Cherry Lips

Harry was a lonely, bored 20 year old who wanted just one thing... sex.
When Macie joins the village and moves in right next to him, he uses every bit of seduction in him to get into her pants.
Will she give in?

5 Facts About Macie!
- She is blonde.
- She has blue eyes.
- She is 19 years old.
- She is a virgin... until she meets Harry ;)
- Her birthday is 24th Oct.


12. Chapter 10

We were chilled out on the couch watching back to back Spongebob. Harry was obsessed with that show for some reason!

"How come Patrick doesn't have a nose or any ears?" I asked Harry.

"Well... he's a starfish. Starfishes don't even have eyes or mouths." He replied.

"Well yeah but... Squirrel's can't survive under water either."

"Macie you're confusing me. It's a children's show. It's a cartoon."

"So why are you watching it then?" I looked up at him and he laughed.

"So.. you mentioned Niall called you a frigid bitch?" Harry asked.

"I don't wanna talk about Niall."

"But he called you a frigid bitch Macie... I'm not standing for that."

"Harry just leave it, please." I kissed his forehead and kissed his lips. "You want a brew?"

"No. I'm taking you out remember." He said smiling.

"Ah yes! That date where I don't have to pay for a thing!" I laughed.

"Are you gonna wear something sexy for me?" he asked, smirking.

"You sound like a right pervert when you ask me that!" He gave me a perverted smile and I couldn't help laughing.

"I love it when you laugh. I love it when you smile. I love everything about you." He told me. I blushed and slightly hit his arm.


"No I'm serious. Ever since I met you, all I've been trying to do is seduce you and try to have sex with you, but as I got to know you... I realised you'd be much better off with someone who's not such a weirdo loner."

I felt kind of sorry for Harry at that moment.

"When I saw you crying yesterday, something in me just made me want to grab you, hold you tight and tell you everything was gonna be okay. I regret saying anything nasty to you and using you as a sex puppet. I like you a lot Macie and maybe... just maybe, we could have a real relationship."

I hugged him so tight... I didn't want to let him go. He made me the happiest girl in the world at that very moment. I seriously think I might have fallen for him.

"Harry, I feel exactly the same way. And I'm no good at big speeches, nothing can top what you just said. I've never felt this way about anybody before and what you just said... made me realise something." I knelt down on one knee and asked the question. "Harry Edward Styles... will you do me the great honour of being my boyfriend?"

He laughed and smiled at the same time and I stood up. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. "I will." I kissed him as hard as I could and it was probably the most romantic moment ever!

----------------- Later on ---------------------

I was wearing a dress that Harry had picked out for me at the mall. It was white at the top and had blue and white vertical strips at the bottom. It was cut low at the top, not to low to show my cleavage but low enough to show the locket I kept wrapped around my neck. I was wearing my hair up with with my pony tail in tiny curls and my shoes were red dolly shoes.

I went downstairs and Harry was standing in his skinny jeans, blue shirt with tiny white hearts all over it and black converse on his feet. He placed a small blue bow in my hair.

"You look pretty tonight... as always." He told me as he gave me a small kiss.

"Thank you. You look like you're going to your best mates wedding." I replied.

"Well, I would be wearing a tuxedo and you wouldn't be here... because it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding." He said, smiling.

"You always know how to make me smile Mr Styles."

"After you Mrs Styles." He opened the door for me and we hopped in Harry's rather large car and set off.

We pulled up outside a very posh looking restaurant called Martino's. There were Italian flags hung out of the windows above the restaurant.

"This is the only place you'll ever get the best pasta you've ever tasted!" Harry told me as we walked inside.

The first thing I noticed is the smell of spicy tomato pasta that lingered in the air. It smelt like we'd just walked into Subway. There were small square tables with four chairs round them. We were taken to a table near the window that only had two chairs. Harry pulled out my chair and he sat down after me. The menu's were packed with pasta dishes and pizza's. I ordered pasta bolognese with spicy Swedish meatballs. Harry ordered the same.

"Do you come here often?" I asked Harry.

"I used to come here with my grandma all the time. She ordered the same as you every time we came. It's the only close thing I have that reminds me of her."

"I'm honoured to be part of that memory Harry." I held his hand on the table.

"She would've loved you! She always wanted me to meet a well mannered girl."

"Oh, well you should see me when I'm drunk." We both laughed.

"I really miss her."

"I know. But hey! She wouldn't want you moping around all day would she?"

"Too right! She would want me to have fun!"

Our food eventually arrived and to my surprise, we ate it rather quick. 

"I'm stuffed!" Harry said, leaning back on his chair.

"Me too! I feel like I've just eaten a horse!" I replied.

"Was it good?" he asked.

"So now you're asking it after every meal." I said, laughing.

"Bill please?" Harry asked.

We each paid half and left. It was pitch black outside and the only lights was beaming from the lamp posts. Harry kept one arm over my shoulder and one arm in his pocket. I wrapped one arm around his waist and one arm playing with the zip on the jacket he gave me. It smelt just like him... a mixture of Lynx and after shave.

We arrived at mine and Harry kept giving me small kisses. He wouldn't let me go inside.

"Stay tonight?" he asked me.

"I can't. You know what day is it tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Humm... nope. No idea."

"It's my........."

"Christening... no! Christmas!"


"I'm just playing! I knew that!"

"So, Laura and my mum are gonna be here early and we won't have time for morning sex."

"If we wake up really really early we will and then you could leave."

"I can't just leave... I'll text you loads and loads of messages in bed... and maybe even send you a photo." I smirked.

"Fine. But make sure you turn on some lights so I'm not just looking at a black screen."

"I will do." I gave him a long kiss and went inside.

Today had to be the best day ever... apart from getting called a frigid bitch from Niall.

All I cared about now was Harry and I knew he cared about me too.

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