When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


18. Chapter 18

“Wow, Emma you look wow.” I heard Harry stutter as I was looking over at Niall. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and he couldn’t take his eyes off of me.


“Thank you Harry.” I smiled at him when I finally broke my gaze with Niall.


Niall smiled at Harry and swiftly got up and walked quickly over to me and placed a soft kiss on my lips. “You look a thousand times better than incredible.” He whispered in my ear and that sent shivers down my body.


“You guys ready?” I heard Harry’s voice  from behind me and Niall.


“Yeah mate give us a minute?” Niall asked, Harry nodded then walked out of the room.


I scrunched my eyes in confusion, “Emma, look, things will probably be kind of crazy tonight. People are more than likely going to call you terrible names and I can’t do anything to protect you,” He cupped my head in his hands, “If you don’t think you’re ready to make an appearance tonight then you don’t have to. If you don’t feel safe you don’t have to come. If you don’t want to come, you don’t have to come.” He rubbed my cheek with his thumb.


I smiled, “I’m fine Ni, I promise I’m ready.” I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room and walked right into Harry. 

“Oh my, sorry Harry.” 


He smiled at me, “No worries love, you really look incredible tonight.” He winked at me as Niall joined us.


Uh, what just happened. Did he just make a move on me? He clearly knows that Niall and I are together what was that about?


Niall wrapped his hands around my waist and lead me toward the elevator where Harry was waiting for us. I just kind of ignored what had happened earlier and moved on.


“So,” I started at both of them, “How do these things go?” I asked to no one in particular.


“Movie premiers are more laid back,” Harry smiled over at me, “I guess we just kind of walk the carpet and we get interviewed.” He nodded his shoulders, “Nothing to stressful.” He sent me another warm smile.


We were ushered into the car by security guards, luckily there were only a few paps and there didn't seem to be any fans in sight. 


I was fidgeting with my hands a lot and Niall must have noticed. 

He nudged my side, “You okay Em?” He looked over at me concerned.


I nodded my head and smiled, “Just nervous that’s all.” I sat back into my seat hoping he would drop it.


“You’ll be just fine babe.” He rubbed my shoulder.


“Just so you know,” Harry piped up, “There is going to be a lot of screaming when you step out of the car. People are all going to be asking you tons of questions, answer the one’s you want and ignore the ones you don’t want to answer.” He said nonchalantly as he was scrolling on his phone.


I nodded my head to myself.


“Oh we’re going to go get the rest of the band as well.” Niall smiled at me as my eyes widened.


“Don’t worry, they’ll love you.” He whispered in my ear.


This was all so overwhelming to be completely honest. I didn’t think that I would be going to any of this and now I was in the middle of all of this. Hopefully I wouldn’t trip and fall like an idiot or people hopefully wouldn’t ask me tons of questions.


We arrived at what seemed to be a deserted building in the middle on London. Niall told me to stay in the car as him and Harry got out to go discuss what was happening with the arrival to the premiere. Heck, I didn’t even know what movie we were going to the premiere for, oh well. It didn’t take long before Niall pulled me out of the car.


Harry was standing next to Niall and there were three other handsome boys and two more absolutely stunning girls next to the guys.


“Liam, Louis, Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie, this is Emma.” I waved to all of the people in front of me. Feeling minuscule next to all of them. “Emma this is the rest of the band and Eleanor who is Louis girlfriend and Perrie who is Zayn’s girlfriend.” I nodded.


“I think maybe I’ve got it. I’ll probably forget everyone’s names by the end of the night, so bear with me.” I smiled at all of them.


“Wait you don’t know who we are?” Louis asked. I knew it was Louis because I was just introduced to him and I remember him from the Skype call that happened so long ago.


I laughed nervously, “I mean I know who you are but I don’t know who you are.” I put and emphasis on the second you. “Do you get what I mean?” I laughed and the rest of the group started laughing as well.

“I suppose I understand what you mean.” Louis replied before locking his fingers with his stunning girlfriend.


“Alright everyone,” A large man walked toward us all, “Let’s go or we’re going to be late.”


Niall ushered me into the last car where we were joined by Harry and Liam, the two without dates for the event. I assumed Louis and his girlfriend and Zayn and his girlfriend were in the car ahead of all of us. Me and Niall were in the back.


Everyone in the car seemed to be full of life and bouncing off the walls with excitement talking about the movie premiere. We were going to the London premiere of The Hunger Games. I was kind of pumped for that aspect though, I was a huge fan of that series.


After about 10 minutes of driving I started hearing the screaming of fans. Niall started rubbing my back to calm my nerves, it was working slightly.

The car stopped and I think my breathing did too as Harry flung the door open and people started screaming, very very loudly. Liam followed Harry and the cheering and screaming got even louder. Niall then hopped out and grabbed my hand to help me out of the car.


As soon as I opened my eyes to see what was going on around me there were what seemed to be thousands of flashing lights. Holy shit, how did the boys even see. I tried my best to smile and wave but I felt like I was being blinded by the flashes.

“Breathe, relax, smile and talk to fans.” Niall whispered in my ear as he pulled me close to his side and we smiled for the cameras.


“Niall and Emma ohmygod! You guys are so gorgeous! I love you two!” I heard a girl yell from my side of the carpet. I smiled over there and saw the screaming girl.


“Thank you very much. I appreciate that.” I smiled and walked over to her, letting go of Niall. He didn’t seem to mind as he went and talked to fans ahead of us.


“You’re American? Aww that’s so cute!” She kept gushing over us.


I smiled and nodded, “Was it the accent that gave that away?” I smiled and looked for Niall who was urging me forward.


She smiled and nodded, “Well sweetie I have to go, it was wonderful meeting you.”


“Wait! Can I have a picture with you?” She was starting to stress out.


“Of course.” I took her phone and took a selfie of the both of us.

“You’re perfect.” She smiled at me. I thanked her and walked toward Niall. The blinding flashes were getting easier to deal with, who would have thought. 


“What was that about?” Niall asked into my ear as we were getting pushed toward an interviewer.


“She was just saying that we were a cute couple.” I smiled at him. His eyes lit up.


“Really? That’s fantastic.” He planted a subtle kiss on my cheek as some interviewer came over to us.


“Niall and word is your name is Emma?” The skinny blonde interviewer motioned toward me.

“Yes that’s correct.” I smiled at her.


She raised her eyebrows, “And you’re American, I see you Niall.” She winked at the both of us causing me to laugh.


“You look incredible Emma.” She gushed toward my dress, “Who are you wearing? It looks amazing on you.”


“This one is Versace.” I stated simply as I looked back at her.


“It looks like he designed this one just for you. It just looks incredible.” I smiled at her.


“Thank you so much, I’m pretty much in love with it.” I smiled again

She then directed her questions more towards Niall. I kind of listened to what they were talking about but I also started watching the crowd that was around us. There were so many girls here that would kill to be in my shoes. Yeah a lot of them weren't here for One Direction but they still would love to be walking the carpet and having people tell you that you look absolutely stunning. It was a weird feeling no doubt but it was something that I could definitely get used to. 


After the interview we caught up with the rest of the guys and their girlfriends. We made a few pitstops along the way so Niall could sign a few things and take pictures with a couple of fans.


We reached the end of the carpet and the boys were pulled in for a group interview. Me, Eleanor and Perrie were all just talking to fans and taking pictures with them. 


“Emma! Over here.” I made my way over to the girl.


“I love you. You follow me on twitter you’re such a nice person Emma. You and Niall are wonderful for each other.” She was freaking out as I approached her.

“Thank you so much beautiful. And what’s your name?”


She smiled, “My name is Emma as well!” The girl gushed, she was maybe 15 or 16.


“Now you have a gorgeous name.” I winked at her and she nodded her head.


“Would you like a picture?” Her eyes widened and she nodded and smiled at me.


“Yes that would be amazing.”


Talking to these girls was amazing and really made me appreciate what I had. These girls were so dedicated. There wasn’t a bad thing said to me all night which was exciting no lie. 


Out of nowhere Niall pulled me by his side and we had more pictures of us being taken right before we went into the premiere.


“You did incredible tonight baby.” He whispered as we entered the theatre.

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