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Niall-every girl is hooked on him including Taylor. She has been bullying me for 5 years and my hatred for her in indescribable. Anyway yeah, Niall is every girls dreams. But NOT mine i hate him he's just another girl crazy jock that thinks he cant get every girl he wants. Well not me. I'm new and if he thinks he getting me he's Wrong! I have promised myself not to fall into his trap. Will she fall for Niall or will other things distract her? Will she fall for one of the other boys?


16. Off School

I woke up 2 hours later and Niall had left my arms. I got out of bed and walked to the mirror, I had 13 stitches along my hair line. As I ran my fingers across the stitched up gash on my head a shot of pain ran through me. Ow, it hurt. I grabbed my clothes and put on my denim high waisted shorts, my white top with little tiny holes in, my thin peach cardigan and my silver cross necklace. I put on my plain black 6 inch high heels.. I then put on my mascara and black eye shadow and eye liner and my hair a messy bun  then walked in to the living room. I took my school bag from the sofa then walked into the kitchen. I had school today. ERGH. I walked to the kitchen table to find a full English breakfast. I was already an hour late for school but as you could tell I didn't really care. The toilet flushed and out came Niall from the bathroom. "Hi." He smiled his eyes were red. "Hello. Are you okay babe?" I asked. Why did I say babe? I mean it just came out, I couldn't stop myself saying it. "Yeah I'm fine babe." Niall smiled again. "Is this for me?" I asked pointing at the breakfast on the table. "Um, well yeah, I suppose." He answered looking down at the floor. "It's for you isn't it?" I laughed. "Yeah." He admitted looking embarrassed. "Well I don't know about you but I'm going to school, Where's Tily?"  I asked taking a sip of his orange juice then placed it back on the table. "Tily is at school and you not going." He said with a smirk on his face, he walked over and sat the table.  "I need to go, you're picking Tily up from school right?" I asked. "Of course. Stay with me today please." He begged. I suppose I could stay off school today, I'm definitely going tomorrow but I have double maths today and I anit got time for that shit. "Fine as long as you come school tomorrow" I suggested putting my bag on the floor and taking off my shoes making my 6 inches smaller. "It's cute because you're so small." Niall laughed at me. "Shut up." I laughed back. I made my self a bowl of cornflakes and then sat down at the table with Niall. "It's like me you and Tily are a little family." I smiled at him. "Er, yeah." Niall hesitated with the answer. I shouldn't of said anything. I have ruined everything. I have ruined it. Great just send me to hell now. Oh god I'm embarrassed. "So what we doing today?" I asked breaking the silence and fishing my mouthful of cornflakes. Niall just looked up at me with a mouthful of bacon and said, "Moomo." "What?" I asked confused. He took a deep swallow, "dunno." He shrugged his shoulders. "Might as well go to school then I said picking up my school nag off the floor. "NO!" Niall shouted running over to me, picking me up by the waist and tickling me. I was squirming and screaming and trying to get out of his grip. *Ding* Niall's phone went off. We stopped and he walked over picking up his phone and unlocking it. The phone fell on to the table and Niall's eyes returned red and teary as he ran to the bathroom. *click* The bathroom door locked. I was stood there the whole time waiting for Niall to tell me what it said. I walked over to his phone and picked it up to read the message. Or should I say messages, fucking hell there were lots. I read them. OMFG.!

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