Cherry Lips

Harry was a lonely, bored 20 year old who wanted just one thing... sex.
When Macie joins the village and moves in right next to him, he uses every bit of seduction in him to get into her pants.
Will she give in?

5 Facts About Macie!
- She is blonde.
- She has blue eyes.
- She is 19 years old.
- She is a virgin... until she meets Harry ;)
- Her birthday is 24th Oct.


15. Chapter 11 - Part 2

------------ Following on from when Macie left Harry's house ---------------

"Macie." Harry said, grabbing my arm as I left the kitchen. "How's about I take you for a meal tonight? Just the two of us." he asked.

"I'd like that very much Harry." I replied, kissing him on the lips.

We went into the living room and mum, Maddie and Laura were sat a huddle in the corner of the room. We had just played the adult version of pass the parcel. Which is basically just where you pass around a package wrapped in newspaper, and under each layer of newspaper is a dare. You have to complete that dare otherwise you miss a turn... it's good.

"Oh My Gosh! This is my favourite song!" I shouted as I jumped up and began to dance to Chris Brown in the middle of the living room. 

"Ha! Macie you can't dance to save your life!" Laura shouted and pulled me down. I fell on top of her laughing so hard!

"I'll show you a proper dance!" Mum shouted and went to stand up.

"No!" we all shouted and stayed sat.

"I'll have you know I have some good moves! I used to be able to pop it and lock it when I was your age!" mum replied.

Laura and I couldn't help but laugh and Harry tried keeping it hidden... but he seemed like he wanted to burst out laughing too.

"Well... I think it's time for another game... don't you?" Harry asked and went to grab a bag full of vodka. "This game is called... stay standing. Basically, you have your pile of cards and you have to try build a pyramid... whilst drunk. The person who knocks down the pyramid... has to drink the rest of the vodka left in the bottle."

He gave us each a bottle of vodka and because mum wanted to sit out, we had one spare, so we put it to the side. By the time the bottles were empty, hardly any of us could speak. My mu was pissing herself laughing. I went first and successfully completed the first row of cards. Laura went after me and didn't even put on the first card before knocking it down.

"Oooohhhh! Laura... you drink have to... bottle... vodka." Harry slurred out.

"No... no... no! I don't think I want to play any more... Macie hold my hair... I'm gonna be..." Laura leaned forward and mum throw a bucket under her just in time as she brought up all the vodka.

"Right! I think that's enough for now! Harry, Macie... go next door and go to bed. Maddie you can stop here with me and Laura." mum told us.

"Mum... I don't want to sleep with... what's your name again?" I asked Harry, drunk as ever.

"... Ha... Har... Harrrrrrryyyyy." He said.

"Yeah... what she said." I told mum, pointing at Harry.

"Come on, I'll walk you out." Mum carried me next door and went back round for Harry. I stumbled to the toilet and threw up! I felt like I'd just brought up my insides! Harry came back round and went straight to the bedroom. For some reason... he could hold it down better than everyone else. When I joined him in bed, we didn't even kiss... we just dropped off to sleep.

------------- 2 am ---------------

I was awaken by the sound of somebody throwing their guts up in the bathroom. I rubbed my eyes and slowly walked over to the toilet door to find Harry sat beside the toilet, with his head in his hands. I sat beside him and rubbed his back. When he'd finished throwing up, I helped him back into bed and watched him fall asleep.

Even thought, I had such a hang over, I stayed awake until 6am making sure Harry didn't choke to death on his own puke. I had every doubt that Harry was going to take me for that meal. I think I'd celebrated my birthday enough for one year.

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