Cat, Wolf, Bird, Bat and Mermaid.

Can you imagine standing on a roof looking over the city? Can you imagine being able to jump from roof top to roof top? Can you imagine being able to growl like a cat, howl like a wolf, sing like a bird, bite like a bat and swim like the mermaids of the sea you see in fairytales or on the tv as H2O? Well I can or more like that's what I do.


19. Lake

Cats pov.

"Cat?" A shaking voice said, I knew it was Oliver. "What!" I snapped at him, with tears running down my cheeks. "I'm sorry, I forgot" he said in a whispering voice. I turned around and looked at him. "How!? How could you forget, you know what happened that time and I hate everything that has to do with it and that makes me remember it." I yelled at him. But not with the alpha tone, god I'm glad I didn't, because I would hate myself for using that tone when it's the alpha I'm talking to. And if it's Oliver. 
The tears was now streaming down my cheeks, and I felt my knees give up under me. I fell down on my knees and felt a sharp pain go trough my head, almost the same as the one I had when I was transforming. I took my hands up to my head and screamed. 
I stopped screaming and heard a lot of people around me. "Oliver, please take me down to the lake" I said in a whisper. I was sure he heard it even though there was so much noise. I felt a strong per of arms around me and felt my body being lifted up. 
After 10-15 minutes where we at the lake. But Oliver didn't stop at the edge of the water, he went all the way into the water, with me in his arms. The water was going to about my shoulder and that meant that we were almost at the middle of the lake. "Stop here" I said. Oliver stopped and I buried my head in his shoulder and cried out. I could hear my voice echoing in the woods. The memories were coming back. I felt the pain of them. My back and my stomach began to hurt. Every memory I had locked up came back, I felt my body getting colder and colder. But suddenly I felt something on my forehead, something soft and my whole body went from cold to warm and I felt safe. I opened my eyes and meet Oliver beautiful green eyes. I stretched my neck and kissed Oliver on the lips. Sparks was flying everywhere. Oliver let go of my legs and I wrapped them around his waist. I don't know how long we kissed, it felt like forever, but I wanted it to last even longer. But you know, humans have to breath. That is the last I remember.
The next morning I woke up in my bed with Oliver right next to me. The sun was shining trough the window, and I could hear the birds singing. What a lovely morning I though for myself. "morning babe" Oliver said in his low morning voice. "Morning baby" I said and turned around so I was face to face with Oliver. " you feeling any better? You feel asleep in my arms yesterday in the lake, so I'm afraid you might have caught a cold" Oliver said looking at me with a concerned look. "I'm fine, except.. I'm hungry" I said and said the hungry part out loud. "Okay okay, I will get you some food" Oliver said and smiled at me while walking out the door. Then he came back after 5 seconds. "You forgot something" I asked with a big smirk on my face. I knew what it was. "Yeah.." Oliver answered and took a pair of pants. "My pants" he said and walked out the door. I laugh out loud and I could hear him shout at me to stop laughing, but that just made me laugh more.
Oliver came with the breakfast and we ate it while talking about what to do today. But then suddenly Oliver stopped eating and just looked concerned. "Babe, there are rouges on our property" Oliver said and looked me in the eyes.   



hey everypony.

im so sorry I haven't updated in a while, just finished my exam thing, so I didn't really have time. But I'm back and I will properly write some more!

love ya all

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