Cat, Wolf, Bird, Bat and Mermaid.

Can you imagine standing on a roof looking over the city? Can you imagine being able to jump from roof top to roof top? Can you imagine being able to growl like a cat, howl like a wolf, sing like a bird, bite like a bat and swim like the mermaids of the sea you see in fairytales or on the tv as H2O? Well I can or more like that's what I do.


13. Mom,I have to tell you something

Cats pov.

I woke up with the biggest headache ever. I went to the toilet to get a pill. Since I don't have school, I just relax until I get a answer for my job request thing. I went to bed and fell asleep again. I woke up, like 6 in the evening felling sick. I was freezing and sweating at the same time. I could feel the water I drank earlier coming up my throat, I ran out to the toilet and threw up. My brother, David, came running and held my hair so I wouldn't get it I my hair. Then I began throwing up blood, but not my own blood. The blood from the bunny I ate yesterday. I could hear my brother call my mom and dad. He's voice was full of worries. My mom and dad came and my mom began to scream. I finally stopped throwing up. "Blood, we need an ambulance" my mom yelled, she ran but stopped at the door when I called her. "Mom, no we don't, I need to tell you something" I said looking at my mom and then my dad. I walked over to my bed and sat down. My mom, dad and brother looked at me with concerned look. " need to tell you something and you might not like me after I tell you"' I said. "I'm not just a human, I'm a wolf too" my mom looked surprised. "That can't be true, you should be a vampire not a wolf" my dad said. "I vampire, what are you talking about." I asked. "Mom is a vampire, you should be a vampire too" David said. "I'm one" he opened he's mouth and I could see the fangs. "I'm a wolf, a cat, a bird and a mermaid." I said. My mom looked at me shocked. "Your a pure blood?!?!" She asked surprised. "You know what it is? I asked surprised. "Yes the rare creatures in the world, and there live only 3-4 of them every 1000 years." "That's me" I said smiling. "You wanna see what I can do" I asked them, they looked at each other and smiled and nodded. 

David's pov.
 "You wanna see what I can do" she asked. I looked at my mom and smiled, I could see in her eyes that she was proud. We nodded and looked at her. Her eyes turned yellow and ears grew in her head. Then suddenly something was moving behind her, and I realized that it was a tail. She had cat ears and tail. Then they disappeared and a per of white wings appeared on her back. They disappeared and she sat down on the bed and her mermaid tail appeared. She looked so stunning. Her hair that normally was straight, was curly and rich. Then the hair and tail disappeared and she went down on four. Fur began growing on her. Her arms grew and her legs shortened a little. A tail appeared and her face chanced. When she was done, she looked at us. Her black fur shining red, her ice blue eyes piecing right through me, like she could read me. She chanced back. "That's what I can do, but now I need to sleep and get over this sickness" she said and we went out the door. 
"I can't believe I have such an amazing sister" I said/yelled exited.  



hey Everpony.

so I'm sorry if I said something that hurt people in my last a/n


well anyway not to sound cold but do you like my new chapter? 

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