Wolf blood(different than the series)

Maddy a 15 year old girl went to high school with her friend Shannon and Tom.she has been keeping her secret from her friends for years.she soon finds out that a new boy Rhydian a 16 year old has the same secret as Maddy.they are both wolf bloods.what are wolf bloods?you might be asking.wolf bloods are humans who have the ability to transform into a wolf.but they only turn into a wolf blood when the full moon is out or when they ante stressed.there are wild wolf bloods.wild wolf bloods who do not hide themselves away and kill people who find out their secret.wild wolf bloods think that mixing with people makes them weak.rhydian is in foster care but maddy isn't in foster care.


1. Leave?or stay?

read my other book "wolf blood"this is not a sequel for that book.this book is different than the series.the other book"wolfblood" is like the series.

Maddy's POV

I entered school with Tom and Shannon and then i smelled another wolf blood.I followed the scent and lost it when a bunch of people got in my way.I sighed and went to history with Tom and Shannon.

Our teacher Mr.Jeffries introduced us to the new kid"Rhydian".He sat down next  to me and i smelled the scent again.it led to Rhydian!who was sitting next to me!."i know your secret"i whispered to him."what do you mean?"rhydian whispered."i know your a wolf blood"i whispered back."how do you know?"he whispered."because I'm one"i whispered."oh then nice to meet you...."rhydian said but didn't know my name."maddy"i said."nice to meet you maddy"rhydian said.

At lunch***

i grabbed the meat and bacon and rhydian did too.i smiled.i was going to a table but then rhydian grabbed my hand which made me tingle inside and brought me to the woods that were close to the school.we layed down on the tree one we got tired and started eating."so what have you been doing all your life?"rhydian asked me."I've been keeping my wolf blood secret from my 2 bestfriend a for years"i said."I've been in foster care for 12 years"rhydian said."oh"i said shocked."my mom left me when i was 4 years old"rhydian said."that's sad I'm sorry to here that"i said."i always feel like I'm being watched"rhydian said.

2 weeks later***

Rhydian,Tom,Shannon,and i have becom good friends.rhydian has started playing soccer and he's really good.but i have a feeling that rhydian keeping something from me.i also found out....I'm in love with rhydian.

Rhydians POV

theres bad news.my mom found me in the woods and asked me to come back with her.i didn't know what to say so i said"ill think about it".i had to keep it from Maddy or else she would freak.i haven't seen my mom for 12 years now.and i have a brother who is 10 years old.i decided to leave with my mom.

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