Cherry Lips

Harry was a lonely, bored 20 year old who wanted just one thing... sex.
When Macie joins the village and moves in right next to him, he uses every bit of seduction in him to get into her pants.
Will she give in?

5 Facts About Macie!
- She is blonde.
- She has blue eyes.
- She is 19 years old.
- She is a virgin... until she meets Harry ;)
- Her birthday is 24th Oct.


14. Chapter 11 - Part 1

I awoke to find rose petals scattered all over my bed. I sat up and found a trail of red roses on my bedroom floor. I followed them and they led me along the landing, down the stairs and into the kitchen. They stopped at the kitchen door, so I went in and found Harry, Laura, Mum and Maddie sat at the kitchen table. In the centre of the table was a vase filled with blue hydrangeas and gifts piled next to it.

"Oh My Gosh guys!" I said, shocked.

"Happy Birthday!" they shouted.

A huge smile spread across my face and Harry stood up, holding a rose in his hands. He handed it to me and hugged me.

"When the last rose dies... my love for you will end." He told me.

"It's fake though?" I asked.

"It means my love for you will never end because that flower will never die." He said, laughing.

"Aw that's so romantic." I said kissing him.

I sat down next to Maddie and frowned at her.

"What?" she asked me.

"And where have you been the past few days...?"

"I've been pre-occupied with other things." she replied.

I opened the birthday cards and read them all one by one. Harry left a a very romantic message in his saying,

'Happy Birthday my sweetheart. I'm not good at romantic speeches so I'll just get straight to the point. You are the the glue that is holding the pieces of my heart together. If you were to leave me, my heart would break into a thousand pieces. I love you so much and I hope you have a fantastic birthday.'

"Thank you Harry!" I said, grabbing him and hugging him tight.

I read Maddie's card and it said,

'I haven't known you long but I know we're going to be best friends for a long, long time! I love spending time with you and helping you through all the drama! I love you loads, happy birthday! x'

"Thank you Mads!" I told her.

Last but not least, I read the card from mum and Laura. They always share birthday cards.

'Happy Birthday to the best sister and daughter in the whole entire world! We hope you have a fantastic day and don't grow up too fast! Love you loads boo! xxx'

"Thank you mum... thank you Laura!" I said, smiling.

I started to open the gifts and I opened Harry's first. It was a small, black jewellery box with a Vivienne Westwood logo on it. I opened the box and a silver pair of earrings were sat twinkling.

"Oh... My... Gosh! Harry thank you so much!" I shouted, hugging him tight and giving him quick kisses on the lips.

"I knew you'd like them!" he replied.

I opened mum and Laura's gift and a there was a pair of woolly socks with dogs faces on them. They knew how much I loved woolly socks!

"Thank you guys!" I said, kissing them on the cheek.

Lastly, I opened Maddie's gift. It felt heavy like a book... but hollow. It was a jewellery box with blue and white patterns on it. I opened it up and a ballerina popped up and started to twirl. My favourite nursery rhyme started to play and I felt like crying.

"Maddie... it's beautiful! Thank you so much!" I hugged her and a tear dropped from my eye.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"My dad used to sing this song to me to try and get me to sleep." I told her.

"Well now you have something to remind you of him." she smiled.

I hugged her again and thanked everyone one last time for the gifts.

"Now, go get dressed... we've got a lot of shopping to do!" Maddie told me.

"But I have two pounds to my name." I told her.

"We're treating you. You're no longer a teen any more!" Harry said.

"You really don't know how much I love you guys right now!" I told them all.

I went upstairs, showered and threw my hair into a bun and left my fringe hanging down. I changed into a pair of denim shorts and my hipster jumper. It kept on sliding off my right shoulder and showed my black bra strap. I left it and slid into my trainer socks and blue converse that went up to my ankles. I grabbed my bag and Harry was standing in my door way.

"Happy Birthday babe." He told me again.

"Thank you for the earrings Harry. I love them." I told them.

"I love you." he said, pulling me towards him.

"I love you too." I replied, kissing him on the lips.

"Come on! You're not having sex are you?!" Maddie shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

"No! We're coming now!" I shouted back.

We went back downstairs and went into town. I kept hold of Harry's hand whilst mum, Maddie and Laura walked on in front of us. Harry kept on tickling my waist and I hit his arm. Mum turned around and gave us a confused smile. I laughed and hit him again.

"You've got a right smack on you." He told me.

"I've got some right muscles!" I told him, clenching my fist and showing him my arms.

He frowned and grabbed my wrist. His mouth opened slightly and he bit his lip. I pulled my arm away and pretended like he hadn't just seem them. I walked over to mum and hooked up to her. I couldn't look at Harry after that.

I ignored him the whole time we shopped and when we went back home, Harry took me into his house.

"We won't be a minute guys!" he told them. He dragged me inside and shut the door.

"Harry... don't." I told him.

"No! What were you thinking Macie?!" I'd never seen Harry so mad before.

"Harry... please." I went to open the door but he slammed it shut with his hand.

"When?" he asked.

"I don't wanna..."

He interrupted me. "When?!"

"I was 15. It was 5 years ago Harry."

"What did you use?"

"My dad's razor blade."

He shook his head. "Why?"

I could feel my eyes filling up as he held my wrist in his hand.

"I used to be.... urm... I used...." I couldn't get the words out properly. "I used to be anorexic." The tears poured out and I looked down at the floor. "I had no friends... no one to talk to about my problems... I thought that if I didn't eat anything, then I would be thin like all the other girls at my school and I would fit in." I told him, crying.

"Macie, you're beautiful no matter what you weigh."

"I don't need reminding. Why do you think my dad left? Because of me! Because he tried to help me and I threw it all back in his face!" I shouted. "My mum always used to pretend that it was because he didn't love her any more... but it was because I was selfish and self centred!"

Harry didn't say anything, he just listened to what I had to say.

"My mum eventually had enough and... sent me to a rehab centre where I was put on a drip and forced to eat food that I didn't want to eat. I sat in my room... all alone and cried every single day because I thought I was never gonna see my family again. I thought it was all over. I was put into a support group with thirteen other suicidal teenagers and they told me about the butterfly project. It never worked on me but... I tried my hardest to fight the urge to hurt myself. I haven't done it since I was taken back home."

Harry looked like he was about to burst into tears. I could tell he was angry with me but worried at the same time. He held my hands tight.

"Is that what the tattoo on your neck symbolises?" he asked.

"Yeah. It reminds me that even though I went through all that suffering... I found a way to over come it. A way to escape the darkness and let myself see the light." He hugged me.

"I'm so sorry Macie. If I'd have known about your dad I wouldn't have asked."

"No, no. It's not something I'm proud of... it's not really a secret anyway. I was taken out of school because the kids were constantly asking to see my wrists."

"Dry your eyes." he said as he wiped them.

"I'm sorry Harry. You have every right to be mad with me." I told him.

"I'm not mad... I'm just worried."

"I promise I'm not that girl any more."

"I know Macie. I know." He held me in his arms and let go when Laura knocked on the door.

"You coming next door?" she asked.

"Yeah." I said and walked out.

"Is she okay?" Laura asked Harry.

"She's great! I just told her I loved her and I hope she has a good birthday." he replied.

I felt so embarrassed about telling Harry but... what was I meant to do, keep them hidden for the rest of my life... hoping he would never notice them. 

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