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Niall-every girl is hooked on him including Taylor. She has been bullying me for 5 years and my hatred for her in indescribable. Anyway yeah, Niall is every girls dreams. But NOT mine i hate him he's just another girl crazy jock that thinks he cant get every girl he wants. Well not me. I'm new and if he thinks he getting me he's Wrong! I have promised myself not to fall into his trap. Will she fall for Niall or will other things distract her? Will she fall for one of the other boys?


6. Lesson Time

"WHAT!?" I screamed at him. "Baby, it's all out now. I know you want me." He said keeping a tight grip on my hand.



She screamed what at me like she didn't know what I was talking about. I know she wants me, maybe she just doesn't know it yet. As much as I want to play her i kinda am falling for her. I mean kicking Taylor's ass just now, massive turn on. I know she wants me, the boys agree. I just fucking hope that Liam does fuck it up this time. He's just so...I'm not even...Ahhhh! Just not going to talk about him for now. He's so annoying. Anyway, we walked to class as she had maths as well i made it my duty to sit next to her. I had to get some alone time with her. Make her realise how much she wants me. They boys also say it will never work but i know it will. She's feisty and I like them that way. Ahahaha. We turned up to class and as perusal Liam was sat wit her. What the fuck does he think he's playing at. I didn't care i walked over and he got up and left. It's good he knows his place in this school. I sat down and she groaned. How dare she? I am the like God or what ever those Greek people called it at this school it would just be good as she gave ,me a bit of respect. "Hello sexy." I smiled, playing it cool, mental high five. "Um, Liam was sat there, move." She argued. She just can't help arguing with me it's cute. "My place now." I smiled. I got this shit. Mrs Lee walked in, "Ah, the new girl." She nodded. "Er, I have a name."Scarlett shouted back "Yours is bitch face I'm guessing." I heard her mutter.  This made me laugh. "Ah Mr Niall Horan, what is so funny my I ask." "Nothing that concerns you." I answered. Scarlett laughed. "Yeah Miss, he can't help finding certain things funny and if you shouting at people is one of them then so be it." I laughed and faced her she laughed back facing me. We were getting along so well. "Right you two outside! I will speak to you once you have calmed down. Take your bags you might need to go to Mr Thomas's room depends on how our lovely little talk goes." She smiled. What a twat. We both walked out still laughing with each other. "So, how long do you reckon she will be?" Scarlett asked me. "To be honest she will most likey forget about us. That's a good thing though." I was going to make my move. I got closer to her. Closer than I was. I then pushed her against the wall so our bodies were tight together. "Niall I-" "Shh." I placed my finger on her lips. Once i had moved my finger, still looking into her eyes, I leaned my head closer. Our lips touched. Sensation filled my whole body. I couldn't help but enjoy it. "Niall, you a nice guys it's just-" She moaned. I was kissing her all over her neck as she spoke. She struggled to pull away but when she finally did she said, "Right, i don't even know what I'm saying. Niall your not a nice guy your a stuck up jerk that wants to get in everyone's pants. Including mine which is NOT happening. Also this is my first day and your already acting like you know everything about me, that you love me, that you're nice and kind and sweet, that you're the only guy right for me. I'm better off with Liam!" She shouted. LIAM! How could she. I'm going to kill him when i see him next he's such a dick. Why does he have to mess around with all the girls. Wait that's me. Mental high five. Scarlett is mine not his! I swear I'm going to kill him!



"Well maybe I am the only guy right for you! Maybe I have changed, you don't know me, you don't know what I'm like! Maybe I really like you. Maybe I don't. But NEVER say you're better off with Liam! Liam doesn't deserve you. He's a twat." Niall screamed back at me. "Hey leave Liam out of this!" I screamed back. "You will have to be with me at some point!" I heard him scream as I stormed back into the class. "Out NOW!" Miss screamed. "Oh fuck off!" I said back to her. It was only after i had said it I realised what i had said. "I'm so sor-" "Mr Thomas's office now!" She screamed as I took my stuff and headed straight out passing Niall without a glance. "Scarl-" "You can fuck off and all!" I shouted down the corridor causing a teacher of student to look out nearly every door along the corridor. You know what, fuck life. Fuck everything. Fuck Mr fucking Thomas. I walked srtaight past his office and straight out the school gates and walked home. 


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