When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


13. Chapter 13

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Niall P.O.V.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In that moment, when she leaned into kiss me, I knew. I knew that she was the girl that I had been dreaming of, the girl who would fit just perfectly with me. And just to solidify it her sweet soft kiss drove me crazy. I never wanted to stop kissing her but to my disappointment, she did need air and she had to break away. I kept her close though. 


When we got off the ferris wheel I needed to kiss her soft lips again. So I did, and it was even better than our first kiss. It was more passionate, more needy, it was real. When she ran her hands through my hair all I could do was smile because she was mine in this moment, nothing could tear us apart. 


When we made our way back to the car we were both silent and I could see that she was having trouble walking. I chuckled and scooped her up and brought her body closer to mine. All I wanted to do was keep her close to me, I just wanted to hold her and never let her go. I’ve never felt like this before, like I would take a bullet for her. Yeah, I’ve been in past relationships but those just seemed to be for publicity and I just went through the motions. Nothing was nearly as real as what me and Emma had, nothing could replace it.


The drive home was silent as we were both smiling and in our own little worlds. It was a peaceful and melodic type of silence, it was comforting. Every now and then I would peek over at Emma to see that she had fallen asleep listening to the radio with a grin on her face.


Crazy to think that I had been falling so hard and fast for this girl, she wasn’t doing anything to get me to notice her more… she was just being herself. That’s what I adored about her, she kept true to herself. She treated me like Niall, not Niall from One Direction, heck she hadn’t even heard of any of our songs and that was extremely refreshing. 


I probably wasn’t even supposed to meet her that night when she and AJ had made it to Ireland. She came running around the corner and was asking how she looked when she noticed that both AJ and Sean were talking to some people on Skype. When Sean moved from my view my breath literally stopped when I looked at her. She looked perfect, I have never seen a more beautiful girl my entire life.


Her looks weren't everything though, her personality is what really made me fall hard and fast for her. She was so kind, sweet, genuine and selfless. She seemed to put everyone else in front of her.


I had talked about her to the guys and they just didn’t seem to get it, they kept teasing me about her. Louis even met her and after their little encounter he told me to go after her because she could be the one. I think he was right because after today I just know that she is the one. I could never let someone so amazing take a step out of my life.

Once we reached the house, I carefully carried her up to her room and tucked her into bed. She looked so angelic as I just stared at her. Sean happened to walk by and gave me the weirdest glance because I was just standing there, watching her. I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and turned off the light and followed Sean downstairs.


“Care to explain mate?” Sean asked me with a questioning glance.


“I kissed her.” I looked over at him to see a shocked expression turn into a ‘I knew it was going to happen expression.’


He smiled and patted me on the back, “I called it.” He said as he walked over to the couch in the living room.


“You did?” I gave him the questioning glance this time.


“Yeah, I told Emma that first time that you guys talked, ‘Niall likes you.’ However, she didn't necessarily seem to believe me. I could tell that she liked you too. It’s kind of weird how it works Niall” He smiled before turning to look at me again.


“How did you know?” I asked him.


“Niall, I’ve known you for years. It wasn't that hard to tell that you had already fallen for her from the get go.” 


I nodded my head, “You’re not mad, are ya?” I didn’t want to piss him off, he was my best friend after all.


He started laughing, “If you would have asked me that question before Emma arrived her I probably would have told you that yes it would piss me off. But now when I see you guys interact with each other, it would be just downright foolish for me to be mad in the slightest of ways.” He patted me on the back again.


“You really think so?” My eyes lit up to what he just said.


“I can honestly tell you, I have never seen two people more perfect for each other than you two are. I can’t really explain it but it’s like she was made for you, it’s the weirdest thing I swear, what are the odds my cousin is the girl of your dreams?” He looked over at me again.


I was fumbling with my hands at this point and just started smirking, “Everything happens for a reason I suppose.” I smiled at him. 


“That it does my friend, that it does. But let me just tell you this Niall. I know me and her aren’t as close as you guys are,” He looked over to make eye contact with me, “Please just be careful with the fans. They will more than likely eat her alive. They’re going to hate her because you haven’t been a relationship since you’ve been single. I feel like she’s going to take the full blow because you haven’t had a girlfriend yet. You need to find a way to break it to Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn and have them help you with this. They have had girlfriends and maybe they can help you find a way to make it easier for her which will make it easier for you. You need to find a way to break it to the public in time.” He shuddered at the thought of me making that announcement.


I nodded my head and closed my eyes and ran my fingers through my hair. “Is it selfish of me to put her out there like that Sean?” I looked over at him, he had always had such wise words and knew exactly what to say.


He laughed nervously, “Niall, you can’t stop living your life just to please the fans. They have to realize that you can’t date every single fan much less the probability of dating a fan is low. What I’m trying to say here is this Niall: go out there and live your life. Just make it easier for those you love, do you know what I mean?” 


I looked back over to him, “Yeah, thanks Sean. I needed that.” I smiled over at him.


“No problem, you should probably get back home before your mom thinks you have gone missing or something, I’m sure they want to spend some time with you… We’ve been taking it all.” He smirked at me.


I nodded my head. He was right, I wasn’t going to stop living my life because of the few mean people out there who wanted to destroy my relationship. Sean always knew what to say. I thanked him again before I sneaked my way back into my own home, avoiding the madness that would happen if the fans spotted me.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emma P.O.V.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I woke up with the biggest smile plastered upon my face. Had last night really happened? Had I kissed Niall and he kissed me back? I can’t believe that he would want someone like me… I was plain and boring. There were models and singers and flawless actresses who he could be with, but he picked me. What did I do to deserve this?


I hopped out of bed with probably the biggest and goofiest smile on my face. I changed rather quickly and ran downstairs to get some breakfast, I was starving. 


In the midst of eating Sean came down and joined me.


“You’re awfully smily.” Sean leaned back in his chair and observed my reaction.


“Yeah, I just had a great day yesterday.” I told him truthfully without having to reveal what had happened, because I wasn’t really that great about talking about these things.


His face lit up to my surprise, “And does this great day have to do with a famous musician whose name starts with and N and ends with an iall?” He questioned, obviously intrigued by his own question.


“Maybe.” I mumble and shove some more cereal in my mouth so I don’t have to respond to him right away.


He snickered, “It’s okay Emma, Niall already told me all the juicy secrets.” He winked and sat back into his chair once again.


My face lit up, like I was seriously blushing so bad. I just heard him laugh, quite loudly and he decided to get up, “Before you do anything else, you might want to call Niall.” He smiled at me then walked out of the room, okay then.


I dialed Niall’s number and he answered on the second ring, “Hey Emma, what’s up?” He answered immediately and I honestly didn’t know what to say, oh awkward.


“Well Sean kind of told me to call you, so what’s up with you?” I questioned right back at him hoping that I had formulated my words right.


I heard his soft chuckle in the background, “Do you think you could come over for a bit love? The fans are gone and I need to talk to you about some stuff.” I practically heard his smile through the phone.


“Yeah, I’ll be over in a little bit… I need to get ready.” 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Niall P.O.V.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


After my conversation with Sean last night I decided to spring right into action. I called all of the boys and asked them what I should do in this situation. Each of them gave me great advice. I then called management and told them what was going on and they seemed to be quite keen on the fact that I was ‘romantically involved’ with someone.


They were good with me making an announcement, I had to run a lot of my own personal life announcements through them, talk about annoying. I had tried to formulate a plan to get Emma’s name out there and try and get the public to see what a truly great and remarkable person that she was. 


I heard a soft knock on my door and opened to find the gorgeous girl named Emma right in front of me. 


“Hello beautiful.” I smiled to her to which she retuned with a blush.


“Hi Niall.” She smiled and gave me a soft peck on the lips. I kissed back but nothing too crazy because I had loads to discuss with her.


“So what’s up?” She motioned to the house around her, slightly confused as to why I had called her over here.


“Emma, I like you so much, probably too much for my own good.” I looked down at her and smiled, “Would you be my girlfriend Emma?” I asked her softly.


She cupped her hands around my face, “Yes, Niall, 100 times yes.” She leaned up and kissed me this time with more fire.




Authors Note:

Hey guys! So I've been updating like crazy and I just wanted to let you know this will likely be the last update until Wednesday Thursday... I have loads of tests and homework this week, don't hate me! lol, hope you guys enjoy <3

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