"A Walk in the Park" ?

¤¤ Amber is somewhat of an all-around gamer. She uses every spare time to explore the world of games, whether it be a shooting-, racing- or horrorgame. As we all know, it can be hard to be a teenager, and one day it just becomes enough for Amber, that runs away from home. Taking a bus, she finds herself stranded in front of the forest, surrounding grandma’s house. The light of day is running out, and the darkness is taking over. With the challenge of finding Grandma’s house, from nothing but memory and a good pair of eyes, she let herself get swallowed up by the tall, scary trees. Amber quickly finds, that one precise memory, is what can save her sanity, as a certain horrorgame, starts playing before her eyes. ¤¤ (Mit bud til en uhyggelig historie til Halloween konkurrencen. Jeg har valgt mulighed 2, og billed nr 2. # Historien vil fortsætte, også selv hvis den ikke når at blive færdig før konkurrencen udløber. # Historien har tætte relationer til horror spillet Slender.)


5. RUN

You know the feeling where you’re sure time passes unusually quickly? I kinda had the opposite feeling right now. Mostly, I could wander whether time was even moving.


I had passed the chock, but still the uneasy feeling was hard to shake off. Which lead me to try to think of everything else possible.

Like… My friends and what they were doing.

My Parents. Were they looking for me? Perhaps they had called the police? That would be fun. And kinda securing. They might even contact grandma, or look for mere here?

At the thought, my eyes left the dark ground, searching around me jet another time. Chills.

Please mummy… find me?


I know it was wishful thinking, equal to the ones I had made when I was a child. The difference was, that then, mommy would actually come.

No, Amber! You have to get yourself together!


Somehow I had gotten used to the single outstanding sound, coming from my steps. What killed my calmness, was that constantly feeling of not getting anywhere, and time not passing.

Everything looked the same, making me questioning whether I somehow was walking in circles. Something that really wound be bad, because that would mean I was lost…

But… I couldn’t be lost?! Could I!?


Me panicking was obvious as I once again was unable to control my breathing, and found myself searching for something out of place. Something recognizable. I didn’t want to be lost. If I was lost… how was I gonna get home and say that I was sorry?!

The child within me wanted to cry. The grown woman, tried to come up with a solution, making me more confused than clear on what to do. It hit me, that I could just go back the way I had come, but then… What way did I come from?... That way? Or… Was it that way??

Why did it all look the same?!


I started to run. Desperately searching for something I knew, or at least something that was simply not trees. But it was all that passed me in the darkness. Trees. One after another, did they pop out of the darkness in front of me. Why? WHY forest!

I felt hopelessness, as I in my thoughts damned the forest to hell. Somehow in my anger, I felt like chopping down every single tree. Yet I knew also that was hopeless… It was all Hopel…


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