Cat, Wolf, Bird, Bat and Mermaid.

Can you imagine standing on a roof looking over the city? Can you imagine being able to jump from roof top to roof top? Can you imagine being able to growl like a cat, howl like a wolf, sing like a bird, bite like a bat and swim like the mermaids of the sea you see in fairytales or on the tv as H2O? Well I can or more like that's what I do.


18. Amy!

Cats pov.

Taila and I was best friends a long time ago. But then she had to move, so we only saw each other like ones a year and then we lost contact. 

"Well, what now?" I asked Oliver. "Ehm..... Let's go inside and tell everyone who you are." Oliver answered. "Well then, let's go inside" I said smiling and followed Oliver inside to a big hall. I did tell you this house was big, right? Well it's more than big. It's enormous. Almost everyone followed us inside. Some stayed outside to make sure no one trespasses. Like rouges, or other creatures. "So this is cat, as she said before. She is a black wolf as you all saw." Oliver said. "Wait a minute, What so special about black wolfs?" I asked. Everybody looked at me surprised. "You don't know?" Talia asked. "Don't know what?" I asked, I was getting curious. "That black wolf are extinct, and they are legendary" Oliver said. "Well I know about the legendary part, but not that they were extinct" I answered a little shocked. Then my phone rang. "Two seconds" I said and took it. "Hey cat, how are you" Amy's pithy voice said. "Amy you bastard, why didn't you tell me that the black wolf was extinct?" I asked in my alpha tone. I could hear her whimper. My alpha tone was better than hers, much better. "Well I don't know" she answered in a little voice. "Where are you right now!" I asked her with a little bit of alpha tone. "I'm walking in the woods" she answered. "Okay?" I answered. Amy said bye and ended the call. 
"Alpha  there is a trespasser on our territory" I voice said. I have heard that voice before. But I couldn't remember it. "Okay, I'll come" Oliver said. Wait a minute, Oliver's the alpha, since when? "Oliver, is there something you forgot to tell me?" I asked with a irritated tone. "Hmm.. No" he answered and looked at me in a weird way. "For god sake Oliver, you didn't tell me YOU where the alpha" I said in a stern tone. "Sorry babe" he said and looked down. "Doesn't mater anymore, let's get going". We went out the house and behind some trees to take of our clothes, I didn't take mine off, coz I can shift without breaking clothes. I shifted into my wolf and found the sent fast. "I know that sent" I said to myself. I ran at almost full speed and saw another black wolf surrounded my some of the pack wolf. Amy. It was Amy. "Wait"I said trough mind link to the pack members. They looked at me weirdly. Yeah I can mind link them even though I'm not in the pack. I can mind link everybody, even humans. 
They stepped back. I walked forward and saw Amy's eyes lid up a little. "Amy, you go shift, now" I mind linked her. She went behind a tree and came out as human. I shifted in front of everybody. I had clothes on. "What the hell, what are you doing here!" I asked her. "I missed you!" She said and ran over to me and hugged me. We haven't seen each other in some time and she is a quite sweet girl. We where like best friends forever, so when we where away from each other, it was like being away from you loved one.
Amy still hadn't found her soulmate or mate. So she don't really have anyone to love. Her parents left her when she was 10 years old. So that's why I feel like I'm loved by her. 
"You could have told me that you were coming, so they wouldn't scare you" I said. She looked at me with puppy eyes. Even though she seems like a badass, she is like a kid at 11 years, sometimes.
We went to the pack house. The moment we stepped inside the house I felt save for some reason, like it was my home. It was a weird feeling so i stroke it of. We went into the big hall and about five minutes after, Oliver came in with a lot of other people. Suddenly I felt to persons tens, I think I have some kinda power to feel peoples feeling but I'm not sure. I looked around in the room and spotted jack or jake I don't remember he's name, but the popular guy, so his a werewolf I didn't know, well I don't really know anything. Then I looked after the other person, and to my surprise it was Amy. Wait what might mean that they a mates or soulmate, I would guess soulmate since they haven't touched and they can feel each other in a distance. I moved a little so Amy could run into jack/jakes arms. You could see the love in their eyes, it was so cute. I looked in Oliver's direction, he was talking to some girl, and of course could I feel my wolfs jealousy. "Oliver you better not get to close to that girl, my wolf is really jealous" I mind linked him. He looked in my direction and smirked, he stepped closer and I could feel my wolf feelings break, even though his not that close, I could feel the strong bond and it was hurting my wolf so much. I felt tears in my eyes and my vision went a little blurry. I could see Oliver's eyes turn from playful to concern. I ran out of the door and felt my wolf cry inside me. I should be crying to but it doesn't really concern me that he is talking to a girl, it's just my wolf is really over protective. "For god sake Cat, his not cheating on you, just talking to a girl" I said to my wolf, she answered with a little growl. Oh I should properly tell you that my wolfs name is Cat. Funny right? It's the same with Amy, her wolfs name is Amy. It's like we are the same person and actually we are. Our wolf is like ourselves, like our inner self. So if I was my inner self right now, I would be crying, but I have learned myself that I don't have to listen to my feelings all the time. 
But any-other person who has a wolf, their wolf would be like another person inside of them. My wolf has it's own way of thinking, and saying but if I were my true self I wouldn't have a 'wolf' inside me, I would have myself inside me. But everybody is different from their true and inner selves.


im so sorry guys, that it took so long time to update, I just had a really long weekend. Friday was properly the worst day of my life, I went to school for 7 hours, then home filming a film project for school in 3 hours, then 5 hours of swimming and getting diving stuff and then home and relax, so that was a long day. And I had a sleepover Saturday, so I'm tired.

goodnight everybody! Sleep well!!

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