Wolf blood(different than the series)

Maddy a 15 year old girl went to high school with her friend Shannon and Tom.she has been keeping her secret from her friends for years.she soon finds out that a new boy Rhydian a 16 year old has the same secret as Maddy.they are both wolf bloods.what are wolf bloods?you might be asking.wolf bloods are humans who have the ability to transform into a wolf.but they only turn into a wolf blood when the full moon is out or when they ante stressed.there are wild wolf bloods.wild wolf bloods who do not hide themselves away and kill people who find out their secret.wild wolf bloods think that mixing with people makes them weak.rhydian is in foster care but maddy isn't in foster care.


3. Jana

3 days later***

Maddys POV

it's been 3 days since rhydian has arrived and I'm happy.he lives in my house in the livingroom.it was morning so i went to go get my clothes that were outside and that's when I saw a girl with red hair about to steal my clothes.she had the wolf blood scent.she was a wolf blood!.i growled at her and she growled at me.i tackled her down and grabbed my school clothes."Maddy stop!"i turned around to see Rhydian."Jana?"Rhydian said.

"Rhydian?"Jana said.she hugged Rhydian."why are you here?"Rhydian said."my father kicked me out of the pack"Jana said and started crying.i ran inside grabbed my old school clothes and came outside."do you need these?"i asked Jana.she looked at the clothes.she nodded her head yes and took the clothes.she ran into the woods and disappeared.

i ran into my room changed into my school clothes and ran to school with Rhydian.i didn't like Jana but she looked like she needed help.i sat down next to Rhydian in history and then Jana came in.she was already signed up for this school.she sat down on the table next to me and Rhydian and i swear i saw her make a face like if she was jealous.after history i noticed that people were making fun of Jana for her hair.her hair had dirty stuff in it.and her face was dirty.i saw her about to wolf out and then i grabbed her and brought her into the girls locker room where they would take showers and changed.i told her how to take a shower and i let her take a shower and waited outside the locker room until she told me she was done changing.i got inside and grabbed a brush and untangled her hair."so who are you?"Jana asked me."I'm Rhydians friend"i said."who are you?"i said."Rhydians friend"Jana said."we'll he never mentioned you"Jana said."he never mentioned you"i said back."well i like him!"Jana said and then covered her mouth.it was silent after that. 

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