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Niall-every girl is hooked on him including Taylor. She has been bullying me for 5 years and my hatred for her in indescribable. Anyway yeah, Niall is every girls dreams. But NOT mine i hate him he's just another girl crazy jock that thinks he cant get every girl he wants. Well not me. I'm new and if he thinks he getting me he's Wrong! I have promised myself not to fall into his trap. Will she fall for Niall or will other things distract her? Will she fall for one of the other boys?


2. School


My Outfit for today:D


"Lily, you ready?" I called out from the lounge of the apartment. "Be right there!" She shouted back. "Your going to be late!" I shouted from the hallway making my way to her room. 



Lily's outfit for school. 


"You look beautiful." I kissed her long brown hair and let her run off to her school. I put my hair in a neat bun then grabbed the keys and headed for the door. SHOES! I had forgot to put my shoes on. I grabbed my pink sandals and placed them on my feet. I locked up the door and started walking to school. 


Once at school I got called to the Head teachers office. (I'm going to be calling him the head to make it easier btw:))  "Hello Miss Hembury." He started, "please take a seat." you jested to a brown leather seat next to me. I slumped down into the chair, as you could tell I don't really give a shit about school only in Music lessons I actually try as my mum said when i was little, "you have to voice of an angel baby." That's the only memory I have of her. "This is Liam. He will show you round school and answer any of your questions." a boy walked in and reached out his hand. I reached out mine as we shook hands. "If you care to wait outside Liam me and Scarlett need to talk."



"If you care to wait outside Liam me and Scarlett need to talk." Mr Thomas asked me. "Sure thing sir." I smiled walking out. I was so interested I just HAD to know what they were talking about. I made sure not to shut the door properly so i could listen to what they were saying. "Now Miss Hembury. I'm aware of you current state and we do completely understand if you can not make it to school on time. We also understand you need to pick up your sister from school now-" "I don't she has her own key and she will only be alone at home for 15 minutes when I get back from school so don't worry about us being on our own mate. I completely capable of looking after her just fine. Leave it yeah? Anyway, i got form and need to get there in time and stuff. If you need to talk then pull me outta a lesson or something just not 3rd period I got music." i heard her interrupt. Woah. She lived alone with her sister. Wow. I'm...I'm speechless. How did she get the money to move her/ Oh Go. She is going to be trouble. She better not get involved with Taylor or Niall or the other boys. Oh God I needdddd to save her from this school. She got up off the chair and walked closer to the door. I quickly picked up and book from beside me and started reading it. Well I wasn't properly reading it my eyes were actually focused on the door. It swung open as Scarlett strutted out. "Come on shit head show me to 12tw." She said as she pushed my head so I turned around. "Oh, and we don't permit cursing Miss Hembury." Mr Thomas the head shouted down to her. "Kay." She laughed back. "So who do I need to watch out for Li?" Li, I liked that. "No one really, well Niall and Taylor they are like the cheerleader and jock from like a school in like um america." I stammered back. "Hey, America isn't that bad." She laughed back. "Okay so here it is." I smiled stopping in front of a brown wooden door. "Cheers." She smiled kissing me on the cheek. 



I kissed his cheek to say thank you then walked in. I was lucky because they was still 20 minutes left of form before MATHS. Erghhhh! I hate that shit. Anyway I opened the door when a tidal wave of stares flashed my way. "Hi, 12tw?" I asked. "Yes, yes dear sit over there by Louis." The lady pointed. Louis and an other boy gave each other a high five. I walked towards him and he moved his bag from the seat. "Alrgiht?" I asked giving him a nod. "Yeah ta." He answered not really taking any notice of me. "Alright sexy." A voice behind me said. I turned to see a tattooed blonde hair boy. "Fuck off." I said and turned back round.  "Miss Hembury! I'm sure Mr Thomas has spoke to you but he may not of made clear that cursing is not allowed in this school." "Yeah, I'm not stupid Miss but I wouldn't off cursed if it wasn't for a certain person speaking to me. Now I'm not completely familiar with your rules here but here's one of mine. I will not follow rules if there is no need to follow them." I smiled at her then carried on with my work. "She's feisty Niall, just your type." Louis sniggered. "Shut up!" I shouted grabbing my bag and heading for the exit of the room. "Scarlett sit back in your seat now please." "No." I said stubbornly and walked out. As the door shut behind me I heard the class laugh as the teacher tried to calm them down. What a great start Scarlett. Well done on fucking up your school life. On and well done on pissing off every teacher you have seen so far. My mind went on and on until it was interrupted by the same tattooed boy walking out the class room. "I-" He started until I interrupted like he interrupted me. "Let me guess, school jock, player. The guy that gets all the girls. The guy that plays every girl like a fucking game of monopoly. The guy that thinks he's hard, doesn't give a shit about school." I stated waiting for him to nod his head in shame. "Let me guess smart little girl that has everything she wants. Thinks every guy would love to be with her but hates all guys." He shouted. "Wrong. My life is nothing like that and I don't need you trying to get me into your bed like all the other fucking girl sluts in this school." I shouted back. The classroom door swung open. "Miss Hembury that's quite enough. Now are you going to be good if I let you in here?" She asked talking to me like some fucking 6 years old. "Yes Miss." I said trying not to laugh at her stupidity. "And you Mr Horan?" She raised her eyebrows they nearly came off her head. I just laughed at her. "Miss Hembury!" She shouted. "Okay, Okay, I'm going in." I laughed walking into the class. I went with my bag and sat down next to Louis. "How was being alone with Niall?" He asked. "Shut up dumass." This time I just laughed it off. "Hello beautiful." Niall said walking in. "Leave me alone Niall." I said looking behind me to give him the middle finger. "Well that's very rude. Come to mine after school and I will punish you." He winked. "In your dreams." I laughed. For the rest of the lesson me and Louis just wound up Miss I got sent out 5 times and Louis only 3. 

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