Cat, Wolf, Bird, Bat and Mermaid.

Can you imagine standing on a roof looking over the city? Can you imagine being able to jump from roof top to roof top? Can you imagine being able to growl like a cat, howl like a wolf, sing like a bird, bite like a bat and swim like the mermaids of the sea you see in fairytales or on the tv as H2O? Well I can or more like that's what I do.


16. Talia

Cats pov.

The house was big and black, like I said before. I suddenly heard footsteps coming, and a lot of them. Came from every side. It was quit funny to look at. There were all sort of people. Small, tall, skinny, not so skinny, but there were no fat people. But that was actually quite normal for werewolf's. Werewolf's can't get fat, the only way they can, is if they eat 2 tons of food everyday. And a human body can't eat that much. When a girl turn into a werewolf for the first time, she will become more beautiful, like her curves is more visible and gain of losses weight if she has to much or not enough. It's like everything about the girls look changes and she becomes a angel. Well a good angel. I will tell you about angels later. When a boy turns into a werewolf, it's easier for them to get muscles and their body turn into something very girls want. That why they are so popular and every girl fall for them, well almost every girl.
Well let's not talk about that. The people were looking at me like I was something they never had seen before, but that is true, they have never seen me before or my wolf. But it was more like they looked at my in some kind of horror. Then suddenly they all bowed. For me. Like I was some sort of king. I looked at Oliver and realized that he was also bowing. "Oliver I need some clothes" I mind linked him. Then about 2 minutes after a little girl came over to me. With a little bag of clothing. I looked at her and felt somebody tens. I looked in the direction and saw a woman that looked just like the girl, I guess that's her mom. And she was scared that I would hurt her. I could see the girl was shaking a little. She came up right in front of me. I stepped closer to her and felt more people tens. I laid my head on her shoulder and felt her shake even more. She smelt of autumn leaves. I moved my head of her shoulder and looked her in the eyes. She had hazel colored eyes. She looked so scared. Then I liked her chin and blinked with my eyes while I waged my tail. She looked at me and smiled. I could feel people around be breathing again. I told her to follow me. And she followed me. I could still feel the moms eyes on me. I shifted and the girl gave me the clothes. It was some of Oliver's clothes. Except for the underwear. I quickly put on the clothing and went hand in hand with the little girl out to the people again, or pack as some people call it. 
When everybody saw me holding her hand, they relaxed. "Hey everyone, my name is Catherine, but you can call me cat" I said smiling. "Or Luna" it came from Oliver. I glared at him and felt him whimper under my look. That is what you call a alpha look, like you can have a alpha voice. I have bout, even tough I'm not a alpha. 
I felt eyes on me, telling me to stop doing what I'm doing. I stop glaring at him and went over to him. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. Our first kiss, actually second kiss. Our first one was a long time ago, around the time i were 14 years old

"I'm going over to Oliver's" I yelled while walking out the door. It was summer holiday. It was so warm, so I only had a pair of shorts on and a crop top. Oliver's house was right next to mine and I was a part of the family so I just walked in."where is Oliver?" I asked Oliver's mom who were standing in the kitchen. "His upstairs in his room" she answered smiling. My mom and his mom always thought that we will fall in love. But of course I didn't believe that. His was just a friend. I walked up the stairs and over to Oliver's door. I opened the door only to see Oliver naked. "Hey Oliver, nice view" I said smiling and walked over to his bed. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Oliver quickly took a towel around his waist. I giggled and sat down on the bed and took out my phone. The day went away fast and me and Oliver just talked and all those things. But suddenly the light went out. I didn't scream. But I felt shivers go down my spine, not good shivers, it was bad shivers. I had never been good with darkness. Oliver went over to me and hugged me. That was the time I realized I was shaking. Then suddenly I felt Oliver's lips against mine. It felt so good. That was our first, and I thought it was our last. But I guess our moms was right.
End of flashback.

It was a good and bad memory. I remember afterwords, we didn't talk to each other for weeks. Until our moms got us to talk again. And we kinda forgot the whole "accident".

I let go of Oliver and went over to the little girl. "So what's your name" I asked in a sweet tone. "My name is Zia, I'm 10 years old." She said smiling with the cutes smile ever. "Well Zia, I think it's a good idea you go over to your mom" I said and pointed at her mom. "Okay" she said smiling, but I could see some hurt in her eyes. "We can play later on, okay?" I said/asked. Her smile got even bigger and she nodded exited. I smiled to her and giggled a little.
"So everybody, as you can see, she has control of me so.. Yeah" Oliver said and blushed a little. Everybody began laughing , while I giggled. "Catie!" Somebody yelled while running towards me. I know that voice, and only one person call me Catie. "Lia!" I yelled and ran towards her. We crashed into each other and landed on the ground. Me under Lia. "Omg I missed you!" She said. "I missed you too!" I kinda yelled in her head. She stood up and put out her hand. I took it and pulled her down to the ground and stood up. "That's for your plan, bitch" I said and smiled with a devilish smile. Lia looked at me and stood up. "You figured me out as always." She said. I looked in Oliver's direction and saw him look at me with wide eyes. " what's wrong baby?" I asked. " so Talia is Lia?" He asked. "Yes, my best friend before you" I said smiling.    



hey everypony, so I just realized that I have written 8,700 words, and my recorded is 8,553. So that means I just made a new record! Yay!

well merry Christmas everypony!

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