I am supposed to go because everyone I know was taken away very fast. So I decide just to wonder around and look for something to do before someone tells me what I need to do. I would go to my seat but I’m not even sure where I’m supposed to be going. While I’m walking around I run into quite a few people, mostly because they are the ones freaking out. It’s very chaotic behind the scenes, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with any of this.

“So you’re the infamous Emma.” I hear a shrill voice come from behind me.

There is a girl, she is beautiful but not in the natural sense. Her face is caked on with makeup but she does have beautiful hair and a beautiful dress on.

“I wonder what makes Niall want to go out with someone like you?” She starts laughing as she walks around me.

“And you are?” She looks dumbfounded that I don’t know who she is. I’m not really in the know about these celebrities.

“Someone you don’t want to mess with.” She glares at me. I roll my eyes, who do these people think that they are. “Alright ‘Someone you don’t want to mess with’” I air quote to her, “why don’t you move on with your fabulous life and go ahead and leave me alone? Kay thanks.” I flash her the most fake smile I could come up with.

“It’s a pity really,” She starts to talk before someone interrupts her. She glares at me while she is speaking to the man.

After the man leaves she looks rather irritated, “Niall and I had a thing Emma, a thing for a very long time. We even dated for over a year. I’m not going to let some silly little American girl take that away from me. Do yourself a favor and back off of him. I will get him back.” She practically hisses at me.

“Wait a second, he broke up with you to be with me?” I raise my eyebrows at her.

She raises her head and steps close to me, “We may not have been together when he met you, but we were still in love Emma. I love Niall and he loves me.” She smiles at me with viciousness in her eyes, “When you fall in love with someone Emma, you won’t ever forget that person and all of the great things you have had with them. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

“I already have.” I take a step closer to her. She is shorter than me but she does look a hell of a lot more menacing than I do, almost psychotic.

“Oh dear, you didn’t fall in love with Niall did you?” She asks and starts laughing. And without waiting for a reply she puts her hand on my shoulder, “He would never love someone like you.” She starts laughing again and then walks away, laughing like crazy.

I inhaled and didn’t realize that a tear had fallen down my cheek. Why did these celebrities have to act like they owned the world and were so entitled. They were so incredibly rude and thought that every little thing was about them.

Finally someone told me where I was supposed to go. I had been thinking all too hard what the girl had said to me. He would never love someone like you. A normal person? Is that what she was trying to imply? That he would never love a regular teenage girl, he could only love a celebrity. I didn’t believe what she was saying because Niall wasn’t shallow like that.

I just couldn’t get that thought out of my head, it was going to haunt me. I took my seat, I was lucky enough to get a front row seat. I guess that was a perk of dating someone in the band.I was sitting next to Eleanor and Perrie, Louis and Zayn’s girlfriends. It was good to see some familiar faces in a sea of people whom I had no idea who they were. 

Since this was the X-Factor we had to sit through some of the results portion of the show. It’s not like it took that long, but it was just very over dramatic and cheesy. It’s not like what people see of TV, it’s quite different.

After we learned who were in the bottom two, it was finally One Directions turn to get up on stage and sing. I was extremely excited as I had never heard them sing together as a group. I kept my eyes trained on Niall, occasionally sneaking glances at Harry. They got to preform two songs and they sang Story of My Life and Through The Dark. These boys were very good at preforming. They all had incredible stage presence and killed it out there on stage. They all had amazing chemistry together as well, it’s like they were all made to be in this band and that made me smile.

After the show and finding out who went home it was finally time to go see the boys, well my boy backstage. Even though I had met the other guys, it’s not like we were all best friends or anything.

As I was making my way over to Niall a hand reached out and grabbed mine, “Are you okay? You look distraught?” I saw those same green eyes that had helped me out earlier in the night.

I nod my head, “I will be.” I smile at him and give him a hug, “Thank you for caring.” I squeeze him and let go. I could see myself becoming good friends with Harry, he seemed to care for everyone that is involved with his life somehow.

smiled at him and then ran into Niall’s open arms. I buried my face into his chest and smelled him, I loved doing that. I could here him laughing so I unburied myself and looked up at him.

“You’re cute you know that?” He asked me in his heavenly accent.

I laughed quietly, “Well you’re handsome did you know that?” I counter back at him.

“Obviously.” He winks at me and that causes me to laugh. “By the way what did Harry want?” He looks at me curiously.

“Oh he was just asking me about the performance.” I blatantly lie to his face. I smile at him trying to make it look believable.

He nods his head, “Typical Harry, making sure everything went well.” He smiles again at me.

“How about me and you get out of here and go to a nice restaurant and have a romantic dinner, I think we deserve it.”

“That sounds perfect, I’m starving.” I smile back at him.

“Well come my lady, you’re chariot awaits.” He winks at me again, grabs my hand and leads us to the limo.


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