This is a "Alice in Wonderland" story, with my own personal twist to it.

The Queen of Hearts is a Mafia leader, and she has a lot of servants. One of the servants fall in love with a guy named Alice.

That was a terrible description. Just read the first chapter, and you will learn everything, you will have to know.


1. The story about Underworld and Wonderland

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful place called “Wonderland”. Wonderland was a place where kids would have fun, and families could spend time together. It was a park filled with fun and happiness. It was the most popular amusement park, in the entire world. People would travel from all over the world, just so they could experience Wonderland. And this is also the place our story takes place. Well not in Wonderland, but the world underneath it. The world filled with drugs, weapons and violence. A place you wouldn’t send your worst enemy. A place filled with horror and terror.




Wonderland was built as a front for Triad, the Chinese mafia. It was their headquarters in America. The malicious leader, known as The Queen of Hearts, controlled Underworld. Anyone who would disobey her, would end up dead, with a knife in their heart. The Queen of Hearts couldn’t do everything by herself therefore she had servants. The servants, who helped her, would do anything for her. They would kill for her, they would kidnap for her and they would steel for her. The servants were called “Rabbits”. A title that would constantly remind them, that they were only pawns in the Queen’s game. Our story is about a Rabbit, who did the worst thing imaginable. She fell in love.  

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