Cat, Wolf, Bird, Bat and Mermaid.

Can you imagine standing on a roof looking over the city? Can you imagine being able to jump from roof top to roof top? Can you imagine being able to growl like a cat, howl like a wolf, sing like a bird, bite like a bat and swim like the mermaids of the sea you see in fairytales or on the tv as H2O? Well I can or more like that's what I do.


22. Him

Cats pov

I still remember that day. That day HE gave me scars. A visible scar and a scar deep in my heart. My visible scar is a tree claw scar that starts just over my belly button, goes in my side and all the way to my back. It's a beautiful scar but has a some powerful memories behind it. I don't really remember everything, only some flashes. But I know what he did to me, I know that he was going to kill me and I know that he is a vampire.    

A/N I know this was really short, but I'm kinda focusing on my new Movella Sally, so it will take me longer to update, but I will try to, sorry guys.

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