Forever an Always

~This be me first fanfic, please no hate~
Summer and her friends go the a One Direction concert not knowing it would change everything about their lives. Summer thinks she finds her one true love, but is her conscience telling her wrong?


1. The Meeting

Arriving at the concert, we see a long black limo. Veronica shouts, " That’s them! I just know it!" Screaming we all yell "We love you One direction!" Just then a window rolls down. We see guy looking out the window, but we cant see who it is because of the sun shining directly at us. Kristina yells,"OMG! Its Louis!" Louis smiles and says so sweety, "Yeah it is!" They open the door of the limo and step out. We can not believe our eyes our idols Zayn, Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis were standing right in front of us. Zayn looked at Summer and smiled. then he asked, "So where all you from?" Summer said," California, US" He said,"Wow you guys came along way to see us then." yeah!" Summer replied and smiled even though I know for a fact she's probably screaming her head off inside . Niall looks at his watch and says,"Guys we’ve got go, the concert is in an hour." "Oh right, we must be going" said Harry, looking at Veronica. Liam looked at me and said,"Hope you guys enjoy the concert. I hope we see you again."

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