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Niall-every girl is hooked on him including Taylor. She has been bullying me for 5 years and my hatred for her in indescribable. Anyway yeah, Niall is every girls dreams. But NOT mine i hate him he's just another girl crazy jock that thinks he cant get every girl he wants. Well not me. I'm new and if he thinks he getting me he's Wrong! I have promised myself not to fall into his trap. Will she fall for Niall or will other things distract her? Will she fall for one of the other boys?


28. Park and Starbucks


He complimented my outfit then drove off also complimenting the music I put on. 



"So a day at the park." I smiled at Harry. I think he blushed. "Not all day." He winked. I really liked that I could just be my self around Harry because we were both only friends. *ringring* *ringring* I picked up my phone and answered. "Hello." I spoke down the phone. "Hi, it's Valen." Valen spoke back. "Oh hi." I said as my voice became more cheery. "Yeah, hi. Um me and Liam are just about to take Tily to the cinema and then lunch then the park, swimming and finally tea, is she allergic to anything?" She asked me. "No." I laughed. "What?" Valen asked me, I could tell she was smiling from the way her voice sounded. "You and Liam eh." I laughed even more then Harry laughed at me. I winked at him as Valen said "I know...he's really hot." She whispered the last part and I laughed. "Okay, enjoy you're day." I said. "I will, bye." She answered then hung up. "I hope we have an exciting day." I smiled at Harry "Definitely." Harry answered getting out the car. I went to get open the door when it was open for me by Harry. "Well thank you kind sir." I said in my poshest accent ever. "You are very much welcome madame."  Harry answered also in a posh voice. I giggled as he walked to the park. I followed. He led me t the swings and then he sat down on the one behind me. "So, how is life at your house?" He asked. Why was he asking that? "Alright I guess it's been a struggle but we manage." I smiled. "Oh right." Harry said awkwardly looking down at the sand below our feet. "Why do you ask?" I say trying to look at his face. I was trying so much I fell off the swing right into the sand. Harry just laughed barley managing to say are you okay as he was laughing to much. "Don't help me up then."I joked sitting back onto the swing. Harry was still laughing holding his stomach. "It's not that funny." I pouted folding my arms like a stropy 6 year old. "I'm sorry, no it wasn't." Harry said calming down his laughter. "So you're managing?" Harry said his face became serious. "Yeah, I suppose." I answered giving him a slight smile. "How is it only managing?" He asked me. "No to good but it's better then not managing at all." I said shrugging my shoulders. I jumped off the swing and took Harry's hand then pulled him onto his feet. "Come on." I laughed running away pulling him along behind me. He soon caught up to me and we ran. We reached some monkey bars and I started climbing across. "I used to try for hours to do these and I can now." I laughed walking along the floor grabbing each bar above me as I walked. "That is because you're cheating." Harry laughed, "But I can do it to." Harry laughed and did the same as me. We walked again and approached a slide. On the side it said: 4-12 years of age. I looked at Harry and he looked at me as we both smirked at each other. I ran up the steps leading to the slide and slid down Harry not far behind. "Excuse me young lady." A wrinkly old lady said walking towards me and Harry. "Yes." I said looking at Harry trying not to laugh. "I'm not sure you two should be playing on there." She answered me. "But Miss, I am 12." I said trying to make my voice sound younger. "I'm sure you are not." The lady answered back. "What you trying to say?" I said raising my eyebrows. "Nothing it's just." The lady walked away and me and Harry laughed. Harry took my hands and pulled my over to a patch of grass where people would have picnics. he walked backwards as he was holding both my hands. He then lay down and I lay next to him. I took off my jacket and put it behind my head. "Don't do that, it will get dirty." Harry said lifting up my head and placing it on his chest. He then took the jacket and placed it round me like a blanket. "Thank you." I whispered to him snuggling into his chest to keep me warm. He wrapped his arms around me. "So, where we going after this?" I asked him. He stroked my hair and answered, "I was thinking to go shopping for a bit." I smiled. "For what?" I asked. "Well it's my birthday and you need an outfit for my party." He said still stroking my hair. "Okay." I smiled. I must of fell asleep because next thing I knew was Harry was shaking my arm and calling my name. I opened my eyes. "Yeah." I yawned. "You were only asleep?" Harry asked. "Yeah...sorry." I said. "I thought you were dead or something." Harry chuckled. "Come on." Harry helped me off the floor and led me to the car. 


Shopping centre-


"Oh My God this is lush." I said running to a dress. "To cheap." Harry said shaking his head in disapproval. "Ergh." I moaned. "What about this?" I asked showing him a dress that had a white lace top with a black studded black across the bottom of the lace bit underneath the belt was a flowing pastel blue silk skirt attached to the top. I looked at the price. Fuck. £180. "That's more like it." Harry smiled picking it up. "Any  accessories?" Harry asked me. I wondered how far he would let me go with spending. Liam had said I could get pretty much anything out of him. I picked up a £50 black bag, the front covered in gold studs. "Yeah." Harry smiled and I passed it to his. I then picked up a pack of yellow, blue and gold bracelets only £3 though. Harry nodded. I then found a £20 necklace. I was beautiful. Harry just nodded and I passed it to him. I was confused that he had enough money for all of it. I asked him for some Brown hair dye to dye my hair even darker brown. He nodded again, the dye alone was another £15. I then picked up some £30 matching pastel high heels. "Yeah, anything else?" Harry asked smiling. "No thanks." I smiled back. We went to the till and paid. I was expecting the card thing not to except his card or him not to have enough money of anything but he did. I was put in a bag and we walked out the shop. "Are you okay, do you not like it?" Harry asked me looking concerned. "I'm fine how do you have enough money for all that?" I asked him. "Oh my parents own this major record label or what ever..." Harry said saying it like it was no big deal. "It thought you didn't live with them." I said confused as hell. "I don't but they support me." Harry smiled at me. "Oh okay." I smiled back. "Do the boys know?" I asked him. "What that I'm practically loaded?" "Yeah.." I became shy. "No, only you." He smiled opening the door to Starbucks for me. "I thought we could just sit down for a bit and chat, you can have something if you want..." Harry said. "No thank you." I smiled. "Okay." Harry pulled the chair out for me and I sat down. "Thank you." I said. He walked over the other side and sat opposite me. "So, how's everything been over the 2 months?" Harry asked. "Like hell, the land lord is fucking pissing the shit out of me. He asked for an extra £100 the other day." I answered. "Really?" Harry asked shocked. "Yeah. So when's your party?" I asked changing the subject. "Tomorrow night." Harry smiled awkwardly at me. "Harry! Why didn't you tell me sooner I need to find someone to look after Tily." "Bring her." Harry answered. "But we will be drinking so I can't get her home." I said trying not to sound angry. "Stay the night then." Harry smirked at me. "Harry Styles you got lucky this time." I laughed. "Is that a yes?" He asked a grin appearing on his face. "Yes it is." I laughed. "YES!" he shouted and jumped up and gave me a massive hug. "YOU ARE THE BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLEST WIDEST WORLD!" Harry shouted squeezing me tight. "Harry, people are staring." I whispered in his ear. "Oh.." Harry said returning back to his seat and smiled at the people who were staring. "Hi." He smiled and waved at them. They then all turned away. "I think we should go." I giggled. Harry agreed and we walked out and ran to the car laughing. 


I made so many mistakes in this mainly because my dog Lottie kept budging my arm when I was typing so sorry if there are any, I think I have corrected them all though. :) 

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