When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


19. Chapter 19

I rolled over and checked my phone. It read 3:02 am. I sighed and got up and decided to make myself some tea, because apparently that is the only thing that the British drink.


After the movie premier me and Niall went back to his flat in London and relaxed for a little while before he was practically falling asleep watching a movie. We both went to bed in separate rooms, much to my dismay.


I couldn’t seem to fall asleep tonight for some reason, it wasn’t the fact that I was uncomfortable or the bed wasn’t right because everything was perfect.


Maybe that was it, everything was perfect. Everything about Niall just odes perfection: his smile, his eyes, his personality, him just Niall… he’s perfect. Everything he does it perfect, he makes millions of people happy and he loves what he does. I can see the passion he puts behind all of his work and it’s just breathtaking. And then there is me. Where do I fit in with him? I feel like I don’t. I’m just a plain Jane girl from the United States who thought she had such a rough life. I don’t feel like I’m good enough for Niall.


People tell me on a daily basis that I’m not good enough for Niall. People are getting crueler on twitter and social media. I’m trying everything that I can to make them happy but they just don’t want to seem to accept that I and Niall are together.


I take my tea and sit outside on the balcony and look out at the stunning view of London at night. It’s chilly but it’s rejuvenating at the same time.


I open up my twitter account on my phone and scroll through my mentions before I close the app quickly. It’s getting harder to talk to people who just want to see me fail, who just want to get a reaction out of me.


I sit and stare out at London for a long time, who even knows how long.


“What are you doing out here?” I hear a soft Irish voice speaking.


I turn around slowly and smile at Niall. He looks amazing, his hair is disheveled and he has that sleepy voice. Anything that this boy does seems to drive me insane.


“Oh, I couldn’t sleep.” I give him a half-hearted smile before I turn back around, “So I thought I would just sit out here and marvel.”


He walked outside and closed the door behind him, “It’s really something else isn’t it?” He scoots up a chair right next to where I’m sitting.


I nod my head and smile, not bothering to answer because he already knows how stunning I think that this city is.


“Are you alright Emma?” He grabs my arm chin arm lightly and pulls slightly to grab my attention, “You seem distant.” He gave me a soft smile.

I nodded my head and looked off into the distance, “Nothing’s wrong.” I turn back to him and grab his hand to squeeze it. I’m pretty sure he could tell it was a complete and total lie because he just leaned back into his chair and pulled me to sit on top of his lap.


He pulled me close to him, “Emma please talk to me.” He had a worried look on his face.


I leaned back into him, “It’s just that I’ve been thinking a lot recently,” I looked back at his face and he had a blank expression drawn upon it.


I smiled softly, “It’s just, am I good enough for you? Do I drag you down?” I looked at him and his face softened.


“Emma what would make you think like that?” He scrunched his eyebrows.


I hopped off of his lap and leaned against the railing, “People.” I said quietly.


He grabbed my hands and pulled me into a tight hug. He whispered into my ear, “Please do not ever listen to them. You make me so happy and I can’t think of anyone who has or ever will make me happier to be with. They’re either just jealous teenage girls or the media who just wants to make something out of nothing. Emma, I know we haven’t been together for the longest time but it just feels so right being with you, I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. Please ignore them.” He squeezed me tighter.


I nodded my head and let a tear slip from my eye as I nuzzled up into him. He scooped me up and carried me bridal style and gently set me on a couch. He sat down and pulled me very close into him. I still had tears in my eyes because no one had ever said something so sweet and genuine to me before.


I was leaning my head on his shoulder and neither of us said a word for a long time. It was really peaceful to sit next to him and just cuddle up to him.


“Sometimes it’s really hard to ignore those people, I didn’t mean to freak out or anything.” I said quietly, almost hoping he wouldn’t hear me.


“I know,” He pulled me closer to him; “I wish I could tell you that it gets easier because I honestly don’t know the answer to that. But what I do know is that we can block them out and live our lives and be happy with each other.” He kissed me slowly on the lips.


I furthered the kiss and leaned myself on top of him. He leaned back into the couch and I was straddling his hips as we continued our kiss. It was a passionate and a needy type of kiss. It was one of my favorites to be quite honest.


My shirt kept riding up and instead of just pushing it down as I normally would Niall decided he would just pull it off over my head. He then decided to switch positions and push himself on top of me.


He ripped off his shirt rather quickly and pressed his warm body to mine. We continued making out for a little while longer before he shyly pulled away.


“What?” I asked as he pulled me to my feet.


“I don’t want to make you do anything that you aren’t comfortable with Em.” He looked me dead in the eyes before they started wondering down my body.


I felt completely naked even though I had a bra and pants on. My cheeks lit up as I tried to find my shirt in the mess that was the couch and living room.


“I’ll let you know when I’m uncomfortable Niall.” I smiled at him as I stopped my search for my missing shirt.


He smirked at me and took my hand and led me back to my bedroom.


I looked at my phone and it read 5:43 in the morning. I was suddenly tired as Niall was tucking me back into bed.


As he was turning off the lights and was heading out of the room I stopped him, “Hey Niall?” I questioned him.




“Do you think you could stay the night with me the rest of the night?” I asked him quietly, kind of embarrassing.


He grinned and jumped in right next to me, “Of course my love, I love snuggling and going to sleep.” He pulled me close into him. And I fell asleep almost immediately. That was probably one of the best nights of sleep I had gotten in a while.




I woke up next to nothing, Niall wasn’t there and my heart sunk. I wanted to lie next to him and just goof off with him.


I decided on a shower, this time a quick one. After that I let my hair naturally dry and I decided on a flowy tank top and some shorts for the day.


I walked into the living room expecting nobody to be there, but boy was I wrong. I walked out to a boy band and some stylists as well as a couple girlfriends. How had I not heard this commotion when I woke up?

“Ah there is the sleeping beauty.” I heard Harry say from across the room.


I sent him an awkward smile before I quietly made my way around the room to the kitchen. Luckily Niall was in there when I walked in.


“Uh, what’s going on?” I asked him, frightened by all of the people in his flat.


“I guess they needed a place to get all of us ready for the X-Factor performance tonight.” He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.


“Emma, Niall! Get your butts out here now; we need to get you ready for the performance soon.” I gave the lady a bewildered look, why did I have to get ready? I wasn’t preforming.


She came over and grabbed both of our hands and yanked us into separate rooms.


Here we go again.

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