Wolf blood(different than the series)

Maddy a 15 year old girl went to high school with her friend Shannon and Tom.she has been keeping her secret from her friends for years.she soon finds out that a new boy Rhydian a 16 year old has the same secret as Maddy.they are both wolf bloods.what are wolf bloods?you might be asking.wolf bloods are humans who have the ability to transform into a wolf.but they only turn into a wolf blood when the full moon is out or when they ante stressed.there are wild wolf bloods.wild wolf bloods who do not hide themselves away and kill people who find out their secret.wild wolf bloods think that mixing with people makes them weak.rhydian is in foster care but maddy isn't in foster care.


2. Alone

Rhydians POV

I ran to maddy and told her what happened and my decision.i decided to leave with my mam.I told her to meet me in the woods by the water.when i arrived there i told maddy she could come with me.i told my mam Ceri that i was leaving with her.she hugged me."i missed you"my mam said almost in tears.Maddy was crying.i hugged Maddy."ill miss you Rhydian"Maddy said.i looked at my mom who was already leaving.she wasnt looking at me so i kissed Maddy for the first time and left.

Maddys POV

i felt broken.alone.crushed.i walked back home in tears.the years were all over my face.i entered my house and mam looked at me shocked.i told her what happened except the kissing part."I'm sorry cub"mam said."mom I'm a wolf blood not a cub"i said reminding her.i walked upstairs and sat next to my window and opened it.i just stared out the window not eating anything at all.i would lay down on my bed at night but i didn't go to sleep.i just layed on my bed.

1 month later***

it's been 1 month and i have not eaten or dranked anything.on the full moon i would go in the den and just lay down on the bed in the den and just be a wolf.tonight it was the full moon so when it was11:59pm i walked into the den.once i transformed i layed on the bed and then i heard the den door open.i looked at the door and saw Rhydian!.he was in human form still.he transformed into a wolf.i howled and then everyone else did.

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