"A Walk in the Park" ?

¤¤ Amber is somewhat of an all-around gamer. She uses every spare time to explore the world of games, whether it be a shooting-, racing- or horrorgame. As we all know, it can be hard to be a teenager, and one day it just becomes enough for Amber, that runs away from home. Taking a bus, she finds herself stranded in front of the forest, surrounding grandma’s house. The light of day is running out, and the darkness is taking over. With the challenge of finding Grandma’s house, from nothing but memory and a good pair of eyes, she let herself get swallowed up by the tall, scary trees. Amber quickly finds, that one precise memory, is what can save her sanity, as a certain horrorgame, starts playing before her eyes. ¤¤ (Mit bud til en uhyggelig historie til Halloween konkurrencen. Jeg har valgt mulighed 2, og billed nr 2. # Historien vil fortsætte, også selv hvis den ikke når at blive færdig før konkurrencen udløber. # Historien har tætte relationer til horror spillet Slender.)


6. Are you still playing the game?

I fell hard to the ground with an uff-sound, left empty of thoughts for a second. Even though my knees and elbows hurt, it was kinda nice just laying here. Hiding away from the forest around me.


But hiding away won’t get you out of here Amber… You do know that right?

- Yearh… I know…

So? you should get up and find Grandmas house!


I knew I was right. I had to do something. Laying here would get me to Grandma’s. Lost or not, I had to keep moving. It was just a forest right? It had to end somewhere, if not at Grandma’s house. Yah… So no need to panic Amber… no need to run.


I got halfway op, sitting there and wiping the tears away with the sleeve of my jacket. Having conquered another fear, I felt a little better. It was all about staying calm, and sane. At least it was what I had learned from this little trip so far.

With a deep breath, I got all the way up on my feet, brushing the loose dirt of my clothes. With another deep breath, I looked ahead, assuming I would see nothing other than what I had seen the last many minutes. But… It wasn’t trees I skimmed ahead. It was… A building?


It couldn’t be?

I stumble closer, only to get confirmation that it indeed was a building. It wasn’t granny’s house; I could see that even from this distance, but still… a building!

My stumbling turned into steady steps, as I walked closer, exited to finally find someone that could get me on the right course.

Please be home… Please…


As I had closed the gap between the building and me, I started out, sure that it was a home. But wow, did I get disappointed. It was more than a shack than anything else. It had a door and a window, both darker than the bluish paint in the slick walls. Withing a second, the hope I had felt, left me. There was no one here, for sure. But… it could be there was a phone with fast line inside?

Inside a shack Amber? Really??

It would be stupid not to hope!

So I walked even closer, focusing on the window at first, trying to look inside. Darkness. It was impossible to distinguish anything in the darkness behind the dirty window, which made me move to the door.

Should I open it? What if there was something like a animal inside? A monster?

NO! Amber!

My shaking slim hand, grabed the handle, and with a pounding heart, I found myself pulling down the handle, and opening the door… Or… not…

It wouldn’t budge, even when I used all my weight. Nope. Dammit!


Giving up, I turn sighing, leaning against the wall and hugging myself. Why… Why wouldn’t someone just find me??

I opened my closed eyes, and suddenly realized the wrecked old car in front of me. I hadn’t seen it for the house… Shack… that had been much more interesting at the time.

Though… It wasn’t really the car itself my eyes found staring at in the darkness… No…

It was the paper, stuck to it.

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