"A Walk in the Park" ?

¤¤ Amber is somewhat of an all-around gamer. She uses every spare time to explore the world of games, whether it be a shooting-, racing- or horrorgame. As we all know, it can be hard to be a teenager, and one day it just becomes enough for Amber, that runs away from home. Taking a bus, she finds herself stranded in front of the forest, surrounding grandma’s house. The light of day is running out, and the darkness is taking over. With the challenge of finding Grandma’s house, from nothing but memory and a good pair of eyes, she let herself get swallowed up by the tall, scary trees. Amber quickly finds, that one precise memory, is what can save her sanity, as a certain horrorgame, starts playing before her eyes. ¤¤ (Mit bud til en uhyggelig historie til Halloween konkurrencen. Jeg har valgt mulighed 2, og billed nr 2. # Historien vil fortsætte, også selv hvis den ikke når at blive færdig før konkurrencen udløber. # Historien har tætte relationer til horror spillet Slender.)


4. It’s just a game!

I tried to laugh as I turned, searching through the trees that surrounded me for the pranker. I mean. This was obviously a prank. Probably my brother that somehow had known where I’d go and then had done this. What else could it be?

My laugh was uneasy thought, reflecting the true reaction from the… the prank…

I just couldn’t lose face when that idiot jumped out from his hiding spot and laughed at me.

Something that would happen any minute now.


Any minute…


The silence in the forest was total, making me almost panic. Just show yourself idiot! Why… Why didn’t he jump out to taunt me?!... Brother?

Somehow I could finally move. The fear that further and further took hold in my soul, was shown on my face, and in my slow, shaking movement. It wasn’t funny anymore…


My shaking, screaming voice, broke in the words. Nothing reacted to my words. The forest was as quiet as before.

Slowely, I turned another time, facing the paper again.


Funny, how I could just feel myself going insane.

Just looking at it… The chills down my body… The lust to just run…

Yet somehow I stayed put. Why?! Why was it here!

Just like the stupid game… Just like…


God! Why did I ever play those stupid games!?


Amber! Get your act together!

– Why should I?

It’s just a prank or something! It’s not real!

– Yearh… Its not real… Cause... Monsters doesn’t exist…

Precisely Amber! Monsters doesn’t exist…!


I woke myself from fears tight grib, shaking my head, and clearing my thoughts.

Confidence came back, as I somehow managed to tow reality near, and drop whatever unrealistic thoughts, that playing THAT game, ever placed in my head. I just had to remember.

Monsters doesn’t exist.


And this paper? Nice try, whoever wanted to scare her, but no!

I felt confidence as I raised one of my slim hands, and grabbed the paper, ripping it of the tree, just to stuff the paper in one of my pockets in the jacket. There! See?! Nothing happened…

No need to feel scared Amber… no need at all…

No need…

Just one step… then the next step…

And somehow I got myself walking again, the way I was sure was towards grandma’s house.


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