"A Walk in the Park" ?

¤¤ Amber is somewhat of an all-around gamer. She uses every spare time to explore the world of games, whether it be a shooting-, racing- or horrorgame. As we all know, it can be hard to be a teenager, and one day it just becomes enough for Amber, that runs away from home. Taking a bus, she finds herself stranded in front of the forest, surrounding grandma’s house. The light of day is running out, and the darkness is taking over. With the challenge of finding Grandma’s house, from nothing but memory and a good pair of eyes, she let herself get swallowed up by the tall, scary trees. Amber quickly finds, that one precise memory, is what can save her sanity, as a certain horrorgame, starts playing before her eyes. ¤¤ (Mit bud til en uhyggelig historie til Halloween konkurrencen. Jeg har valgt mulighed 2, og billed nr 2. # Historien vil fortsætte, også selv hvis den ikke når at blive færdig før konkurrencen udløber. # Historien har tætte relationer til horror spillet Slender.)


2. Just get going Gurl!

My father’s words, from 10 years ago, kept going through my mind. Nothing to fear. Monsters don’t exist. He was right then, and is too now, Amber! Daddy was always right, so… why would he be lying then?


Yet the darkness that surrounded me, scared me like hell. It didn’t help that I was placed in the middle of nowhere, wearing this little amount of clothes.

Amber, just why was it been so fucking important to look sexy?! When you could have been wearing a tight warm sweater right now.

Goosebumps? Again!? Stupid ice cold wind that had to wrap itself around me. Really didn’t help on me feeling scared at all.


Well, nothing else to do than to get going… right? Yet… going into the dark forest seemed a little stupid.

I really shouldn’t have run away from home at this time of day. The forest surrounding grandma’s house had always looked so frightening. And it also did so now.

There there Amber! Remember! Its just a stupid forest. Nothing can harm you here. No monsters even, cause daddy did say they didn’t exist!


Please don’t let them exist.

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