Cherry Lips

Harry was a lonely, bored 20 year old who wanted just one thing... sex.
When Macie joins the village and moves in right next to him, he uses every bit of seduction in him to get into her pants.
Will she give in?

5 Facts About Macie!
- She is blonde.
- She has blue eyes.
- She is 19 years old.
- She is a virgin... until she meets Harry ;)
- Her birthday is 24th Oct.


5. Chapter 4

"So, what did you need to tell me?" Maddie asked. I was trying to balance my phone between my ear and my shoulder, whilst making a cup of tea.

"Last night... when I left the party... I left with Harry." I told her.

"Ohh, that's why didn't say goodbye! And, what did you do when you... left with Harry?"

"He drove me home and we... I... may have... spent the night at his house?" Her end of the phone went quiet.

"Right. I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say that you... had sex?"

"Not exactly. We did have sex but... orally."

"What... you went down on him or... he went down on you?"

"He went down on me."

"How many fingers?!" she seemed pretty excited when I told her that part.

"No not with his fingers! His tongue!"

"Oh My Gosh! Macie you naughty girl! Well... how was it?" It was sensational... but obviously I couldn't give her the exact details.

"It was alright. Nothing I haven't had before." I am such a liar!

"Does Laura know?"

"No not yet. I was kind of slagging him off yesterday and it would make me such a hypocrite if I just decided to have sex with him..."

"Still...! I can't believe it!"

"Me too."

"Well I have to go, lunch breaks nearly over... but meet me later on! We'll talk more!"

"Okay, see you then!" She hung up and I switched my phone off. I slumped back on the couch and butterflies began to boil in my stomach as I remembered how Harry's tongue could give me such an amazing feeling. A knock at the door brought me back into reality and as I reached for the handle, I hoped to God it wasn't Harry. I couldn't face him after what happened last night.

"Hey." It was Laura. She was holding a present in her hands and smiling at me.

"Hi. I thought you weren't coming down today?"

"I wasn't, but mum asked me to give you this." She handed me the gift and it felt like a book.

"What's it for?"

"A moving in present. She thought you could use it to pass the time, whenever you're lonely."

"Tell her I said thanks."

"You can tell herself if you want. She's in the car." I waved at her and she gave me a smile.

"Do you wanna come in?"

"No. I have to be at work in an hour and mum has an appointment at the salon."

"You have a job now?"

"Yeah. Martina gave me one at the pet shelter for a few weeks."

"Congratulations. Laura, I have something to tell you."

Before I could tell her anything, Harry cut me off.

"Hello stranger!" he shouted to Laura.

"Hi! Sorry about running off yesterday, I was kind of upset."

"Oh that's okay. I'm just glad you're happy now."

"So was the party good then?" she asked him.

"I didn't bother going. Thought I would just have a... quiet night in."

"That's funny cause... Macie didn't go either."

"Oh she didn't?"

"No... I was too busy worrying about my little sister." I told him. I was hoping he wouldn't tell Laura about last night... I wanted to tell her myself.

"Yeah well, I can take care of myself Macie."

"Can I tell you that thing I was going to tell you now?" Harry gave me a stern stare.

"Skype me. I have to go." she got into her car and I waved to mum as they drove off.

"I gather you haven't told her yet then?" Harry asked me.

"Well... I was about to until you interrupted me."

"I think it's best if she doesn't find out."

"Yeah well, it's never going to happen again."

"Don't pretend it wasn't the best night of your life!" A smile spread across his face.

"Maybe it was. But it was also a mistake."

"If you insist." Harry went back inside and I decided to go for a little ride.

I had brought a bike with me, for the summer time, so I decided to ride it around the woods. It was more peaceful in there and there were no cars. The trees were packed with leaves and they all dropped one by one. Little red and brown ones laid on the ground and as I rode over them, they made a crunching sound.

I hummed my favourite song in my head as I got deeper into the woods. It was relaxing to ride through here, maybe I should do it more often. The birds chirped in the trees and made their own little song. I came across a birds nest in a low branch, so I climbed off my bike and went for a closer look. Three little eggs were sat in the nest and the first one had a huge crack in it. I assumed it was about to hatch so I sat beside it and lent back on the tree.

I waited for hours for it to hatch and it soon began to get dark. I didn't mind though, I just wanted to see it hatch. My eyes slowly began to close and I drifted to sleep.

----------- 2 hours later -----------

I awoke to find myself laid in a very comfy bed with a blanket covering me. I looked around the room and noticed I wasn't in my bed. I was in Harry's. There was a leaf on the bedside cabinet with a note next to it saying,

'I searched for you everywhere, you scared the hell out of me! I eventually found you and you looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake you. I won't be here when you wake up so leave whenever you want. Love Harry. x'

I was surprised to see how much Harry cared about me. I grabbed my shoes and went downstairs to find my bike at the bottom of the stairs. I took it home and put it back in the shed. I think I'll just take a walk next time. It was 10pm and I was bored out of my mind. So I switched on the TV and watched back to back episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Damon Salvatore was just as hot as Harry. Uh, I can't believe I just said that.

I spend most of my time watching The Vampire Diaries! I can't get enough of Stefan! Stefan and Elena's romance would be Stelena. Mine and Harry's romance would be Marry... that's weird. As time went on, I became tired, so I decided to go upstairs, shower and have a nap. Seeing as though I had already slept for hours today, I wasn't going to get much sleep now.

I couldn't wait to wake up though and thank Harry for finding me. His face was flashing through my mind all night and I ended up having the weirdest dream... but let's not go there again.




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