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Niall-every girl is hooked on him including Taylor. She has been bullying me for 5 years and my hatred for her in indescribable. Anyway yeah, Niall is every girls dreams. But NOT mine i hate him he's just another girl crazy jock that thinks he cant get every girl he wants. Well not me. I'm new and if he thinks he getting me he's Wrong! I have promised myself not to fall into his trap. Will she fall for Niall or will other things distract her? Will she fall for one of the other boys?



My outfit for the day. I'm due tomorrow! Niall's at home with me all the time and Harry well, I don't really speak to him much. "Hello my two baby girls." Niall grinned as he walked back into our bedroom. "Niall!" I laughed, "we don't even know it's a girl!" "It is!" Niall answered. I giggled as he got into bed next to me as he passed me some hot chocolate (or coco whatever you call it.) "Thank you babe." I smiled and kissed his cheek. Niall only smiled at me. So um, it's Harry's birthday today." Niall awkwardly said rubbing his left hand in his hair. "Babe, I can't go to a party like this." I answered him. "I know and so does he so he moved the date to next weekend." Niall smiled. Why would Harry do that? We haven't spoke for ages. "If I'm okay then I will go with you." I fake smiled to him. "Yay!" He squealed and hugged me. I fake smiled as I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go or not. I felt the baby kick again, it had kept me awake all night. Niall realised I was kicking and held my stomach to feel the kicking. "Isn't it beautiful!" Niall loving smiled at my stomach. I just kissed his head and said nothing. I felt a pain in my stomach. Not like the pains normally get, worse this time. And that's when I felt my water break. "Niall, the baby's coming!"

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