Wolf blood(different than the series)

Maddy a 15 year old girl went to high school with her friend Shannon and Tom.she has been keeping her secret from her friends for years.she soon finds out that a new boy Rhydian a 16 year old has the same secret as Maddy.they are both wolf bloods.what are wolf bloods?you might be asking.wolf bloods are humans who have the ability to transform into a wolf.but they only turn into a wolf blood when the full moon is out or when they ante stressed.there are wild wolf bloods.wild wolf bloods who do not hide themselves away and kill people who find out their secret.wild wolf bloods think that mixing with people makes them weak.rhydian is in foster care but maddy isn't in foster care.



Rhydians POV

i couldn't believe Jana is back.it was obvious she liked me because she would always try holding my hand or kissing me!.

Jana's POV

I like Rhydian and i want to go out with him but i have a feeling Maddy has feeling for him too and then shes going to ruin everything.after she finished untangling my hair we left the room.she said"it's time for lunch".she led me to this room full of people eating.she taught me what to do

in the lunch room.so i grabbed the meat and sat down on a table.thats when i saw Rhydian grab Maddy's hand and run outside.i finished my food quickly and quietly followed them.they stopped running and laid down next to a tree.thats when Rhydian grabbed her hand and smiled and then kissed her!.it lasted for a long time before they stopped kissing and ran back.i started crying.i knew she was getting in the way!.

I ran back to school and saw Rhydian talking with Maddy.i ran in the middle of them and started talking.

"So what are you guys talking about?"I asked."we are talking about my trip back at the pack"he said.

"Maddy can I talk to Rhydian,alone?"I asked. She nodded her head yes and walked away.

"Look,Rhydian,we are destined to be mates"I said.

"Jana I don't-"he was cut off bye.

"I know I know,you don't want to be with Maddy,so you can be with me"I said happily and kissed him on the cheek.

I walked to my class and continued school.


I know is a short chapter but I couldn't think of anything else.

Sorry and by the way I need parts in this story!so plz plz plz'comment!



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