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Niall-every girl is hooked on him including Taylor. She has been bullying me for 5 years and my hatred for her in indescribable. Anyway yeah, Niall is every girls dreams. But NOT mine i hate him he's just another girl crazy jock that thinks he cant get every girl he wants. Well not me. I'm new and if he thinks he getting me he's Wrong! I have promised myself not to fall into his trap. Will she fall for Niall or will other things distract her? Will she fall for one of the other boys?


21. Louis! :0

Hi guys just want to say thank you so much for reading my book it now has over 200 reads and you have no idea how happy I am about that. Ahhh!!:D THANK YOUUUU!!



Back at Scarlett's house she lay me down on the sofa. "You know I can lay myself down on my own." I chuckled as she put a red blanket over me. "Yes but you are not very well so I am going to do everything for you." She smiled and tucked the blanket around my weak body. "Even shower me." I winked barely managing to laugh as it hurt to much. "If you want me to." She giggled back kissing my forehead. To think this beautiful girl right in front of me saved my life and saved me from living on the streets. Wow. Tily walked in and ran to me. "Are you okay Daddy Niall?" She cried. Wait. Hold on. Daddy Niall? What the fuck? "He is fine honey now eat your dinner." Lettie smiled. Tily had gone to her friends house as none of us was here to look after her. Louis came closer to me on the sofa. "You lot are like a little family." he smiled. No we are not. We are nothing like a family! How could he think that! Niall Horan will never have a family. I will NEVER have a family. The famous Niall Horan sleeps around nothing else, no family's! "Louis help him sit up." Scarlett said from the kitchen . Louis went to help me, "Bro, seriously?" I said sitting up be myself. He chuckled and Scarlett walked over hold a plate of tuna pasta bake in her hand. "Here you go babe." She said and planted a kiss on my cheek. "Thanks honey." I said returning a kiss onto her cheek. SHIT! We were becoming like a family. "Louis, I don't want a family. I NEED to leave with you mate." I begged him. "What?! No! You will break her heart." Louis said. Why would he care, she's just another one of my girls that I play. "Louis I don't want to be here, take me to yours." I nearly shouted. "Shh! They will hear you!" Louis said in a hushed voice. "Please take me to yours, I only wanted to pplay her and it has just escalated to quickly, take me to your house I don't want to live here." I said not bothering to lower my voice because I actually wanted Scarlett to hear. "Why don't you want to live here?" A small sad voice asked from behind me. I span around to see Tily nearly in tears. "Honey he just doesn't want to put Lettie through to much trouble..." I rolled my eyes. "...So I'm going to let him stay at my house until he's better." Louis answered standing up to give her a reassuring hug. "But I don't want Daddy Niall to leave." She cried. I looked at Louis as if to say I told you so. We are becoming a family and I HATE it! He nodded at me and said, "he's going to come back, but when he's better. Go tell Lettie he's leaving but he will back and then tell her to come and see him. But I want you to promise to stay in Lettie's room." Louis said. "Okay Lou." She said giving him a little hug then running to Scarlett's room. 


30 Minutes later-

"You're such a dick!" Scarlett screamed at me slamming the door behind her. "Look, I just don't want to stay here." I said trying to keep calm. "Because you think we are like a family and that you only wanted to play me. I was right about you. I should of never kissed you, oh wait I only did that to get back at Taylor." She said. WHAT?! I thought she actually liked me. "You can go to Louis's house but you will never be welcome here again!" She shouted and stormed back into her room. "Mate, I knew you would upset her." Louis said and I nodded. Just after that Scarlett stormed back into the living room and chucked all my clothes and things at me. "Now fuck off and stay out of our lives." She shouted holding Tily back away from me here eyes were red and tears streamed down her face. "Please don't go Niall." She screamed holding out her arms to me. I grabbed my stuff and struggled to get up. Louis helped me up as I was in so much pain. "Bye bye Daddy Niall." Tily sobbed. I rolled my eyes and she cried more. Finally free! No more family! No more Daddy Niall! Even though I kind of liked Scarlett, what am I saying no I don't I want to get rid of her. I climbed in to the car. "I forgot my wallet." I said trying to climb back out of the car. "I'll get it." I watched Louis through the window. 



"I'll get it." I said to Niall. I got out of the car and walked back into house to find Scarlett crying on the kitchen floor a knife by her side and Tily screaming Don't Do It! I rushed to Scarlett's side. "Get up Lettie, don't do it." I was so shocked. "No, get off me!" She struggled. "Lettie Don't! You mean to much to people, Tily needs you!" "I obviously don't mean much to Niall." She cried. She really did like him. "You mean a lot to me." I said helping her stand up because she was crying to much. I checked her wrists to make sure she hadn't done it when I saw loads of scars filling her arms. How had I not noticed this before? "Lettie I-" I started staring at her scars. "I know. Here's his wallet...go" She dully said curling up into a ball on the sofa. "No!" I protested and she sat up. "Leave." She pointed to the door sniffing to stop crying. Damn so was so cute when she's angry. She always is. I grabbed her face in my hands and kissed her soft lips hardly. She pulled away shocked and I heard Tily gasp. "Louis." She stammered. "I got to go now." I said grabbing the wallet and running to the car. I can't believe I just did that. 

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