When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


14. Chapter 14

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emma P.O.V.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I was sitting down at Niall’s computer doing what he instructed of me. Change my twitter to a picture of myself, make sure my twitter name was my identity… basically put myself out there for the whole world to see. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, days earlier he was so careful to hide me from crazy girls who camped outside his house just to catch a simple glimpse of the infamous Niall Horan.


“Hey Niall?” I yelled for him, he was in the kitchen making us some lunch, he was definitely a keeper.


“Yes love?” I heard his thick Irish accent in my ears and I couldn’t help but to grin, the way words just came out of him was so alluring. Man, does that sound creepy.


“So why am I putting myself out there for everyone to figure out who I am? These girls will figure out who I am sooner or later.” I looked at him with a leery face; obviously I was nervous to do this. These girls didn’t just seem passionate; they seemed downright hateful sometimes… they sent the nastiest stuff to complete strangers.


His face softened as he saw my concerned face and kneeled right next to where I was sitting. He placed his hands under my chin and had me look into his eyes. My skin was stinging from where he was placing his fingers on my skin, my heart was about to leap right out of my chest. “I want you to be able to connect with the fans love; I want you to be able to talk to them. Many fans absolutely adored Liam’s ex-girlfriend Danielle because she was so friendly to every one of twitter and social networking sites. I just don’t want you to get hurt because I was trying to protect you from them. Maybe if you had the chance to interact and show them how fantastic you truly are, they might come to love you.” He gave me a soft smile before brushing the hair out of my face.


I gave him a smile in return, “That sounds like a great idea Niall.” I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before I decided on what picture I wanted my icon on twitter to be.


“People are going to send you hate.” Niall said softly, “If you don’t think you’ll be able to handle that then maybe it’s for the best you just delete your twitter.” He looked away, clearly somewhat ashamed that people would do that.


I shook my head slightly, “If they’re going to hate me for dating you I want them to have a reason to hate me, and that’s not going to stop me from having a twitter and talking to the lovely fans that are out there.” I gave him a sheepish grin.


He flashed one of those brilliant Niall smile’s before he bounded over to me and picked me up from the chair and pulled me in for a massive hug. He held me tight as he buried his head in the nook of my neck. I just sat there and smelled him, another creepy moment, I couldn’t help it he smelt so damn delicious. “That’s my girl.” He whispered in my ear as shivers went down my spine.


He chuckled and set me down. “Niall?” I sent him another question before he was about to go and continue making our lunches.


“Yes?” He asked as he walked back over to me. Boy did I get lucky with this guy, he is everything that I could ever want and dream of.


“Maybe you could tweet a picture of us. They won’t know that we are dating but maybe it’ll just get the speculation out in the air?” I asked him softly, it sounded really dumb when I said it out loud.


He just gave me a curious look before a soft sad smile came to his face. “I think that is a wonderful idea love,” He said as he started caressing my face and it sent shivers down my body again, “are you sure that you’re ready for that though? Once it is out in the open like that there really isn’t going back…”

I interrupted him before he could continue, “I’m absolutely ready for that Niall, I mean if I’m going to be with you, your girls are kind of a package deal. I want them to like me and accept me and if we just keep hiding from them it’ll only make them hate me more.” I looked up into his soft eyes.


He nodded and pulled out his phone. He didn’t look too sure on how to take the picture. I started giggling, “Like a selfie Niall, just hold the camera out in front and take the picture of both of us.” I started giggling some more because he looked clueless, guys and technology I suppose.


“Okay, I think I got it.” He said and I nodded. I moved close to him and smiled in the camera. I made sure it looked like we were touching and being close without confirming anything.


“Do you like it?” He said before he was about to post it twitter.


“I suppose so; it’s the best it’s going to get.” I looked over at the picture and grinned like a fool. We were both very close to each other and we both looked so genuinely happy. We looked like we actually belonged together. Hopefully when his fans, his girls, see this photo maybe they would actually understand that although me and Niall have only known each other for a little more than a month, maybe just maybe they would see that.


“You’re sure?” He asked me before he posted it.


I nodded, “What is the caption you are putting?” I asked him right before he clicked send. He almost looked relieved that he didn’t have to send it to the shark tank of females who would be flipping absolute shit when he sent it to the world.


“I put, ‘Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day other than with @EmmaCullen’ is that alright?” He looked over at me. I was nervous no lie, but if I wasn’t ready now I would never be ready. I wanted to go out in public with Niall without having to worry about hiding our relationship from everyone.


“That’s great.” I smiled at him, my stomach lurching.


He nodded his head and quickly hit send. I raised my eyebrows as I logged back onto twitter and gasped when I saw the thousands of tweets rolling in. “Oh my goodness.” I said under my breath as I tried to read just a couple before I refreshed the page.


“Maybe you could try responding to a few? I’m sure they would love that.” Niall gave me a shy grin before he bounded off into the kitchen to finish our lunch.


I leaned forward in the chair that I was sitting at and clicked on my mentions again, it was absolute chaos, how did the boys deal with their mentions literally blowing up, I didn’t even know where to start.


I just clicked on a random girl, ‘Who are you?’ The girl asked me; well that was an easy one. I replied, ‘My name is Emma, and yours?’ I replied back to her, I hope that wasn’t snarky or came out rude, that is exactly what I didn’t want.


Another girl asked, ‘Hi, how do you know Niall’ I smiled, oh how curious they all were, I replied simply, ‘Through mutual friends :)’ I typed quickly and sent the response. This wasn’t all that bad, nothing too terrible as of yet.


‘Ohmygosh you are so pretty! Are you a model or something?’ another girl questioned me. That one made me giggle, ‘haha no way! I’m nothing special, but thank you beautiful :)’ I replied to her.


They definitely weren’t all that bad; a majority were actually very nice and just curious. There were a few that were mean, but I just ignored them no reason to start some drama.


Apparently I was very focused on replying to some of the girls who were blowing up my mentions I didn’t hear Niall come behind me. He poked my side and I literally jumped out of my seat and had to catch my breath because I was so terrified.  I heard him laughing really loudly and started laughing with him, no lie that probably would have been hilarious to see.


“Lunch is ready love.” He winked at me before I followed him to the kitchen.


“So how are they treatin’ ya?” He asked me nonchalantly as he scooped up the macaroni in his spoon. I smiled signaling a good response.


“Most of them are actually very kind.” I continued smiling as I sat directly across from him.


He sighed in relief, “That’s a good start, a very good start.”


I nodded my head and started laughing, “One of them thought I was a model, isn’t that hilarious.” I started laughing and I just saw him smirk.


“You could be love, you are gorgeous.” He blushed slightly and looked away.


I decided I didn’t want to fight it and just take the compliment, “Thank you Niall.” I grabbed his hand and squeezed it.


“So what is the next step for you guys? Are you making an album or going on tour?” I started asking him, I wanted to know these things… what his like is like.


He looked back over at me, “This is the first summer I’ve had off in over three years.” He started laughing and running his hands through his hair. God that was so hot. “We are releasing our next album within the next couple months then its back to being on tour again.” He said with a small smile on his face.


“Where are you guys going?”


“All over the world,” he started to get more intrigued with the conversation. “America, Canada, South America, all over Europe and even places in Asia.” He said with an excited grin.


I smiled, “That’s incredible. Enjoy it, not many people get to do that.” I said as I finished my macaroni.


He flashed that smile at me, “Oh I will when that time comes, but for now I’m going to enjoy spending time with my beautiful girlfriend.”


And before I could object he was already picking me and cradling me in his arms. “You know Ni I can walk.” I said giving him a kiss of the cheek.


“Oh really? I wasn’t aware.” He winked at me and carried me to the couch where he sat me down gently and placed his hands around my head, “You truly are the most beautiful girl in the world.”


I blushed a deep shade of red before our lips connected. The kiss was nothing less of magical. He still had his hands caressing my face as he leaned in closer to me. I fell back onto the couch making sure not to break the kiss. He leaned over on top of me and ran his fingers through my hair.


I was at a loss for words when he broke the kiss and started kissing down my neck. Dear God he had this paralyzing thing about him. He smirked when he saw my face and continued kissing down my neck.


He let himself fall on top of me, careful not to crush me, he was still supporting himself and started kiss me again. This time I ran my hands through his hair and even bit the bottom of his lip. This let out a soft moan from his mouth which caused me to break the kiss and erupt in a fit of giggles.


“I’m so sorry,” I started laughing as he pulled himself up, looking slightly flustered, “I’m really bad at this serious thing.”


He broke out into a smile and started shaking his head, “This is why you’re my girlfriend.” He gave me another quick peck on the lips and got up. Way to ruin the mood Emma, way to go. 


Authors Note:

Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a bit, I've been busy with school. How did you like this chapter? Let me know, any suggestions? Just let me know :)

Christine :)

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