Forever an Always

~This be me first fanfic, please no hate~
Summer and her friends go the a One Direction concert not knowing it would change everything about their lives. Summer thinks she finds her one true love, but is her conscience telling her wrong?


2. The Concert

~Ruby's POV~

We finally got to our seats an as we sat down the lights went off and you hear Liams voice. Screaming, I yelled "I love you Liam!" As he sang his solo to WMYB, I sang along and thought abut when I would be able to see him again. He is just soo perfect. I looked up and saw him staring at me he smiled when he saw me staring back and I smiled back.
~Liam POV~

As we got onto the stage, I thought about when i would see her again. I couldn’t get...those beautiful blue eyes and perfect wavy auburn hair out of my head. I looked out and couldn’t find her there were just so many fans. Finally I found her, I looked at her and smiled. at the thought of seeing her, she was just so beautiful. She smiled back, which made me haert race at her stunning smile. I kept singing and saw her and her friends singing every word to every song. "I really hope I will see her after the concert" I thought.

~Ruby's POV~

The concert was finally over, and we waited to be the last ones to leave in case we saw them. We got up to leave, and we heard, "SUMMER! MADISON! VERONICA! RUBY! KRISTINA!" We turned around and saw the guys walking toward us. We smiled. "Liam! what are you guys doing here? You guys are going to get caught." "We don’t care." They all said in unison, shaking their heads. We smiled at the thought of how cute they are. Louis looked over to Kristina and asked, "Hey do you guys wanna hang out tonight?" "Sure!" We replied. The guys led us backstage and we all started muching away on all the foods and drinks there.

~Liam POV~

The concert got over and was a huge success. We looked out into the crowd, but no one was their except a group of girls. Niall asked,"wait isn’t that the girls we met earlier?" "Yeah!" I said and smiled because i was going to get to see Ruby again. We jumped off the stage and yelled their names, "SUMMER! MADISON! VERONICA!RUBY! KRISTINA! WAIT!" They turned around, giggled, and smiled. Louis asked, "Do you guys wanna hang tonight. "Sure" They said. We walked together backstage and got food and drinks. We sat on the couch for hours talking about everything an anything.


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