When Two Worlds Collide (One Direction)

Emma Cullen is just your average girl living an average at best life. She is always getting shown up by her brother, she just can't seem to live up to his expectations. However, just keep reading to see what happens when Emma is forced to go to Ireland for the summer. Emma's life will take a quick turn.


12. Chapter 12

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emma P.O.V.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Emma,” I heard a soft male voice speaking to me, I groaned and rolled the other way on the bed so the pest who was in my room could kindly leave. I heard the male start chuckling and for a second I thought it was just maybe a part of a dream that I was having. “Emma, time to get up.” This time the voice was slightly louder and the male was shaking my arm, not vigorously but just enough to be rather annoying. 


“Go away.” I mumbled before I buried my whole body under my covers, including my head. I opened my eyes under the covers and cursed because my phone was out in the open, I couldn't get it now. 


Just when I was about to peak my head out and see who was in my room waking me up a hand grabbed my covers and pulled them back.


“Boo!” I saw Niall’s bright and shining face looking back at me. “Nice of you to wake up love, I’ve only been trying for the past 10 minutes.”


I ignored his snide comment, “What time is it anyways, why are you waking me up.” I whined at him as I attempted to close my eyes again.


“No! No! No!” He snapped his fingers in front of my face and my eyes shot open. Not cool Niall not cool, He was grinning from ear to ear. “But to answer your question it is 9AM and we have to get a move on for this day to be perfect. So get your lazy arse up and let’s go!” He stated and grabbed my hand to pull me from my sleeping position.


“But I’m so tired.” I whined and he just held my hand so I couldn’t flop back down into my mattress. I heard him chuckle.


“It’s not good to sleep your day away love.” He winked at me.


I blushed slightly as I swung my legs around and hopped out of bed, “So Niall,” He looked back over at me and was still grinning, “What should I wear for this surprise most perfect day ever?” I raised my eyebrows at him.


“Uhm, keep it simple and easy to walk around in.” He said with a questioning glance toward me. 


“So like a dress? Or…” I was immediately cut off by him.


“A dress would be perfect.” He smiled and blushed slightly when he realized that I wasn’t quite done with my sentence. 

I sighed, “Help me pick one out then, please?” I asked him and he looked kind of taken aback at what I had asked him to do. However, he had agreed. 


We had managed to decide on either two dresses. One had a gorgeous floral design on it and had short sleeves, it came just above my knees, the other was bright yellow with a cute belt and was shorter than the other.


“So what do you think Niall? Which one is better for whatever we are doing?” I questioned at him.


He scratched his head, “Why don’t you try both of them on and then maybe I could decide?” He laughed hesitantly at his own request.


“Sounds good.” I cooed at him and walked back into my closet to change into the first of the two dresses. I slid into the classier of the two dressed and arranged my hair to look good with the dress. I stepped out of my closet and Niall’s face lit up.

“You look stunning.” He was cheesing at me and I blushed, as per usual.


“I don’t really know about this one, it seems kind of grandmaish to me.” I told him honestly as I looked at it in the mirror and scrunched my face.


He stood up so I could see his reflection in the mirror. He wrapped his arm around my waist and my breathe stopped, what was he doing. He spun me around and we were really really close. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You look flawless in anything you wear.” His hot breath traveled down my neck. I shivered and he pulled away.


There was a small smirk on his face when he released my waist and sat back down on the bed. I was too flustered to say anything but just blush. “Uh.. thanks.” I finally stuttered out before I walked back into my closet.


What the hell was that, why did he just do that to me. I closed my eyes and hit my head on the wall. Was he trying to drive me absolutely crazy? Because it was obviously working. He had me wrapped up around his little pinky finger. I let out a huge breath and changed into the more summery yellow dress. I tied the belt and adjusted my hair. I took a deep breathe and walked out.


His eyes just lit up again, “Thats it, thats the one.” He smiled and clapped. Before I knew what was happening he jumped up and pulled me in for a hug. I wrapped my hands around his neck and just embraced him. Why was he doing this to me, dear lord. 


After hugging I pulled myself off of him, “I like this one better too.” I said with a smile on my face as I made eye contact with those gorgeous blue eyes. He then preceded to wink at me and brush the hair out of my face. This sent another shiver down my spine. He grinned and nodded, “Okay, are you ready then?”


I nodded and adjusted my hair. He grabbed my hand and pulled me all the way to the car. He then proceeded to pull a hood over his head and put some sunglasses on. He then handed me a pair of sunglasses for me to put on. Funny thing is it wasn't even sunny. I gave him a questioning look before I took the sunglasses, I didn't put them though. 


He just chuckled at my actions and motioned for me to put them on. “You see love, there are some fans camping outside of my house. I really don’t want them noticing me and then being able to snap pictures of what you look like. Please just put them on, it would make me feel loads better.”


I shook my head and looked away, “They’re crazy.” I said before I put them on over my eyes. “You have to hide from them to get some privacy, that’s just wrong.” I said in a somewhat bitter tone.


He looked away from me and put his hand on his forehead, “They’re just passionate I suppose, but yeah some privacy would be nice.” He said and looked over to me and gave me a small sheepish smile. I shook my head.


He started the car and we made it by his house without getting noticed by the crazy girls waiting outside his house. I just found it so incredibly rude to sit there and wait for him, didn't they have anything better to do. 


“Will you do me a favor?” He asked as he pulled out his phone from his pocket. I nodded my head, “Can you type a tweet out for me?” He handed me his phone carefully. I took my sunglasses off and looked over at him.


“Of course Ni.” I smiled at him, he lowered his hood but seemed to want to keep his sunglasses on. 


“Thank you.” He gratefully smiled at me as I unlocked his phone and pulled up twitter. Oh my I could do some damage inside this account. I snickered at myself and Niall kept his eyes on the road but I could see him raise his eyebrow from the corner of my eye.


He told me exactly what to put in and I did exactly that. Before I hit send I ran it by him about a thousand times to make sure it was believable that he sent it and it came directly from him. I hit send and watched his timeline go completely insane because Niall was “Online”. I then clicked on mentions and shuttered when there were literally tens of thousands of tweets coming to him every single second. I just muttered a simple ‘wow’ under my breath and Niall started laughing at me.


“It’s insane isn't it.” He motioned toward the phone. 


“Yeah, I would lose my mind.” I told him truthfully because I probably would.  The amount of people just trying to garner his attention was beyond me.


I reread the simple tweet that sent people in a frenzy, it literally read:


    “@NiallOfficial: Family time ! This is great! Chillin, watchin the football, not movin off this couch for the day!”


“So Ni, why did you want to send that tweet since you clearly aren’t with your family or on the couch?” I looked over at him.


He gave me a nervous laugh, “It’s like a decoy sort of,” He ran his hands through his hair and I bit my lip, I had no clue why I found that so attractive. “If girls think I’m at home they won’t think to look for me out in public.” He took a quick glance over at me.


“That’s actually genius.” I smiled at him.


“Guess it’s something you just learn to do.” He gave me a brilliant smile. 


Just as we were about to start another conversation one of his bands songs came on. I could only tell because he stiffened up waiting for a reaction from me of some sorts. I didn’t say anything or do anything except listen to the song. 


“What’s this one called?” I asked quietly still intently listening to the words. It was an upbeat song for sure, it was extremely catchy, something you would definitely expect from a boy band. 


“Live While We’re Young.” He said quickly before I turned it up just slightly. I caught him absentmindedly singing the words to the song. I smiled a big goofy grin and just tried to nonchalantly listen to the song and watch him sing the words from the corner of my eye. The song ended and I clapped. He was obviously surprised because he jumped a little bit causing me to giggle.


“That was good!” I smiled at him.


He shook his head, “Have you heard any of our music? And thank you.” He gave me a lop sided grin.


I tapped my finger to my forehead, “Well, uhmmm, let me think… yeah I’ve heard the beautiful one and I think thats about it.” I said quietly. 


“Truly remarkable.” He snickered at me before turning down the radio. I didn't reply to him because he suddenly concentrated on the road more intently. He got off the highway that we were on and started paying attention to the signs that were going by us.


I knew we were heading into Dublin due to the signs but I truly couldn’t tell you what we were going to be doing today. After another couple minutes of driving he parked the car near the city center.


We both hopped out of the car and he grabbed my hand again and led me to whatever we were going to.


A huge smile crept up on my face when I realized what we were doing. “Welcome to Dublin,” He flashed me a huge smile as he pulled me forward, “And welcome to probably on of the best festivals you will ever go too.”


I jumped up and down as he released my hand. He had been doing that quite a lot recently, I didn't mind at all though. “Niall, I absolutely adore these kinds of things, this might be the best day ever.” I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as I made my way down to where all the action was happening.


“Emma! Wait up!” He made he way toward me and wrapped his hand around my waist. 


“Sorry,” I blushed slightly as I looked up at him, “I just got a little excited.” I giggled and that made him laugh at me as well.


“How about we eat first and then we can look at all the crafts and then ride the rides?” He questioned at me. I gave him an almost creepy smile before I nodded my head and started jumping around like a child.


“You’re crazy Em.” He flashed another smile at me, I think my heart was just a puddle at this point.


“If you haven’t figured that out by now, then you’re in for a world of hurt Niall.” I giggled as we made our way over to the food section.


“Craziness is cute.” He smiled and blushed slightly. I shook my head at him as we waited in line for bratwurst and sauerkraut. Niall ordered two of everything and guided us too a table that wasn't crowded by a ton of people.

I was starving and dug right in. I grimaced when I first tasted the food. Niall started cracking up, he literally wouldn't shut up. I started giggling as I swallowed the food, “That doesn't taste like what we make back at home.” I started drinking the water he had gotten for me. 


After he could breathe again he smiled at me, “Well this is real Irish food love, not the Americanized version of it.” I gave him daggers with my eyes as I attempted to continue eating the food that I had loved at home but was so dramatically different over here in Ireland.


After he finished eating and I struggled to finish eating we started looking at all of the crafts that had lined the streets. No lie, this was not my favorite part of festivals that went on in big cities. I was always more of a fan of the rides.


However, Niall seemed to really be into whatever he was looking at so I decided to humor him and try and have a good time. Sucked for me because when I say we literally spent 5 hours looking at crafts, I mean it. I had no idea that Niall had the sheer patience to look at all of this stuff much less than looking at all of it for hours on hours.


“Niall, I’m dying over here can we be done with this.” I started whining at him and my stomach started grumbling.


He widened his eyes at me, “I thought you were into this?” he questioned at me.


I shook my head, “Oh goodness no.” I grabbed his hand and made my way back over to the food section and my face immediately lit up with all of the options we had.


“So, we just spent the past couple of hours torturing ourselves trying to please each other?” He questioned at me.


“Not just a couple of hours but 5 hours, Niall five hours.” I started whining again as I got in line for the American food.


He started laughing at my choice of food, “You know, you are in Ireland… try some Irish cuisine?” He looked over at me and grabbed my hand.


I scrunched my face, “No thank you. I already tried that.” I gave him another look.


He started laughing again, “Alright, American food it is.” I started doing a happy dance and he only just laughed at me.


After what seemed like waiting for decades we got our food and sat down again. The sun was starting to set slowly and I leaned back in my chair and waited for him to finish his food, slow poke is what he was.


“I’ve never seen you eat so fast before.” He gave me wide eyes.


“What can I say, I can put some American food down.” I started laughing which caused him to laugh some more.

Being around Niall and spending my day with his, even if looking at crafts was extremely painful, I wouldn't trade this for anything. He was such a wonderful person and an even better friend to me. He cared to much for me and I could honestly not ask for any more. I guess I was staring at him because he just looked at me and did that nonchalant cough thing. 


I blushed and looked away, “Rides now?” I started bouncing up and down in my chair. When he finally nodded I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the ticket booth where he refused to let me buy the tickets. He was paying for everything today and I felt incredibly rude for letting him do that. I mean yeah he was rich but it wasn't like we were dating so he really had no reason to be paying for everything.


We ended up riding everything, twice. I was having the absolute time of my life. 


“You know what amazes me?” Niall looked over at me as we made our way over to the ferris wheel for the last ride of the night.


I raised my eyebrows, “What?” I questioned him.


“Nobody has recognized me today.” He gave me a really proud smile as we stood in line for the ferris wheel.


I let out a huge grin and took his hand and squeezed it, “That’s amazing Ni.” I smiled at him and started tracing patterns in his palm. 


He grinned at me and my tracing sent a shiver up his arm. I smiled and continued to do so because he seemed to enjoy it. After waiting for a little bit longer we made our way to the ferris wheel. It was completely dark out now and it was quite comical to watch us try and get into the tiny little seat. I was practically sitting on top of him. We were both cracking up and he just pulled me on top of his lap because it was more comfortable anyway. 


“I don’t really trust this thing.” Niall grinned at me. I started laughing.


“It’s kind of just a tiny bit freaky, considering its one of those ones you can just tear down.” I started giggling again.


He smiled at me and continued just to look at me as I sat on his lap. There wasn't anyone in line so we got to stay on the ride for quite a bit of time.


Niall just continued to stare at me, “What? Is there something on my face?” I asked self consciously.


He just chuckled silently to himself, “No love, just admiring your beauty.” He smiled and blushed slightly. My heart went from beating at 100 miles a minute to just stopping. Did he really just say that? I couldn't help but to notice him staring at my lips either.


He pulled me in closer to him and I practically just melted into his side as I leaned my face down closer to him. He leaned in just slightly more and we were just inches apart. 


“Emma?” He whispered as he made eye contact and our foreheads touched.


“Yeah?” I said shakily back to him.


“I like you, a lot more than I probably should.” I swear to God, I wasn't able to breathe. But instead of replying to him I just simply leaned into him and gave him a soft sweet kiss on the lips. 


It didn't take him long to realize what I was doing before he pulled me into him as close as we could possibly be and kissed me with more passion. And in the moment I swear I was the happiest I had ever been in my life. It’s like Niall made all of the sadness and sorrow go away. There were fireworks blowing up inside of me.


I pulled away for air and he breathed loudly when the kiss ended. 


“I like you too Niall.” I smiled up at him and he just chuckled softly. He started playing with my hair.


We got off the ride and he pulled me over to the side and pulled me into him. He kissed me with even more passion this time and I just melted into him. I ran my fingers through his hair and he started smiling through the kiss. 


He pulled away for air and gave me a soft peck on the cheek. I was flustered because I could barely walk right, he eventually just scooped me up in his hands and carried me back to his car bridal style.


He buckled me into the seat and gave me a kiss on the lips again, not as much need as the last kiss. However, it still made my heart flutter. My God Niall, look what you were doing to me.


He got in the drivers side, grabbed my hand and started the hour drive back to the house.


All in all, I would probably say that this was the best night of my life.


Authors Note:

IT FINALLY HAPPENED HECK YES I thought it was a great time for it to happen :)

What did you guys think?
I know it was super Cliche but it needed to happen that way !

Thoughts? Comments? Anything I need to approve on?

With love,


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