When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


16. Chapter 16

Niall had been on the phone for what seemed like ages and I was just lying on his bed and just looking at his room. He had eventually left the room to talk in private he seemed angry. Actually he was very angry when he left the room; it wasn’t like him to get so angry over something. I decided it was best not to pry and let him do his thing.


Eventually, after about 30 minutes of yelling on the phone, he hopped back into bed and started cuddling with me again. I pushed him away slightly and he gave me a confused type of look, “What was that about?” I turned around and sat up on the bed looking dead straight into his eyes, searching for an answer. He looked sad, disheartened and stressed when he finally looked back up at me.


He did the whole run your hands through your hair thing that I was so fond of, “It’s the band,” He started to sit up and move closer to me, I gave him wide eyes and was scared for what he might tell me. Where they breaking up? Oh dear lord poor Niall maybe I should have been there for the call.


He chuckled lightly when he saw my dear in a headlight type of look, “We’re fine babe,” He pushed a strand of hair out of my face and looked away, dammit what was wrong with him. “It’s management,” He sighed and sat back on the bed board, “I have to fly back to England, we have to go to some movie premier or something and then perform on X-Factor UK. We haven’t had anything scheduled and we weren’t getting enough publicity or some stupid shit like that” He looked me straight in the eyes, “Worst part, I have to leave tomorrow.”


He probably saw the shock that flashed before my eyes, then the sadness and then the fake smile I plastered onto my face for him. I rubbed his arm, “Hey, it’s totally fine, you have to do what you have to do.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek.


He gave me a weak smile and looked away, “I just don’t want to leave you.” He said softly and that of course made my heart melt.


“It’s okay babe,” I pulled him back over to look at me, “You need to go and be with your band and be happy about it.” I smiled at him, this time with a true smile on my face, it would be okay in the end… he had to go and do this, why be upset about it?


He smiled and planted a soft kiss on my lips making my heart practically fly out of my chest. He pulled away with a smirk obviously knowing how he could tease me like that.


“You know what?” He asked with a devilish grin on his face.

I raised my eyebrows and looked back over at him, “Yeah?” I gave him a questioning glace, slightly nervous.


He jumped on top of me and pinned me down to the bed, “I like you, a lot Emma.” He planted another light kiss on my lips. What was this boy trying to do, kill me? I felt like he was at this point.


“I… I like you a lot too Niall.” I shuddered back at him obviously having a very hard time concentrating on what he was saying, he was pinning me down and that’s really all I could focus on… that and those kisses, it was torture.


He laughed and moved his body closer to me, this was intoxicating. “Maybe a little bit too much.” He winked at me and gave me another kiss, this time longer and this time I had more time to make the kiss last longer.


He pulled away slowly much to my dismay, and I started pouting trying to get him to kiss me some more, ugh he was torturing me.  He leaned down, incredibly close to my whole body and whispered, “I’m getting you on that plane and you’re coming with me and you’re meeting the rest of the band.” He then pressed his lips to mine this time and surrendered himself to me.


Things were getting a little heated before we were interrupted by someone unlocking the front door. We pulled away from each other quickly and composed ourselves.


“Niall,” He snapped his head over to me before we made our way downstairs, “I don’t need to come like I really don’t have to if it’s only going to cause issues.” I looked at him with seriousness in my eyes.


He just smiled that glorious smile and his eyes lit up with that gorgeous blue shining within them, “Nonsense love, you’re coming with me. I want you to meet major people in my life it’ll only help us get closer.” He rubbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs to be greeted by Niall’s mom.


She saw us hand and hand and raised her eyebrows, “I assume you are an item then.” And we both just nodded, trying to make the situation less awkward than it needed to be. She then proceeded to clap her hands together and hug the both of us.


“This is wonderful! Emma my dear you and my baby boy oh it’s just perfect. You’re perfect.” She pulled me in for another hug and I just saw Niall laughing as he sat down at the kitchen table.


“Oh mom, try not to scare my girlfriend off!” He said with such a giddy and happy voice.


“She could never do that.” I patted Niall’s loving mother on the back and pulled her into a hug, “By the way Mrs. Horan this house is just absolutely breathtaking.” I smiled at her and she put a hand over her heart.


“Oh Niall, I may have said I liked her before but she is definitely a keeper.” She beamed at the both of us which led to both of us laughing quietly, “Oh and Emma, sweetie, please call me Maura.” She patted me on the back and went back to doing whatever she was doing before we had interrupted her.


“Oh and mom,” Niall piped up before we were about to leave the room, she turned around abruptly with a gleam on her face, “I have to fly back to England tomorrow for a movie premier and X-Factor performance, I should only be gone for 3 days max.” He said quickly and then added, “Oh and I’m taking Emma so she can meet the lads too.” He smiled again.


Maura’s face deflated, sure it was only three days but it was three less days that she would get to spend with her son with whom she doesn’t see that much already. She nodded her head and she turned around with dread on her face. Poor Maura all she wanted to do was see her son.


Niall then went over to comfort her, I decided to walk away and not intrude on the intimate conversation that was going on between the two of them. It wasn’t my place to be there just yet. All I could do was be happy that I had gotten approval from Niall’s mom even though I had only met her a couple times before hand.


After a couple minutes of consoling his mom he then went to call management and sort things out for me. After what seemed like another hour of him yelling on the phone and him stressing out he finally clicked the phone shut and had an evil grin plastered on his face, “You get to come with me!” I practically jumped into his arms and he pulled me close and gave me soft kisses in my hair.


“Oh they’re going to love you.” He gleamed and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Oh Niall you sure had me whipped.




I woke up to someone softly shaking me. “Baby it’s time to get up; we have to get to the airport.” I felt soft lips press against my forehead.


“I don’t want to get up.” I moaned quietly and I felt myself being lifted up thus causing me to snap my eyes open.


“Well hello there beautiful.” Niall spoke in a thicker Irish accent than usual and for some reason this caused me to shudder in his arms.


He chucked lightly, “Hi, what time is it?” I tried to lean over to look over at my alarm clock before he gently set me up on my feet.


“5:30 in the morning now get changed so we don’t miss our flight.” He gave me a kiss on the forehead.


“Wait!” I yelled for him to stop, “What should I wear?” I asked him quietly. He started laughing at me and I pouted at him, I needed to know this was crucial.


“Well there will be paparazzi so if you want to impress look nice, if you don’t care like me just where whatever you want babe.” He smiled and I saw that he was in basketball shorts and a hoodie. I nodded my head and dismissed him from my room. I heard him talking to someone in the hallway, it sounded like Sean. I just realized I had been taking Niall time for Sean away from him, God that was a terrible thing for me to do. Sean only got to see Niall during limited times and not I was taking that away, way to go Emma.


I brushed off my guilt and decided on a pair of denim shorts and a really cute flowy blouse and some wedges. I looked in the mirror and decided my wavy hair looked good enough. I applied some basic makeup and was satisfied with my halfhearted attempt at looking decent, well at least I tried.


Niall had already packed our bags into the car that was taking us to the airport; he had a chauffeur type of person. I guess that’s what you get for being an international superstar. I bounded down the stairs and was met by my parents. It took some convincing to go to another foreign country with a boy they had barely even met but me and Niall eventually convinced them. After saying goodbyes to Sean, AJ and my parents we were finally leaving. It was an hour drive to the airport so I decided it was time to take a nap. Niall welcomed me to lie across his lap which I gladly accepted. He was playing with my hair which made me even sleepier, and within minutes I was back asleep.


Niall woke me softly and dragged me to the airport. “You know, it’s really cruel to make two young people who need sleep be up before the sun is up.” I let out another yawn and he just cracked a smile at me.


“You’re cute.” He yawned back at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek as we entered the quiet airport. He had his hands on my waist and was navigating me through the foreign airport. He had his hood up and luckily no paparazzi or people noticed him. We had special treatment and didn’t need to check in and security was a breeze… that was very nice.


We waited in a back room that was guarded until the plane was open for seating. It was too dangerous for him to be out in the open I guess. Which I could only imagine, girls kind of get crazy when their idol is right in front of them.


After waiting for about a half an hour we finally boarded the plane around 9AM and we were in first class. I have never been in first class and this was quite glorious, I felt like I had so much room it was astounding. Considering the flight was literally only about an hour I was amazed that they even offered first class.


The flight was relatively painless with me falling asleep on Niall for about the third time this morning. He woke me up as we were landing in London, England.


“I’m sorry that I have to keep waking you babe.” He pushed the hair out of my face and gave me a kiss on the forehead.


I laughed quietly, “I suppose it’s my fault though, I just keep falling asleep. No worries Niall.” I smiled and patted him on the head with a lazy hand while yawning.


He chuckled at me and stood up as the plane started releasing passengers. Lucky for us we got to get off the plane first, first class perks woohoo.

“Let me go first, more than likely there will be paparazzi.” He smiled at me and grabbed my hand. He squeezed my hand as we started walking off the plane. My eyes widened when there were bright flashes coming from the doors.


“Oh shit.” He muttered. He abruptly stopped and turned me to face him, “Okay, they’re out there and it looks like there is a bunch, don’t be scared,” He ran his hands through his hair, “we have security out there, just put a smile on your face okay?” He grabbed both my hands.


I smiled at him, “Got it!” I kissed him on the cheek and let him lead the way. He opened up the doors and I was greeted by bright flashing lights coming from every direction. Holy shit, this was terrifying how did these boys go through this daily? Niall squeezed my hand and pulled me closer to him. The paparazzi were going insane noticing Niall holding me close to him. However, we were pretty protected as there were two large guys in front of us and two behind. They were like bulldozers clearing the path.


The bright lights and screaming girls, which I had hardly noticed because of the paparazzi, had continued throughout the whole airport. Niall didn’t let go of my hand ever he just kept pulling me closer to him.


We finally exited out a side door and were rushed into a large SUV and shuttled away from the airport.


“I’m so sorry baby, are you okay?” He pulled me in for a hug.


I nodded my head, “Yeah I’m fine Ni.” I played with his fingers as they were wrapped tightly around me.


“They’re going to have an absolute field day with that.” He sighed and called up someone on his phone and started talking to them in a hurry. As soon he called he ended the call and gave me a reassuring smile.


No lie I was still kind if in shock of what had happened, I was still half asleep and trying to process everything that had just happened.


“It’s okay.” I smiled up at him and kissed him softly on the lips.


“You’re incredible.” He kissed me back right before we had reached our destination.

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