"A Walk in the Park" ?

¤¤ Amber is somewhat of an all-around gamer. She uses every spare time to explore the world of games, whether it be a shooting-, racing- or horrorgame. As we all know, it can be hard to be a teenager, and one day it just becomes enough for Amber, that runs away from home. Taking a bus, she finds herself stranded in front of the forest, surrounding grandma’s house. The light of day is running out, and the darkness is taking over. With the challenge of finding Grandma’s house, from nothing but memory and a good pair of eyes, she let herself get swallowed up by the tall, scary trees. Amber quickly finds, that one precise memory, is what can save her sanity, as a certain horrorgame, starts playing before her eyes. ¤¤ (Mit bud til en uhyggelig historie til Halloween konkurrencen. Jeg har valgt mulighed 2, og billed nr 2. # Historien vil fortsætte, også selv hvis den ikke når at blive færdig før konkurrencen udløber. # Historien har tætte relationer til horror spillet Slender.)


3. On the way to granny’s house!

My steps in the forest were deafening, as everything else somehow had decided to be unusually quiet. I could hear them loudly, along with my heavy breathing, that exposed my insecurity towards the trees and the darkness surrounding me.


I never really understood why grandma hadn’t a road going down to the house. Perhaps because she wasn’t one to drive herself? That would explain it. Yet, why did it have to be this hard anyhow to find that stupid house?! At least this less of an anger management problem, helped me forget the outstanding quietness of my surroundings, and another plus was the warmth that my body somehow still managed to produce.

I so regretted this already. Me and my big mouth, and stupid lack of control. If just mommy would come pick me up. Or show me that god damn way!?... Wait?! My phone!


I got all exited, at the point I could jump, as I reached for my phone…

No… Please no…

“No incoming signal”. Why thank you so much stupid forest that was in the middle of nowhere!



In another, lesser of a outburst of anger, I had managed to turn on the spot, with the outmost lust to just smack that useless phone into the leafed ground. But I had stopped this action, as something caught my eye.

Something white?  … Maybe it was someone?!... A monster?

NO AMBER! Monsters don’t exist woman! Its probably… just someone taking a walk? But… did there live anyone else than grandma out here?


Curious I walked closer, just to learn that the white, whatever it was, didn’t move. Weird.

Even closer up, I realized that it was hanging on one of the dark trees. A piece of paper? Who in gods creasiest name had put a piece of paper there!?

Wait… there was something on it? Something that looked like a childs scribbles of a… tree.

No… several trees.

The letters, that I even before reading knew what said, was also on there… Leaving me walking a few steps back, chooked, with even further chills down the back…

Its was a joke… right??? A joke!?

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