Cat, Wolf, Bird, Bat and Mermaid.

Can you imagine standing on a roof looking over the city? Can you imagine being able to jump from roof top to roof top? Can you imagine being able to growl like a cat, howl like a wolf, sing like a bird, bite like a bat and swim like the mermaids of the sea you see in fairytales or on the tv as H2O? Well I can or more like that's what I do.


9. So let's begin

Cats pov

My head snapped at the door and there she was, Amy. That was the first time i saw her. 

When did she get in here I asked myself. I didn't even hear her open the door. "Hey cat, how are you feeling?" She asked. Her voice was high and I kinda hurt my ears. 'I need to tell you something, could you ask your friend to go outside or something' she asked me, though my mind. "Hey Oliver, could you please get my stuff?" I asked Oliver. Oliver looked confused but nodded and went out the door and shut it.  "Okay, so..?" I said, more like asked. "Well, I'm gonna tell you what is happening to you, it is called a transformation, and what you a transforming to, is a pure blood, that is what we are called, we are one of the rarest creatures in the world. We change when we have our 18 birthday, it takes about 10-20 days, but you, change in 1 night, that is fast, really fast" her voice was echoing in my head, I'm a creature! "So you are saying that I'm turning into a cat?" I asked her. "Yes, but not just a cat, you are changing into a bird, wolf and a mermaid, you can mostly turn into a wolf, but you can get a cat tail and ears, and wings from the bird and the mermaid, yeah you just turn into a mermaid." "Okay, so I'm a mermaid and a wolf, with the ability to have cat ears, tail and wings?" "Yes, and because of the bird, you can sing like never before, you can be one of the best singers in the world, but the thing is that if you sing a high pitch, you can hurt people pretty bad. So meet me at the beach tonight, so I can train you to control your powers" and that was the last thing she said before disappearing out the door. I was just sitting there looking at the door. Everything she said was going round in my head. The rest of the day went by quickly. I went out the window when it was half past 9. The beach was about 20 min walk from were I live, so I tried something. I tried to get my cat ears to appear, and guess what, they appeared. And I began running, and I ran really fast. And I was at the beach 5 min after. I let my cat ears and tail disappear. I looked around, but Amy wasn't there. I saw a stone and sat down. My hair was in a ponytail, but I took out the hairband so my hair was flowing out in the air. I loved the breeze, it was so refreshing. Suddenly somebody tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and there was Amy. She had a big smile on her face. "So let's begin" she said and walked over to the water, I followed her like a little puppy, because I was kind of exited. I had always wished for magical power, but never really thought it would come true, but it did.

so this was the next chapter, I'm actually exited myself for the next chapter, and what do you think will happen between Cat and Oliver?

will Oliver find he's mate or soulmate?

well we will find out soon!!

love y'all! <3

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